Health Commissioner defends vaccine and mask policies amid reports of vaccine deaths in Vermont

VACCINE UPDATES: Gov. Phil Scott and Health Commissioner Mark Levine addressed vaccination policy for Vermont at the governor’s media briefing Friday.

Speaking at the governor’s press conference Friday, Health Commissioner Mark Levine said eight Vermont deaths reported to the nation’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System were not likely attributable to COVID-19 vaccines, though the health department will be keeping an eye on it.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention VAERS database was set up by the federal government in 1990 to report adverse reactions from vaccinations. Since then, the U.S. government has paid out more than $4 billion in vaccine-injury compensations through mid-2019.

Since January, the VAERS database has reported eight Vermonters, ranging from 63 to 98 years of age, who died soon after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The residents — four males and four females — died between one and 21 days after getting vaccinated. Acute symptoms at the time of death ranged from anaphylaxis and cardiac arrest to brain bleed and aspiration. Six of the deceased received the Pfizer vaccine, while one received Moderna’s version and another received the Johnson & Johnson shot.

As Levine noted Friday, adverse reactions reported to VAERS are reports only, meaning they have not undergone a detailed investigation.

“These are deaths that individuals or health care providers have entered into the adverse event reporting system,” he said. “So, people are still free to look at that system and see that there are eight, but I wouldn’t want them to look at details of the cases because they have not been determined to be vaccine-associated deaths.”

state of Vermont

Vermont Health Commissioner Dr. Mark Levine

Coronavirus deaths reported to the CDC are also presumed to be related to the virus and are not investigated.  As widely reported last summer, the CDC admitted just 6% of all COVID-related deaths occur from the virus alone. A full 94% of COVID deaths involve an average of two or more other serious medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes or obesity.

Levine said if it becomes suspected that any deaths in Vermont were caused by vaccines, his department will use VAERS data to investigate further.

“We’ll make sure that we convey that to the public,” he said. ” … We have no reason to believe that these deaths were associated with the vaccine, and we’ve also done our own investigation with our medical examiner’s office as well.”

Questions about effectiveness of masks

Levine also was asked about Vermont’s mask-wearing policies, which, as of May 14, have been ended for fully vaccinated Vermonters, but not for unvaccinated residents.

The commissioner was asked why Vermont continues to require masking when other states have long ended mask policies yet continue to see a significant reduction in daily coronavirus cases. Florida, for example, a large state that never required mask wearing, has seen its daily case count drop from a peak of almost 16,000 in January around 2,300 this week.

“Florida had a very different climate at the time that their cases started to go down,” Levine answered. “You may recall that when you look at the death rate in Florida compared to the death rate in Vermont, consistently they’ve been very, very different.

“States that have had mask mandates that have been in place have had differences within the state when different counties have mask mandates and different counties don’t — that really has added to the volumes of data indicating that mask have been very effective.”

In other COVID-related updates shared Friday, Vermonters will still be advised to receive COVID-19 vaccines into the foreseeable future, as both the shots and getting the virus itself are estimated to provide immunity for a year.

“People who were vaccinated but were never infected will most likely need a booster eventually, and probably after a longer period of time than we might have thought previously,” Levine said.

Dan French, secretary of the Agency of Education, indicated that future education policy regarding COVID-19 restrictions will be voluntary once the formal declaration of emergency by the governor is lifted.

“We feel this memo [to guide schools on going forward] is necessary because our current guidance documents for schools derive their authority from the governor’s executive order,” French said. “When the emergency is rescinded, then the current guidance for schools is also rescinded. After review by the health department team and their public health experts, we will strongly recommend that schools continue to follow the prevention measures outlined in our Strong and Healthy Year Guidance for the remainder of the school year.”

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14 thoughts on “Health Commissioner defends vaccine and mask policies amid reports of vaccine deaths in Vermont

  1. These people, Levine, Scott are murdering our fellow Vermonters. Why are they free to do so? How do we stop them? the courts won’t.

    • Because, 80% complied freely and the other 15% supported them. We are in a serious minority in this Vaxx crazed state with close to 97% compliance for child poison.

  2. So thankful to have True North Reports here in Vermont because the cognitive dissonance running rampant in this state is enough to make this farm girl seek greener pastures in freer states. Good to read comments from more critical thinkers! Time to Free Vermont!

  3. Recent research is showing us that the spike proteins that the vaccines induce our bodies to produce are themselves toxic. This echoes what Dr. Bhakdi warned of some time ago.

    In essence this is what we’re learning, and which Dr. Levine and Dr. Fauci are so far ignoring: it was assumed that the vaccines stayed near the injection site and that the vaccines induced cells near the vaccine site to produce spike proteins, to which our body would then produce antibodies. So far, so good. But we’re now learning that the vaccines don’t always stay near the injection site, and once these get into the bloodstream they can go anywhere. When they get into the bloodstream, that’s when you can get clotting, cardiac inflammation, strokes, etc. We don’t know the extent of these because we have no robust, transparent vaccine adverse event recording system in the US. We have VAERS, which is virtually useless because if we get a signal, the authorities say “that’s just VAERS, anyone can say anything.” The monitoring that’s reliable is tightly guarded– even your doctor can’t get into it without jumping through numerous hoops.

    So yes, these vaccines could be dangerous. Now, it might be a trade-off if you’re elderly and at high risk from serious Covid-19. Maybe then the risks of the vaccines are worth it. But it’s the height of irresponsibility to recommend that our children, with extremely low risk of serious Covid-19, get these vaccines. These are, after all, experimental vaccines, and we might be now learning how much risk they put our children under.

    Here’s the latest news. I don’t know how to link to the podcast directly, so you’d have to find the May 27 one: “New peer reviewed study on COVID-19 vaccines suggests why heart inflammation, blood clots and other dangerous side effects occur.”

  4. Crimes against humanity – if the picture is not getting any clearer – I don’t know what else can be done to wake people up. Many must think it is impossible for our government to commit such crimes across the planet, yet after what China has done with the help of Fauci, Gates, UN, IMF, WHO – the Truth is we are being attacked with biological weapons and an onslaught of propaganda to cover it up. Our local government is guilty of such crimes – every day they are showing us they have no concern whatsoever about our safety pushing an experimental concoction with no testing, no liability, and no proof any of these measures are medically sound or safe.

  5. You’ll never pin these people down. Endless spin, denial, and rhetorical mumbo-jumbo. Masks: Vermont went from 5-10 cases a day before the mandate to well over 200 in the autumn after the mandate. Do masks work? Doesn’t seem so to me. (In fact, decades of real science prior to 2020 said so, but that’s gone down the memory hole, too.)

    As for the vax, I wonder if Levine has looked at the nationwide VAERS data, which is atrocious—over 4,200 deaths reported so far. And though a report in itself doesn’t prove causation, that number is more than what was reported for ALL OTHER VACCINES COMBINED since 2001. Cause for pause? No, let’s forge ahead! (Even though the ’76 Swine Flu vaccine was pulled after only a fraction of those deaths.)

    I used to have a least a little faith in government. Nowadays it feels like climbing in a car with no steering and no brakes.

  6. Risk benefit analysis would put all this to bed, done by a independent entity with no ties to the outcome. But of course, Fascist-Fauci-sycophants in situ, would rather open their mouths and suck, than use their dendrites, axons, and neurons to discern the difference between cult programming mind control techniques, and actual healthy choices made by the individual WHO KNOWS THEIR OWN BODY BEST…
    So called “health freedom” disappeared in Jan 2020, and Vermont sheeple and their press minders believed the gaslighting couched as Munchausen by Proxy syndrome… from our POLITICIANS…that they KNOW best.
    Thank you Daddy.
    Should we keep this a secret too?

  7. Strange, if you tested positive for covid and had anything else or died in a motorcycle crash you were listed as having died of covid. If you got the shot and died within 21 days of that event the shot did not cause your death. We have not even scratched the surface of long term effects of this experimental vax. Give me a break! This guy is lying about everything he doesn’t know and most of what he does.

    • Great point and one John Klar made here last week. “Note the very obvious “scientific” bias here:” “As soon as potentially legitimate concerns about adverse reactions arise, the health commissioner dismisses them as difficult to prove.” “Such double standards are not scientific.” Never was and never will be anything but Political.

  8. Funny, when I read Levine, I hear Faucxi in my mind’s ear. It’s as if he’s the same person.
    Clone, maybe?

  9. The weekly calls for Vermonters to do the right thing and get vaccinated seems presumptuous at best when the vaccine posses a greater risk itself than the actual virus, which by the way the last time I checked has still yet to be isolated.
    The question we should now be asking is who are those among us calling for this experimental ticking timebomb to be given to our children as they are being coerced with bribes of things like free ice-cream.
    It almost seems criminal to endanger their young immune systems just so Vermont politicians can be number one.
    Number one at what!

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