Hansen: Questioning blind EV advocacy

Governor Gavin Newsom recently ordered the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to ban the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. Since the 1990s, 16 states have adopted CARB’s more stringent emission standards in place of federal regulations enacted by the Environmental Protection Agency. Newsom’s mandatory transition to zero emission vehicles will thus have a domino effect in the CARB states (including small, rural Vermont), which will be legally bound to outlaw the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles.

Battery-run electric vehicles are the most advanced zero emission vehicle technology in the market. Californians buy around 50 percent of electric vehicles sold in the nation, with Tesla accounting for 75 percent of those sales. Owning an electric vehicle has become an identity marker of anti-fossil fuel climate activism. However, assigning values to engines — “electric good, internal combustion bad” — shields the complex, real world system of electric vehicle technology from much needed scrutiny.

Read the full article by Ethan Allen Institute President Meg Hansen at The American Conservative.

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4 thoughts on “Hansen: Questioning blind EV advocacy

  1. Not to mention the wind turbines that can’t be recycled, so they bury the blades into the ground – the pits full of these blades is huge! How is that good for the environment? (crickets heard from the 26 member Climate Council)

  2. You hear not a peep on the cost on the environment in mining and storing
    expended Lithium batteries. Lithium and Cobalt are two main ingredients in EV
    auto batteries. Both these minerals are a finite mineral which will run out but
    before they do they will kill untold millions of kids who mine it for a dollar
    a day or less to refine it. The process put’s more pollution in the earth and leaves
    huge scars on the landscape ruining it forever. The cost of batteries will also soar as it’s already doubled in price and as it runs out gets higher. some links:



    a Knee jerk solution just like blow ‘n glow energy production.

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