Gun owners mobilize to vote Scott, anti-gun lawmakers out of office

Gov. Phil Scott, working with Democrats and Progressives, took aim at gun owners this year by imposing gun control on law-abiding Vermonters. Now those same Vermonters are ready to return fire and vote them out of office.

True North Reports takes you inside the Vermont pro-2A/Article 16 movement, which is mobilizing to unseat the governor and those legislators responsible for recent passage of controversial gun-control legislation.

Video produced by Keith Cappellini

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35 thoughts on “Gun owners mobilize to vote Scott, anti-gun lawmakers out of office

  1. I may originally be a Flat Lander from Nassau County NY, and to many born and raised Vermonters I always will be. Assimilating to Vermont’s way of life was not difficult or hard to comprehend for me. What made it easier was my beliefs/ understanding of Vermonts culture compared to what Iwas looking for and needed matched almost 100%. Another helpful factor is my decision to move here didnt involve an underlying ideological political agenda to force my beleifs upon people who dont agree the only way they can through legislation or by Court Orders issued from the benches of politically biased Activist Judges. As a young teenage Army War Veteran of OEF/ OIF going from combat home to Long Island and NYC Metro caused me hardships, and I didnt know at the time like now I have multiple parts of PTSD. Besides quiet, ponds, lakes, & forests, historically highly independent & Conservative, Military, law enforcement, & Veteran supportive, Christian, small less invasive Government, less taxes, no nanny State, people mind their business are all reasons I came to Vermont though clearly once I arrived that wasnt necessarily the case especially in the semi-urban areas of the State. Nevermind major parties we need true Constitutionalists, Patriotic American Vermonters especially us young Constitutional Conservatives to bring this State back in line with its founding purpose as well as America’s Founding Fathers. I would love to be debating current incumbents to win a 2018 seat from those supposedly representing myself & the other at least 5454 voters (2016 election tally); in Windham County whom love America & support our President Donald J Trump…

    • Carlene could you please post up here where John Rodgers voted for ACT 46..

      There was also a post where Keith Stern says this..

      There was also a post where John bear debruin says this..

      And it is absolutely not true.

      How can we trust Keith Stern to be Governor when he can’t even get the little facts correct.

      We are approaching a time in Vermont history when we need a governor that can dot every i and cross every T and Keith Stern is not that man.

      If you want to see John Rodgers platform we have some very interesting videos that John has put out and you can visit John Rodgers for governor 2018 Facebook page.

      Please be aware of the facts before you decide to vote.

      • So o o hard to trust someone who jumps off the donkey to grab a key issue that he hopes will get him elected to the governorship.

        Much better to support a candidate who doesn’t appear to be a descendant of Benedict Arnold.

  2. It is public record on who voted this into law. May I remind you that some of the ones that voted for this are out of State people that moved to Vermont to try and change us. This shall no longer be tolerated by true Vermonters, so look very close to your precious life changing VOTE.

  3. There was an excellent video of John Rodgers with Chris Bradley from the sports Federation on the Statehouse steps in which John gave a great speech about guns and the gun owners in the state of Vermont.

    For some reason the video disappeared from the pages but I think Whoever has it owes everyone a duty to post it here so the people in Vermont can see one man who has stood tall year-after-year defending the rights of vermonters..

    And yes that man is a Democrat and that man is John Rodgers one of the finest men to ever serve the people in the state of Vermont under the golden dome.

    Please if you have any respect for John Rodgers post that video for everyone to see or at least unblock it so it can be shared.

    If you are really a supporter of the gun rights in the state of Vermont and a loyal supporter of the people that have defended your rights for years you will have absolutely no problem doing this…

    Please do the right thing

  4. **Please share**

    Friends and family in the Essex/Orleans/caledonia districts, I ask you to PLEASE consider doing two things:

    1. Voting in the DEMOCRATIC primary (you DO NOT need to be a registered Democrat to do so!)
    2. Writing in my father for governor AND also voting for him as your Senator

    Circled in red on the left is where you would write his name (under “Ethan”) and then you would also check the smaller circles to the right of his name in both places ✔️

    As I have said before, we all have the high hopes that this gubernatorial campaign is successful! The thought of a giant “screw you” to the system is pretty neat, right?!? But if it is not, we NEED to assure that my father keeps his senate seat! Doing both is 100% acceptable and won’t cause any issue.

    ALL OTHER VERMONTERS: Regardless if you are Republican, Democrat, independent, marijuana party, whatever, I ask that you do Vermont a favor and grab a DEMOCRATIC primary ballot and write in John S. Rodgers for governor.

    Thank you all


  5. Governor Scott, where do I start??

    I personally talked to him at a couple sporting events and asked him about gun control in the state, he told me both times we had enough gun laws already and
    he didn’t see any reason for new laws. Great.

    Fast forward to 2018 … Phil Scott is not a man of his word! Living in VT for over sixty-seven years, a man’s word meant something. No Shame.

    If Vermont wants to Be VT, we need to shed those Progressive Liberals that have infested our State House. Please go on to the homepage and search who represents you, read their Bio’s.

    Most are transplants from Liberal States and want to change VT. Your way of life is not on their agenda. Wake Up Vermont!!

    Keep an Eye on Chittenden County, it’s infested.

  6. Sounds good. Now give me the number of hard yes votes on those targeted for removal. Now give me the number of flatlanders on the voter rolls who always vote Prog. Do the math.

    While you might have enough votes, with the help of the Progs who want him out, getting those to vote to remove a seated idiot is a different tale.Tents and camel’s noses seems the stronger case.

    • the answer, as you suggest: vermonters need to vote! if vermonters don’t vote, the die is cast.

  7. This is a video in which John Rodgers discusses constitutional rights..

    John is a man who clearly understands our Constitution and will defend it as he has for years representing vermonters as a legislator and now a senator.

    We have the opportunity to make this great man the governor in the state of Vermont

  8. I think it is sad when some group all members of the Democratic Party under one category.. I have to guess it is because they have no understanding of the support that some of these Democrats have given to us throughout the years because they have never been involved in supporting our constitutional rights. Those that attended the hearings in Montpelier and those that stood on the Statehouse steps know exactly who stood arm and arm with us.

    John Rodgers was there!

    Some of the repressive Democrats that are mentioned above have been supporters of the constitutional rights of the gun owners in the state of Vermont supporting the Second Amendment and article 16 along with John Rodgers..

    These people need to go look at voting records before they make statements that destroy any relationship that exists between the gun owners and those Democrats that have been willing to reach across the aisle to support our quest to stop the ridiculous gun laws that were imposed Upon Us by our REPUBLICAN Governor Phil Scott.

    These hurtful statements are destroying the support that we have enjoyed for years from some of those Democrats.

    We have the opportunity to elect a man for governor that has been in this fight with us for years supporting the rights of all vermonters and someone that will need no on-the-job training at the cost of the taxpayers in the state of Vermont.

    It’s time for vermonters to stop worrying about the party and elect the best man for governor of Vermont.

    Don’t forget to write in John Rodgers in the August primary

    • don’t be a kidder. the “ridiculous gun laws” were not “imposed” by the “republican governor.” yes he signed the bills – i suspect he figures that’s his ticket to re-election.
      BUT the simple fact is that the “ridiculous gun laws” were “imposed” by the democrat supermajority legislature, using the emotional heat of the moments after florida to ram something down our throats they hadn’t quite dared to before.

      the fact is that if scott had not been elected, minter and the democrats would have taken that step far sooner in the current governor’s terms – and likely would have given us something more draconian.

      yes, scott is a traitor, a turncoat. yes, i hope he pays in spades for it. but let’s not pretend the democrats are some kind of equally benevolent, if not more benevolent, organization. they are pretty well owned by the flatlander carpetbaggers, and when folks like rodgers keep hanging around such dogs, they’re likely to pick up their fleas.

      it’s always worth wondering what it is in the vt state democrat platform that keeps “good democrats” like rodgers in the party. that bit of information could quite possibly tell us why good republicans, conservatives, constitutionalists, and libertarians should NOT vote for him.

  9. Seems they lost some of the interview.. So not surprised… More people showing their bias against a guy who can kick Phil Scott to the curb.. Any one in doubt show up at Black Ops Firearms in Plainfield vt and see for yourself.. we are going to have a major turn out to support Keith Stern.. Vote Keith Stern for Vermont Governor… The best chance we have to save Vermont

    • best chance we have to save Vermont is a man who have dedicated his political career to helping the people of this state that man is John Rodgers…. are we going to elect someone that has no experience and pay him as he is “ON THE JOB TRAINING”… really now….

      • Ya let’s vote for someone who will raise our taxes more.. Vermont needs someone who will stick to his value.. we will see who will neat phil scott in the primaries and then there will be no need for anyone having to beat him in the general election.. maybe some people should look up and see how many write ins actually went on to become gov. Oh wait the answer is zero.. And he didn’t have time or money to run a real campaign..Vote for someone who is more than a one issue canidate, Keith Stern..

        • the primary will be very interesting…. support for John is growing… so tell me what are you going to do when stern looses against Phil ????

          • More to the point, what will YOU do when Phil loses against Stern?

            As far as “loosing” goes, what Stern looses against Scott — and the Donkey nominee — remains to be seen. Ya doesn’t pull it all out ’til ya needs it.

            “Loose” ain’t the same as “lose”. Got it?

        • There is only one person in this race that has been supporting the constitutional rights of Vermont her since 2003 when he became a legislator.. he now serves as a senator and has been very outspoken regarding the disgusting laws imposed Upon Us by the REPUBLICAN governor Phil Scott.

          Just like the rest of the people in the race today… one is claiming to be Republican after having run under other parties and the others like him have no experience in government.

          We have one person running for governor that is a hardworking person just like the rest of the vermonters are and he is just like us trying to eke out a living for his family and himself.

          This man has been defending the rights of all vermonters for years and needs no on-the-job training two step right into the job of governor of the state of Vermont..

          I am a registered independent and I usually vote Republican but there is absolutely no one else in this race Republican or Democrat that is deserving to serve as our governor or no one that is more prepared to serve as our governor.

          I am writing in John Rodgers for governor of Vermont on the Democratic ticket on August 14th in the primary.

          The good news is that when doing this it has absolutely no effect on the down-ticket candidates that we all want to elect to help him out because they are not in primary races.

          We have a page dedicated to this man please come check it out for more information and to ask questions…

          We have some wonderful videos that this man has put out explaining his platform and many more coming.

          We want to be sure every voter is educated before they go out and place a vote in such an important election.

          It is a Facebook page and the name of it is John Rodgers for governor 2018..

  10. My vote will be going to Pro 2A / A16 Republican candidate KEITH STERN and every pro Republican candidate. I am tired of the Progressives. I am tired of the Democrats. This state has suffered long enough under their oppressive agendas…we need to return the Vermont values.

    • and John there is only one way to return to those values and that is to vote for John Rodgers…..

  11. This is a mess. While Gov Scott has betrayed us in the worst way with the weakest excuse ( we stiopped a crime that did not happen because the system WORKED!) who is better? It’s a terrible choice in this state. There are no strong Rebublicans and I, after witnessing the anti-American left for the past few years will never – and I mean ever – vote for a Democrat again. We can punish Scott, who certainly deserves a slap, or what? Wind up with Sue Minter? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Ugh.

  12. Senator John Rodgers is the only one that can beat Scott in the general election… he has been pro 2A and article 16 from the beginning of all this… he has put his political career on the line to defend our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS… John is against act 46… just in case anyone asks…..

  13. Problem being- we are between a rock and a hard place.
    I cannot vote for a Dem in the primary- plus I do not support too many of John Rodgers votes.
    We need less taxing and spending- not more. Plus pulling Rodgers out of the Senate makes him likely to be replaced by a Bernie wannabe.
    Too many of these strategies are not fully thought out. We are going to end up with a match up of Scott vs Hallquist and we all know how that will end.

    • I have had the opportunity to sit with John Rodgers and discuss his voting and why it was he voted the way he did.

      Let’s remember a lot of these votes on taxes were backed by Republicans as well because they are necessary to keeping our state going.

      There are many John Rodgers videos available that explain many of his positions and his platform for governor.

      Let’s not forget John Rodgers has been protecting the Second Amendment and article 16 for the gun owners in this state since 2003 and he also protects the constitutional rights of everyone who resides here.

      John is the only google the Toriel candidate that can defeat so Scott.

      Don’t forget to write in John Rodgers in the primary on August 14th.

      • Pardon my errors

        It should say John is the only gubernatorial candidate that can defeat Phil Scott

      • Higher taxes are not necessary to “keep Vermont going.” Higher taxes are needed to facilitate spending by a Legislature that sees every initiative coming from its collective imagination as being indispensable. There is so much unnecessary spending in Vermont that one hardly knows where to start listing them. Here’s two. Average spending per public school student is 50% higher than the national average. Vermont has one of the highest ratios of state employees per capita in the country. But the same incompetent legislators are returned to office over and over because enough Vermont voters are irrational, and vote based on feelings instead of adult logic.

        • We do have an option for a governor and he’s a man that has plenty of experience in government and a platform to reduce taxation by eliminating waste in government.

          This is just one thing on this man’s platform.

          There was a Facebook page John Rodgers for Governor 2018 that you can join and there are many videos John addressing issues that are so important to vermonters and they help explain many of the questions that the voters have.

          I would invite you and anyone else that really wants to be educated and make the correct choice for governor to come to the page and enjoy the content…

  14. I cannot wait to vote Governor Scott out of office and others like him. I had sent an email to Governor Scott and got a response to the effect … you have until October to buy as many high capacity magazines as you want, magazines you buy out of state have no markings on them, you can loan or borrow high capacity magazines from others. I kid you not. I can forward this bizarre email.

    • The way I calculate it, I have until the end of my life to buy as many magazines of any size I choose. We need to send VT State Police Col. Birmingham, listed as a defendant in the lawsuit, funds so he can buy a pink hat.

      • We have a chance to elect Senator John Rodgers the governor of the state of Vermont.

        John has fought under the golden dome as I Senator against the imposition of gun laws against vermonters.

        John has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us on the Statehouse steps numerous times to speak out loudly against the imposition of any new gun laws against vermonters.

        John has always been the go-to guy when we needed someone to back us and fight against the new gun laws in the state of Vermont.

        It is really sad if you are a gun owner in the state and you are not backing this gentleman to become the governor of this state after asking his support year after year after year and after him risking his political career defending the gun owners year after year after year.

        Now let’s be honest and do our homework we have some people here running for governor claiming to be pro2a and pro article 16….

        If you research you will find that one of them claims to be running as a staunch Republican fighting for your gun rights with a list of cures for the government in Vermont… this is the same person who has run under other parties to try to gain a political foothold but has never been successful… he has never held a political office whether he ran as a Republican or a Democrat or an independent… this is the same guy who would lead us to believe he is a staunch Republican and a gun rights supporter… yet nowhere in researching any of his past news articles do I find anywhere with this man ever supported the gun owners in the state of Vermont or spoke out about the gun laws in the state of Vermont until after they were imposed and he appeared briefly at a rally in Montpelier…. don’t be fooled by someone claiming to be a Republican who is going to fix the gun problem…. I hope you all haven’t forgotten about the great REPUBLICAN Phil Scott.

        This isn’t a democrat or a republican issue we have had many Democrats reach across the aisle and fight against the gun laws in the state of Vermont and now we are bashing that support…

        We have had a gun group who refused to allow that to happen until this primary..

        I have to ask why all of a sudden it is okay to be bashing the very support yes the very base that fought for us along with John Rogers to try to prevent these gun laws from being passed.

        We have an excellent candidate in John Rodgers…

        He is well seasoned on the gun laws and is ready to stand tall to take action and defend our constitutional rights..

        We cannot afford to elect another governor on a bunch of false promises… if you don’t have a short memory you can see where that got us with Phil Scott the Republican governor.

        We cannot elect a governor who has absolutely no experience in government claiming to have cures for something he knows nothing about.

        Vermont is at a turning point..

        We need a true leader for governor..

        Please write-in John Rodgers for governor on August 14th.

        He is the only candidate that has the knowledge to help this State out and protect the rights of its citizens.

        • Richard, I’m just as old as you and a Vermonter. While John Rogers is a constitutional supporter he is also a democrat and proudly wears the name of his party. I will not and do not trust anyone who runs as a democrat. I will not vote for Phil Scott. If my choice is between Scott and Rogers I will have to learn much more about whether I can trust a democrat to act in the best interests of Vermonters and Vermont.The evidence shows that democrats and progressives, mostly from out of state who have taken positions in our legislature are responsible for the destruction of Vermont and our long held freedoms and customs. I for one am sickened by what I have seen them do to our freedoms. Democrats and progressives can not be trusted because power over other peoples lives is their goal. They should never be trusted with our lives and our state!

          • “The evidence shows that democrats and progressives, mostly from out of state who have taken positions in our legislature are responsible for the destruction of Vermont and our long held freedoms and customs.”

            Case in point: Bennington County’s own import from NY, (D)Bill “Bowser” Botzow, is stepping down (retiring) this year having done his share of damage. Into the gap jumps Pownal Selectman Nelson Brownell to run also as Dem. No opposing candidate in view?

          • yes, this is how i feel.

            as important as the gun issue is, it isn’t the only issue. if mr. rogers is so all-in for our liberties why in the heck is he so staunchly in the democrat party? it beggars reason.

            the days are long over when it’s justifiable to claim to be of a particular party “because my family’s always been”, as so many like to say. it worked when both parties were fundamentally oriented around adherence to the constitution; it stopped working back in the 1990s, when the democrat party purged itself at the federal level of non-leftist progressives and bent hard left. around the same time, the flatlander carpetbaggers made it a mission to solidify vermont as a model progressive state. anyone who continued in the democrat party after the mid-2000’s cannot but either be willfully ignorant or in general agreement with the party’s direction, if not with every platform every year.

            either is forgivable in a busy citizen busy struggling to keep hearth and home, but neither is acceptable in a professional politician.

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