Gram out, Cengeri in as WDEV morning talk host

By Guy Page

At 9:05 Monday morning, WDEV listeners tuned in to the “Dave Gram Show,” only to find Vermont radio veteran Ric Cengeri hosting a new program called “Vermont Viewpoint.”

Cengeri, a former VPR newsman, had subbed for Gram in August while the latter was on vacation. When the show opened this morning, he offered no explanation for Gram’s absence nor for the show’s new name. Ever the reporter, Gram — 31 years with the Associated Press and almost three years with WDEV — announced the news on his Facebook page yesterday with the following:

News Release – Dave Gram

The following statement is from Dave Gram, host of “The Dave Gram Show” on WDEV radio from late February, 2018 to Nov. 6, 2020:

Ric Cengeri, left, and Dave Gram

“WDEV and I have parted company. I was told after Friday’s show that Friday’s was my last show. When I asked why, I was told that management wants to ‘head in a different direction.’

“My only regret about the timing is that I didn’t have a chance to offer my heartfelt thanks to the guests, listeners and callers who made the show for me and, I hope, for most others involved a worthwhile endeavor. I thank WDEV for the opportunity.

“I have taken some risks on the show, and had thought for some time that one day I might take one risk too many.

“As for this decision, I will not call it fraud or corruption. I certainly won’t call it ‘fake news.’

“Instead I’ll acknowledge when key parts of my constituency decide they want to try something or someone else, and be on my way.”

If Gram doesn’t know why he was let go, successor Cengeri can sympathize — that describes his October, 2019 termination at Vermont Public Radio.  He was given the bad news unawares in the station parking lot after returning from vacation. “It was a surprise. It was definitely a surprise,” Cengeri told Seven Days. “There was no warning that there was anything amiss.”

Many friends and listeners left sympathetic messages on Gram’s Facebook page. Vermont’s political class was well-represented. “Wow. I am so sorry,” said former Montpelier Mayor and Democratic Rep. Mary Hooper. “I thoroughly enjoyed your show and integrity. Our loss, as well as yours.” Added Democratic party leader Maggie Lenz of Montpelier: Nooo!! Your show is the best. Such a loss.” Floyd Nease, another former Democratic House member when Gram covered the Vermont State House, said “This makes me sad, Dave. Who’s puns will I groan at now?”

When Gram asked Vermont Daily editor Guy Page to spar with liberal pundit Kevin Ellis about the national and state elections in the final segment of Friday’s show, he gave no sign of knowing this would be his final edition of the Dave Gram Show. The show went as it often did — with Gram refereeing the liberal/conservative guests, occasionally interjecting his own thoughts.

Gram the radio host was certainly known for his groaners. Conservative listeners groaned about what some viewed as liberal-leaning comments and guest selection.

Like Gram himself on many if not most days, some listeners couldn’t resist making the Trump connection. “I am guessing you are not on Trump’s list of pardons,” Dale Tillotson said tongue-in-cheek. “Of course I predict he will resign on December 24 giving Pence short of a month to pardon Trump and associates in advance of them being charged.”

Before spending 12 years at VPR, Cengeri worked in public relations and marketing and as an on-air personality at the Point FM.

The pandemic has put Vermont media in flux, even a longtime, independent stalwart like WDEV. Advertising revenue is way down. Appeals for community donations are up — never a good sign for any for-profit media. Vermont media managers and owners face potential disaster if the pandemic continues and/or if a severe economic downturn is in Vermont’s near future. Was Gram’s departure a financial decision? A judgment on his transition from print reporter to on-air personality? Only the principals know for sure.

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6 thoughts on “Gram out, Cengeri in as WDEV morning talk host

  1. From the beginning of his tenure on WDEV, Dave Gram feigned political neutrality. But he quickly shed that disguise as his parade of left-wing guests would trash all things conservative, especially President Trump. Whether by cutting short any caller who dared to express support for Mr. Trump, or chuckling rudely in agreement with the steady stream of criticism. However, astute listeners were not long fooled. In the end, he was “hoisted by his own petard” as the old saying goes. Good riddance to him. Let’s hope future talk-show hosts learn from his mistakes.

  2. As along time listener to WDEV’s talk shows , I welcome the change. I had stopped listening to the show with great sadness because I couldn’t stand the non stop hatred of President Trump. Oh I did tune in to see what the topic was or who his guest would be, but mostly I had stopped listening to the show. I never complained to WDEV because I am a very tolerant person. When Mark Johnson was the host I considered him and all his callers to be my talk show friends. It did not matter if I agreed with the caller’s comments or not. Hopefully the new host will be less hostile to the conservative callers. It is always upsetting to lose a job without warning so I wish Dave Gram peace . Maybe I will be able to listen WDEV again. I hope so as I’ve been a regular caller for more than 30 years.

  3. Gram was fine as a basically just-the-facts AP reporter – once he started opening mouth here showed what an utter pompous jacka** he is.

    Trashing Guy Page as an amateur journalist was not only false – Page has quite a resume of his own – but revealed a bitter, hateful and small mind.

    Erecting old silly strawman arguments showed how flat-earth and out of touch with modern journalism he has become. Dwelling in a leftist bubble with only same political echochamber is essentially a virtual-reality vacuum… soo last century lol 😀

  4. I stopped listening to WDEV when they started their left turn some time ago. Same for WSNO when they discontinued conservative talk radio. As far as Dave Gram, I tried a couple times to tune in but his anti-Trump attitude and basic lack of knowledge of current issues made me tune out. He was usually wrong about Trump and followed the MSM narrative. Good bye Dave and good riddens. I’ll give the new guy a spin but his background with NPR will probably result in the same disappointment. Around the country the phrase is “Get woke, go broke”, the broadcasters will learn the hard way.

    • I’m just guessing Dano, but maybe they are seeing the mass exodus outta FOX and seeing how fast it all can crash and burn.
      People have had it with the Left.. they can all try and succeed catering to 50% of the population- good luck with that.

      • Amen Laura! I may be a voter in your state in the future. You won’t mind one more conservative will you? I’ve watched this state trashed for too long. I’ve fought it with my votes and with my words. I’ve almost reach my wits end. One ride through Montpelier with all the robots wearing masks in the open air is more than I can stomach.

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