GoVT prez Eric Davis’ speech on Second Amendment at Libertarian Party meeting


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One thought on “GoVT prez Eric Davis’ speech on Second Amendment at Libertarian Party meeting

  1. As has been the case all along, the battles going forward will be with the crooked media, and some leftist politicians who want to put anything out there that will diminish the right to keep and bear arms, and use of them when needed. This fact was put into play and adjudicated in a Wisconsin Court of Law just this last week, with the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse of all 5 counts of erroneous charges to start with in that Court. Diminishing the 2nd Amendment presence and practice among the people is up against a massive wall…. that wall being American people who have purchased firearms and ammunition as “new to this concept” for them, and those of us who have been actively practicing at the range, participate in NRA and other local Gun Owners organizations, and Clubs while promoting the concepts of self defense for themselves and family members, and maybe in some cases even neighbors and/or relatives. This is not a new idea, but one being around in VT since Ethan Allen’s Days is more of an enhancement than anything else in recent years. Some firearms are on a protracted waiting list for availability. I personally can speak to that situation, with accuracy. Fortunately, ammunition is more available now, you just have to know where to look for it. My orders are coming through with a 96% fill rate; not bad. One of my stand-by statements over the years has been “The people and particularly voters will have the last word”. So it goes and so it is going.
    The actions and performances of some groups leading up to Nov 2020 and others since, will produce a blow-out on election day of Nov 2022 the likes which have not been seen in over a half a century. The salvation of this nation depends on that election, and the results of same.

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