Governor OK with universal voting-by-mail bill if it reads ‘as planned’

By Guy Page

At his press conference Wednesday, Gov. Phil Scott left the door open — but only just a tiny crack — for a veto of S.348, universal voting by mail.

The Vermont Legislature last week passed a bill taking Scott out of the approval process for Secretary of State Jim Condos’ plan to mail a Nov. 3 general election ballot to every registered voter in the state. Voters may then return it by mail, bring it to a town office or bring it to the polls Nov. 3. Both the House and Senate rejected amendments aimed at reducing voter fraud and ballot harvesting, and requiring investigations of alleged fraud.

Vermont Daily asked Gov. Scott today: “Two weeks ago you said that if the Legislature passed S.348, the vote-by-mail bill, you would “take a look at it” then. It passed last week without any of the amendments proposed to protect against possible fraud or ballot harvest abuse. Has S.348 reached your desk yet, and if so, do you think you might veto it?”

Guy Page

“I have not received the bill,” Scott said. “We’ve been waiting for it since (it passed last week). … As long as it was as we thought it was, I would not stand in the way. … I made the pledge to let it go through, and will not be vetoing it if it goes through as planned.”

After a bill is approved by the Legislature, the process of preparing it for gubernatorial review may take several days. Once it reaches his desk, Scott has five days to sign it or veto it. If he does neither, the bill becomes law.

Rename state park to Camp Kill Kare?

NECN reporter Jack Thurston asked whether the state of Vermont might consider renaming Kamp Kill Kare State Park, given its unfortunate KKK initials. An administration official said the problematic acronym has been under discussion. Scott then suggested it could be changed to Camp Kill Kare.

The state park on St. Albans Point was named after a nearby boy’s camp that operated from the early 1900s until the 1960s. A quick internet search revealed no explanation of the name. However, a Kill Kare Kamp in Maine “is so named because you can go there to ‘kill your cares.’”

Reporter Mike Donoghue asked Gov. Scott what he thought of photos of Vermont State Police taking a knee while surrounded by Black Lives Matter protesters carrying “defund the police” and other anti-policing signs. Scott said he thinks it shows leadership on the scene, but also said he doesn’t agree with calls to defund police.

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11 thoughts on “Governor OK with universal voting-by-mail bill if it reads ‘as planned’

  1. I find the revelations by Town Clerks beyond belief, far worse than I could have imagined.

    Worse still, CONDOS likely has known about these revelations for years, but he (wisely for him) kept his mouth shut, because he wants/has to serve his handlers to keep his cushy job.

    It is utterly shameful for pro-mail-in legislators to even utter “mail-in is safe, simple and fraud-free”, and “full speed ahead”, and “let Condos handle it”.


    If you make a simple purchase with a credit card, there has to be VERIFICATION TO AVOID FRAUD

    If you make an airline trip, there has to be a photo-ID, before they even give you a boarding pass to GET ON A PLANE.

    It is off-the-charts irresponsible to downgrade the civil right of VOTING by INDISCRIMINATELY sending EVERY Tom, DIck and Harry, who happen to be on a voter list, a LIVE BALLOT, THAT:


    I know, politics is a dirty, mean business.

    But there just HAVE to be levels below which no one should go without becoming an unethical criminal.

    Calling Trump all sorts of names, and then engaging in the same shenanigans, definitely is not virtuous, especially because the Dem/Progs look to have the Legislature IN THE BAG this coming November.

    Why are Dem/Progs OVERREACHING? Just for the hell of it?

    BTW, the same crap is being pulled with the disaster called GLOBAL WARMING “SOLUTIONS” ACT.

    • Vermont Business Climate

      Vermont has a very poor private enterprise business climate. Forbes, et al., rate Vermont near the bottom. There are too many onerous taxes, fees and surcharges, and rules and regulations, that have caused businesses to not grow in Vermont, to leave Vermont, or not even come to Vermont.

      Vermont’s population is stagnant. Ambitious, younger people leave, older, more-needy people stay. Well-paying, steady jobs, with decent benefits, are hard to come by in Vermont.

      GWSA to Subsidize Job Creation in RE Sectors

      GWSA would require major increases in the current levels of various subsidies to all sorts of RE businesses for decades; an expensive way “to create jobs”. GWSA would be a poor substitute for private enterprise job creation, which has proven so difficult in Vermont.

      Annual spending on RE would have to increase from the current $210 million/y (includes EFFICIENCY VERMONT) to about $1.0 BILLION PER YEAR, to implement the Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan.

      If the RE subsidies were “freebie” federal subsidies, they would subsidize and grow RE businesses, and create jobs.
      However, federal subsidies increase and decrease, and come and go.

      If the subsidies were “state” subsidies, such as for heat pumps and electric vehicles, they would have to be extracted from Vermonters and tourists, which would create jobs in the RE sectors, but would destroy jobs in almost all other sectors. That would further worsen and prolong the adverse conditions of the “Virus economy”.

  2. How many dead Vermont people will be mailed LIVE ballots?
    About 25,000?

    How many people who have left Vermont will be mailed LIVE ballots.
    About 25,000?

    Town Clerks say the voter lists, with about 500,000 names on them, have not been checked/audited for years.

    Should the state not provide money to have these lists properly audited, by independent professionals, according to uniform standards?

  3. I once voted for Scott. It was the only and last time. We need a leader with common sense.

  4. “As long as it was as we thought it was, I would not stand in the way. … I made the pledge to let it go through, and will not be vetoing it if it goes through as planned.”

    Governor: How can you say that when you know that this will result in fraudulent voting? Just read the comments from the Town Clerks. Those are the facts and for you to say that the integrity of Vermont’s voting system is trumped by your “pledge”, doesn’t say much for your sense of right and wrong. Just because you made a pledge? On your website it says: “As Governor, he has committed to making a difference in the lives of Vermonters by growing the state’s economy, making Vermont more affordable, protecting the most vulnerable and restoring faith and trust in government.” To allow your pledge to result in a scheme to destroy our voting system integrity is restoring faith and trust in government? You used the same word game when it came to signing marijuana legalization and violated your word that you would protect “the most vulnerable”.

    Please for once, be a true leader and do what is right and true.

    • So this morning I was reading and came across this,

      Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint.

      A broken tooth or a foot out of joint is painful, dysfunctional, and irritating. You cannot chew or walk as you should. Running is out of the question! Trusting an unfaithful person when you really need him is just as painful, dysfunctional, and irritating. Do you have faithful friends? Are you a faithful friend? Do you know how to identify and keep them?

      Seems rather appropriate at this point in Vermont politics. You can tell a man by his actions and whom he keeps company.

      Our Governor could have lead, he could have been saying from Day one, Vermont is going to have the safest election process in the country. Did he?

      Our Governor is forced by his occupation to work with NWO pimps. But does he have to hang with them and support them? See there is the telling. He has full power to at least bluff, even if he has no power. He didn’t seem to have an issue with being totally usurped and bypassed from the whole process.

      As a political party with ideal and aspirations who do we support? Who does the party favor and who does the party obstruct.

      From what I have seen, John Klar and his merry band of kind hearted conservatives should be getting complete and absolute support from the Republican Party. Are They?

      Phil Scott keeps company and aids those whom wish to do our Republic damage. We are not a democracy, we are governed by rule of law a constitutional republic.

      John Klar, lovem’ hatem’, indifferent keeps some excellent company, which would indicate he needs full access and support, just like all others who represent these ideal within the party.

      We would recognize Mitzi Johnson as a shill should she run as a Republican. How is our Governor any different? A good house cleaning is in order for the Vermont Republican party.

  5. If Governor Scott has any ” Cojones ” he’ll veto this nonsense !!

    Is our Governor a Leader or a Follower, time will tell I hope I’m wrong.

  6. I am sorry. I meant to address mail in voting and got sidetracked because of Scott’s limitations on Vermont resident in the name of the Wuhan flu. Condos is creating a solution to a non existent problem in order to make it possible to harvest ballots for Democrats in highly populated areas. Vermont has an absentee voting system that works well and can be verified. People who cannot physically get to the polls can guys like me ( JP’s) go to them with a ballot. I am unsure if mailing everyone with a Vermont address a ballot will be a good idea. It is ptrobable that dead people will get ballots. That aliens will get ballots. That people who have left VT will get ballots. That harvesters will gather ballots at institutions
    and vote the ballots as they wish. Condos is a left wing activist. Scott will probably not veto the bill. He should.

    • Condos works for the United Nations, which is really fond of a new world order and not too hip on a free country. Tis why he does what he does.

  7. Comrade Scott should not be reelected.. I am beginning to wonder what in hell happened to the Constitution of VT and the US. It is fine for BLM/Antifa to protest in crowds and deface public streets and monuments? It is fine for the left and the media, but I repeat myself, to stifle free speech. But the Wuhan flu in every other venue will kill you? Forget it, Governor. It is now clear that it is all about enjoying your power over people, not about helping people. I cannot support you.

  8. Hey Gov. If you really believe that, you’re a heck of a lot more naive than I thought. Get real!!!!

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