Getting Biden to condemn communism is ‘like extracting teeth,’ Cuban immigrant says

Mike Gonzalez, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, discussed the Biden administration’s approach to the ongoing unrest in Cuba, his family’s choice to flee Cuba when he was 12 years old, and more.

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7 thoughts on “Getting Biden to condemn communism is ‘like extracting teeth,’ Cuban immigrant says

  1. I wrote right away;
    Biden’s HANDLERS will not allow Cubans – because they have experienced Communism –
    and comeing here they would vote Republican

    Biden’s HANDLERS open the door to central americans to storm our border –
    BY THE MILLIONS, Assisted by Border Patrol on ORDERS.because, they as illegals
    will be voting Democrat/Socialist

    No Mysteries there! No mystery at all

  2. This illegitimate imposter posing as our President can’t even give an opinion on the weather without looking at his note cards.

    There’s no way he was lawfully elected, which means every executive order and every law signed by this creep, and every edict emanating from his appointees, is invalid.

    • Vito: Rodger that! Anyone who voted Democrat anytime after late 60’s vote for the Communist Party.

  3. That is because most members (and underlings) of his cabinet are Communists at heart, but masquerade as Socialists to be less offensive to regular American Voters.

    Biden became President, with help of the US Media, because he makes a good frontman for the hidden cast of characters.

    More and more shenanigans about the 2020 election is being revealed in multiple swing states every day.
    Just wait for the ARIZONA forensic examination report

    DEM/PROGS are opposed to such reports, because they know what they did.

    The revelations will continue, as more and more people “spill the beans” about the THIRD WORLD shenanigans that went on regarding the PROCESSING of the ballots in DEM/PROG-controlled counting centers.

    All that is nothing new.
    All that has been done before

    However, it HAD TO BE DONE ON A HUGE SCALE in 2020, because Trump was so far ahead.
    The overall sloppiness to rapidly carry out the massive deceit was off-the-charts

    DEM/PROGS, with help of the media, were able to suppress the revelations just long enough to take over the White House to complete their power grab, their COUP D’ETAT

    The various new election laws, that make it more difficult to have future THIRD-WORLD elections, are opposed by DEM/PROGS, because those laws constrain their FREEDOM OF ACTION, I.E., TO PERPETRATE THIRD-WORLD STYLE FRAUD.

      • Vito, Remember Fidel Castro declared himself a Socialist and lead the revolutionary take over of Cuba. Immediately when he took over the government he announced that he was a Communist and disarmed the whole Cuban population including most of the people who fought for him. Only a few trusted insiders where allowed to be armed. He told them the revolution was over and there was no reason for them to have weapons any longer.

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