Gerald Malloy: Vermont needs a snap back into reality after devastating inflation costs

This commentary is by Gerald Malloy, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

Vermont is well-known for its traditional October cold snap and this year is no exception. However, what’s even worse than the biting chill is the fact that many Vermonters have now discovered their home heating bills are increasing by about 20% or more compared to last year.

Gerald Malloy

Over 60% of Vermont households continue to use fuel oil, propane, or kerosene. The Vermont Fuel Oil Dealers Association — local small business owners and service providers, many of them employers — has been raising this concern since the start of last summer. To put it into perspective, an annual fuel bill which may have cost a Vermont household $1,500 a year ago is now hitting $3,000.

As Vermont’s Republican candidate for the United States Senate, I have been campaigning now for six months. Unless I missed it somewhere, I have yet to hear my opponent, Peter Welch, offer any solutions which can alleviate this anxiety and new expenses.

This distress is exacerbated by the fact that Vermonters are not only facing these giant heating oil hikes, but are also suffering from the rest of inflation that is causing the loss of hundreds of additional dollars every month from grocery store visits or to gas up their cars.

While it’s noble to aspire to the energy and environmental improvement plans that Mr. Welch campaigns on, climate change programs that can not even be actualized until 15 or 20 years down the line do not solve the current issues we are grappling with.

Over the course of my campaign, Vermonters I’ve met with have shared that they are urgently worried about this situation. The hyperinflation caused by President Biden’s administration, and supported by Mr. Welch as a U.S Representative, is rapidly eroding peoples’ savings and budgets and pushing many Vermont families into a financial meltdown.

The only time I heard Mr. Welch address the difficulties Vermonters face with affording heating and oil was when he trashed the Vermont fuel dealers — who are your community neighbors — on a Sept. 8 debate stage, claiming they were profiteers.

It is widely known how just two years ago, the United States was enjoying stability and economic development and prosperity in its energy sector. With many quality jobs created and substantial investment taking place, America for the first time in decades emerged into an energy exporter which gave our nation economic and political advantages.

If you see Peter Welch before the election, ask him to give you specifics on how he is going to help you pay to heat your home this winter. Ask him for details on how he will bring you immediate relief from inflated food and gasoline costs. I don’t know what his answer will be, but I can tell you that if I have the honor of serving Vermont as your senator, I will fight everyday to help support policies that will lift the burden of inflation and once again achieve stability for our state and nation.

Image courtesy of Gerald Malloy
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3 thoughts on “Gerald Malloy: Vermont needs a snap back into reality after devastating inflation costs

  1. I think that what this is coming down to is pure common sense- or it being fully revealed that one side has completely none of that.

    We all care about social issues, but they have their place in the grand scheme of things.
    The Left today is entirely obsessed with nothing BUT Social Issues, they are cult-like in following their religion at this point.

    You can’t watch your entire family, your state, your nation go right down the drain because you are a sheep willing to walk right off the cliff just to feel you were a good member of the club.
    Because, at the end of the day, people now forced to try to survive the fallout of your votes for more that is destroying us all -now puts people in a position where they are on survival mode and they couldn’t care less about all these causes.
    People that are struggling don’t have the luxury to give a sh*t about the climate and what bathroom people use, they are trying to eat and not wind up homeless.

    So it seems to be that common sense has got to prevail here soon.
    And if it doesn’t, then we better start talking about why half our nation is apparently suicidal as they vote for their own continued destruction.

  2. According to 10% Joe, the US economy is strong and unemployment low. Oddly, economists who are not paid by one of the six media titans, the real numbers say “nay.” The actual numbers are depression era numbers. Negative GDP growth hovering near -3%, bond rates over 4%, real unemployment at 25-30%, US deficit at $31 Trillion, the derivatives market is estimated at over $1 quadrillion, the Fed is insolvent, Grammy Janet Yellen lies to cover it all up. The war in Ukraine is a cover for the dirty deeds that will be exposed once the fake market and the titan banks implode upon themselves. Good luck and God speed.

  3. You got my vote Gerald just because welch is a pelosi flunky who votes in lockstep with the griffter’s lining their pockets at the public expense. I fear we have to many Cali type voter’s here however that will gladly shoot themselves
    in the foot to vote for a P/D candidate regardless of how much it hits their
    pocket book..

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