Gerald Malloy: ‘The far left hijacked the Democrat Party’

WELCH V. MALLOY: Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Gerald Malloy, right, has been gaining on his Democrat opponent, outgoing U.S. House member Peter Welch, left, while the Democratic Party itself has struggled recently in public polls.

GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Gerald Malloy appeared on the “Howie Carr Show” on Thursday and said the current leadership of the Democratic Party is “hijacked” by extremist elements.

“I think what we’re seeing is the far left hijacked the Democrat Party and they’re frankly disconnected,” Malloy said. “And when my opponent talks about insurrection and a threat to democracy — when I talk to people here in Vermont, what’s on people’s minds is the economy, crime, and drugs.”

On Nov. 8 Malloy will face off with U.S. House Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., who had just a 6% advantage in the polls a month ago.

“The campaign is going great, and gaining momentum every single day,” Malloy said. “Volunteers are just coming up left and right. We’re on a great path to victory.”

He added that the clear majority of voters — even in deep blue Vermont — are upset with how current Democratic leadership is going.

“I think I met about 30,000 Vermonters, and I have to say about 85% are very unhappy with the direction that the country is going,” Malloy said.

Carr commented as well, saying poor performance of Democrats on multiple issues is leading voters toward what could be a “red wave” for the GOP.

“The country is heading down a path to hell, that’s the bad news,” Carr said. “The good news is it’s really helping out Republican candidates like yourself — even in Vermont, I think people are waking up to what’s going on.”

Multiple mainstream media outlets have released polling that shows Democrats are in trouble for the general election in November.

“We’ve already seen articles from CNN and The Hill warning of a coming Republican victory. Now, even some Democrat election analysts are getting in on the act. Politico is moving races toward the GOP faster than one can reasonably keep up with,” Carr said.

Malloy said energy policies could lead to rolling blackouts in New England this winter.

“And you know why, because we decided to kill the oil and gas industry,” he said. “And it’s just getting worse, and people see that and they are ready for change.”

Carr noted that New Englanders have been getting warnings from their electric companies that electricity rates could double.

On the issue of crime, Malloy said a Burlington resident alerted him that the city has “gone to hell in a hand basket” in recent years. Malloy took this chance to remind voters that far-left politicians created this scenario.

“It gets back to defunding the police, it gets back to our wide-open southern border, the drug problems, and the progressive prosecutor movement that the far left is pushing,” he said.

The Daily Caller reported that the top three issues on voters’ minds are the economy, inflation, and crime. On all three, the GOP has a 7%, 9%, and 19% advantage, respectively.

“Democrats performed worse than Republicans on issues that were most important to voters in a Wednesday poll from Politico and Morning Consult,” the report states.

Nonetheless, Welch leads in donations to his campaign. Malloy said, however, the money he gets is translating into action.

“I’m one-tenth, probably less, than my opponent in terms of campaign dollars,” he said. “But we’re being smart about it and it’s going fantastic.”

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13 thoughts on “Gerald Malloy: ‘The far left hijacked the Democrat Party’

  1. And the far right has hijacked my Conservative and moral Republican Party all in the name of Trump.

  2. Mr Malloy, I would be so much more supportive except for the fact that you have made yourself almost unreachable during the campaign. Jim Hogue and I have reached out to you in various ways to ask you onto our “Talk Freedom” cable access show.

    There is no contact number on your website, your phone message after digging up your phone number from the Sec of State office has a woman’s voice saying its your message machine, and there is not a way through your website to contact you for anything other than volunteering.

    In fact you have insulated yourself so far from the constituents that its a distinct issue to imagine you being available once elected. I would otherwise jump onto the supporter bandwagon, but nothing is worse than representatives that represent only the ones they choose to talk with.- Emily Peyton

  3. Vermont isn’t the Vermont we knew …… Gerald Malloy can get it back to
    what it once was, with low taxes, no debt a state people loved and were
    proud of our heritage …………………..

    Wake up people, this is your chance for a real change !!

  4. Welch is a phony now, and will be as long as he is in politics. I know him personally, he is no one that has the best interests of Vermont or its citizens in mind. He is a puppet, as has been stated and ask yourself: What has he accomplished in 16 years in DC ? I cannot honestly, name one thing or item.
    Welch deserves an exodus from D C.

  5. Peter Welch sold his soul for Nancy Pelosi’s stock tips. Today’s Democrats are the same as the ones who conspired to put a bullet in Abe Lincoln’s head. At that point in time, there were a number of Republicans who secretly joined them. Together, they created wars and acquired more wealth and power as the decades of their corruption wore on to where we are today. Anyone who attempted to stop this madness (JFK or Regan) were terminated one way or another (luckily for Regan, the bullet missed, but he was never the same afterward.) There are a number of untested Republicans poised to win this [s]election season. With much trepidation, I pray they do not sell out the moment they arrive in DC or Montpelier as many have before them. The Democrats have destroyed themselves and the party. They deserve to be destroyed as does every RINO who conspires with them. Godspeed Mr. Molloy – win the fight and remember your oath!

  6. Welch was not a real problem in the House. Useless, yes, but not able to be harmful. As a Senator, however, he would be just a mini Bernie or Leahy. If you think they are fine, your will like Welch. If you think we could do a loto better, then vote to deploy Malloy.

  7. Mr. Malloy…here is fresh ammo for you… amazing stat of the invasion…… think about it for a second. But then again, Democrats can’t “think”…they just “believe” whatever & do what is told of them – whatever makes them “feel good”. Mr. Malloy….get some cheap “Rubber Stamps”!…use them as props…pass them out… show what Mr. Welch has done in DC……NOTHING. ASK PEOPLE ..”Can any of you name a single Bill, or initiative that Mr. Welch sponsored & got passed?”….SILENCE…because Welch has done nothing – except “Rubber Stamp” what he is told to 🙂

    “President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security welcomed a foreign population at the United States-Mexico border in fiscal year 2022 that exceeds the populations of 15 states.
    The record-breaking level of illegal immigration indicates that in fiscal year 2022, Biden’s DHS welcomed a foreign population to the U.S. that exceeds the resident populations of Wyoming, Vermont, Alaska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Montana, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, Hawaii, West Virginia, Idaho, Nebraska, and New Mexico.

    “The time for excuses is over—the next Congress needs to take actual steps to hold this administration accountable for the chaos and carnage they have unleashed on our southwest border,”

  8. Welch’s staff told me that he and the Democrats want to depopulate rural Vermont in order to minimize the use of cars and trucks.

    Welch also voted in Congress to lower the voting age for Federal elections to 16. 16 – that’s a page right out of Communist China’s cultural revolution where children were deputized by the state to rat on their friends and parents. I’m sure Welch has voted for lots of other crazy stuff in Congress.

  9. I read a comment the other day on another article. The comment was, “I remember when America was fun”. Was it ever perfect back then before democrats took a hard left turn, no but there was none of this in your face demand to accept someones demands or else. America is and was about the freedom to be an individual and differing opinions were discussed and people listened to each other. There were problems in the world around us but we were America where most people wanted to be. Remember, Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet?

    The years have passed and us older people have witnessed the decay of morals, the death of common sense and critical thinking. Our institutions that belong to Americans have been infiltrated by progressive politicians and Vermont has been hijacked by out of state money funneled through national socialist nonprofits and corrupt unions. We now have a legislature that no longer represents the people. We have politicians in Washington enriching themselves (Peter Welch) and their donors who push their buttons for the corporate good not the country’s. Many of these politicians are bought and paid for and they get the attention not the people.

    There is a national awakening going on as well as one here in our state. So much has gone wrong, billions and trillions wasted. Here at home illegal mandates and lock downs, unconstitutional gun control, transgender groomers in our schools, equity and inclusion and nonexistent climate hysteria of the cult like following and forced experimental jabs of poison sold as safe and effective. All this brought on by a failed media forcing the narrative while censoring a facts that disprove the lies. Children are indoctrinated not taught. There is so much more that we have lost by being complacent as voters.

    I grew up here in Vermont when America and Vermont were fun, people were happy and the government wasn’t something to be afraid of. As Vermonters and Americans we have an opportunity to turn this all around and to put a stop to all these lies and destruction we are witnessing daily. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome and this is the result. One party rule in Vermont has morphed into a monster government that can’t pay it’s bills or pension obligations. Our school children graduating can barely read and they’ve been taught nothing of the US government our how to live in society. The state employs 40% of our working population because we are so business unfriendly no companies come here.

    November 8 is the time to change the direction of Vermont and the country. Gerald Malloy can help us on that path. People say, I don’t vote because it doesn’t count. Well if you don’t vote it doesn’t count either. Now is the time! If you think Peter Welch will save you or Bernie will save you or Becca will save you vote for more insanity or do your country and state a favor to save them both. 48 years of dem/prog insanity is what we are currently living. Look around, they have failed you and Vermont with a failed in your face ideology. It’s time to legalize FREEDOM in Vermont. Vote for Freedom!

  10. If there are any Blue Collar Democrats remaining in Vermont or the country,
    just look around at your party today, the path you are on, and what’s going on
    in our schools and your children………………. you must be proud.

    Wake up people, your party wants Peter ” the follower ” Welch, just look around, and
    he’ll give you plenty more of the same liberal nonsense, as the Democratic party of JFK
    is long gone, your party is being held, hostage by the likes of Bernie ” Socialist ” Sanders
    or his sidekick AOC…. you must be proud !!

    Gerald Malloy has always been a leader for our country and has stepped up again to save
    the state, does he have all the answers, probably not, but he will lead Vermont from the
    ” destructive ” path it is on, let’s save the state and vote wisely on the 8th……………………..

    • Henry you scored on all the problems. Welch has been and will continue to be a rubber stamp for whatever party is commanding
      alignment to their platform – democrat, socialist, communist or, forgive me for speaking a “cancelled term”, Republican.

  11. Remember liberal Jonathan Gruber? He was the “architect” of ObamaCare? VT was so thrilled with him that VT hired him to design “ShumlinCare”? Turns out the guy was a crook, and he bilked VT for $400,000 in fake overcharges ….and the VT Atty Gen’l never sued him. Dems don’t do that to other Dems….Jonathan Gruber also told the TRUTH when he was caught on video saying, “Never underestimate the stupity of the Amercan voter”….and he was pointing at the stupidity & gullibility of the Vermonet voter, thus…snd these same “stupids” will likely elect Welch to Senate.

    “Today, new video surfaced in which (Jonathan) Gruber said that “the stupidity of the American voter” made it important for him and Democrats to hide Obamacare’s true costs from the public. “That was really, really critical for the thing to pass,” said Gruber.—imposing Obamacare upon the public—justified the means.”…. (to lie).

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