State of Georgia GOP senators introduce election integrity bills

By Mary Margaret Olohan

Members of the Georgia state Senate introduced legislation on Monday intended to ensure election integrity, CNN reported.

The legislation consists of eight proposals including measures that would require photo IDs to vote and a sufficient reason to vote with an absentee ballot, according to CNN. It would additionally increase poll watching security, ban drop boxes and automatic registration, and update election officials monthly of registered voters who have died.

Democratic critics of the bills claim that this is a form of voter suppression. Democratic State Sen. Nikki Merritt tweeted, “Georgia Republicans are so weak the only way they can win is by blocking your access to voting.”

“I want every legal vote counted, and I want better access for all voters, ” State Sen. Butch Miller, a co-sponsor of the legislation, told CNN. “Accusing our reform efforts of suppression is a political tactic, pure and simple.”

He continued, “Even those of us who never claimed that the election was stolen recognize that the electorate has lost confidence in the legitimacy of the system. We must work to restore that.”

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger endorsed no-excuse absentee voting and a photo ID requirement, according to U.S News.

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5 thoughts on “State of Georgia GOP senators introduce election integrity bills

  1. #1 Incumbents run the elections, count the votes, with some safeguards.

    #2 In most of the 4 states, Trump was ahead at midnight, ok. Then it is known exactly
    how many extra votes are needed for the Democrat to win.

    #3 Big Cities are Democrat, their vote totals are naturally the biggest and slowest to come

    #4 Perfect! Biden Wins!!

  2. Why is Vermont not introducing ELECTION SAFEGUARDS?
    Why wait to the last minute?

    Update documentation for each REGISTERED voter
    PURGE voter lists of dead people and those who moved out of state.

    That is easy to do.
    Just access Social Security records, Tax records, Census records
    Where there is a will, there is a way


    There are 3 methods of voting:

    1) Appear in person
    2) Send absentee mail-in ballots to Town Clerks
    3) Drop mail-in ballots in drop boxes located throughout various states. Typically, those boxes are unsupervised/unmonitored, which means the “chain of custody” is broken, i.e., in violation of election law.

    Town Clerks, etc., receive those ballots, and are required, by law, to verify, USING DOCUMENTS ON FILE FOR EACH REGISTERED VOTER:

    1) Voter has full signature; not just a scribble
    2) Voter has up-to-date voter IDs; not something 20 years old.
    3) Voter met residency requirements; utility bills, local and state tax bills, driver’s license, car registration, tax returns, social security record.
    4) Voter is dead or alive,
    5) Voter met age requirements,
    6) Voter is a citizen, i.e., born in the US (copy of birth certificate, preferably notarized) or naturalized (copy of citizen papers)

    After checking all those criteria, Town Clerks, etc., mark the voters as having voted, on registered voter lists.
    The total of such markings is called the turnout, which is reported by Town clerks to State election officials.

    NOTE: Town clerks have stated they cannot check these criteria, because their records lack sufficient documentation.

    NOTE: Mail-in voting takes fraud opportunities to a whole new level, as was proven during the past election.

  3. Democratic critics of the bills claim that this is a form of voter suppression,
    now that’s funny !!….. These bills will eliminate voter fraud.

    We have seen just how low the DemocRATs will go or what they’ll do, to win
    an election and then claim nothing was wrong or illegal !!

    So why is it, they always balk when you mention voter ID and signature verification,
    Oh yea, there claim, voter suppression…….. pathetic excuse.

    Voting should be pretty simple, On the Day of, go to the polls, bring an ID, if you
    ” request ” an absentee ballot signature verification, pretty simple, all the other
    means are just actions for fraud !!…….. DemocRATs lifeline.

  4. How can anyone believe the voter suppression rantings? Is there no limit democrats will go to just to grab more power? They are sick individuals and their supporters are just as bad.

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