Former UN worker asks lawmakers to secure one-third of state from development

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DEVELOPMENT TO SLOW?: A former UN worker is advising Vermont lawmakers that approximately a third of the state should stay undeveloped to meet climate change goals.

Last week, Jamison Ervin, the manager of the Nature for Development global program, met with lawmakers of the House Committee on Environment and Energy to promote a “global deal for nature” aimed at preventing a “polycrisis” of environmental disasters.

Ervin has worked for the United Nations for 14 years. Her background also includes work with World Wild Life Fund, The Nature Conservancy, and other environmental institutions. In Vermont her work also includes involvement with the Waterbury Local Energy Action Partnership as well as the Duxbury Select Board, Land Trust, and Planning Commission.

“We are using more nature, we are harvesting more than can be replenished,” Ervin told lawmakers, adding that societies face a range of devastation if corrective action is not taken.

Jamison Ervin manages the UNDP’s Global Nature for Development Program

“These risks, climate failure, biodiversity loss, they have a cascade of impacts around the world including natural resources crisis, immigration, disease,” she said.

Ervin said it all ads up to a “polycrisis” — “multiple, interlinked global emergencies” involving climate, water, food, natural disasters, health, and biodiversity.

A main problem, she argued, is that the clearing of forests and other natural habitats accounts for 24% of human carbon emissions. As a remedy, and in keeping with the “global deal for nature,” she recommends preserving at least one-third of Vermont from development.

Ervin also cited the 2022 Global Strategic Plan for Biodiversity. Part of the 2022 plan includes that each nation should maintain about a third of its land at any given time under “effective restoration measures” and “effectively protected.” She said New York, California and Maine have already taken actions at the state level to attain that goal, and noted that Vermont has this objective written in to its Climate Action Plan.

While she generally approved of Vermont’s current handling of land use, she took aim at the state’s forestry industry.

“Vermont’s state management plans do not prioritize maintaining mature, intact forests for their carbon sequestration value,” Ervin said, noting that over the next eight years the state intends to triple its logging operations.

“Moreover we do not have the tools on private lands to ensure the protection of 10% of forests, or to allow them to grow old and fulfill their role in Vermont’s climate plans,” she added.

Agenda items for lawmakers

Her recommendations included a legal mandate to protect 30% of land from development, a ban on logging in Vermont state parks, and incentives for private landowners to maintain their forests.

Watch Ervin’s testimony before the committee here online.

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10 thoughts on “Former UN worker asks lawmakers to secure one-third of state from development

  1. I would suggest the marxist loons in the legislature don’t take advise from people who are more loonie then them. If the UN want’s no development how about a few tactical hydrogen bombs on the 5 largest cities and DC. Then reevaluate the need to stifle development in rural states. Also the UN
    should be placed in a different part of the world like Afghanistan..We don’t want your agenda 21 or one world order..

  2. Who does this idiot think he is saving the world for, and how does he think saying 30% of lands are off limits will save anything?

    • It saves if for their own personal use, that is at the heart of

      Build Back Better…..
      You will own nothing and be Happy.

      They will own everything, and when they chip you, get digital currency and social credit scoring, they will have us all at their beckon call and will. In the olden days they called it slavery.

  3. This is being asked to realize the United Nations agenda 2030. I am confused as global entities like the WEF have already informed us that we will be eating bugs and food will be produced in ways that do not involve farming. WEF explicitly stated that they can produce enough food to feed the planet. So, this is really about complying with the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the Sustainability Development Goals.

  4. This idea of saving 30% of VT land from development is quite contrary to the Democrats flooding the country with 3 million illegal immigrants who might need homes!!!!!!

    • That would be 5 million …. Illegals – being strategically distributed to offset Republican voters in areas where they’re needed
      But they aren’t counting – after all, the Left has been telling us for decades that we only have 11 to 20 million illegals.

      Jami arrived here in 1994 from down country and the her mo is the same – she’s smarter than anyone born here.
      Vermont has more trees today than any other time in our history since before white settlers invaded.

  5. This has been in the works for a couple of years. I have offered the entire east side of lake Champlain be bulldozed and re-wilded. It is not much more than the socialist stronghold for a state that was formerly a rural and environmentally conservative bastion. Take back Vermont.

  6. This is known as the 30×30 land grab. Each state should own 30% of the land within it by 2030. In Vermont, with our radical extremist legislature, it is a 50×50 land grab. It’s another step towards The Great Reset. I see signs all around Shelburne and Charlotte that say “Re-Wild Charlotte” and “This Land Conserved Forever”.
    Open up your eyes folks! This isn’t a bunch of nature loving tree huggers, this is a Global Agenda.

    • You can thank George Bush for signing this in the 1980’s down in Rio….

      Remember him talking about the new world order, I do, just didn’t know what he was talking about….

      He claimed to be a Republican…Uniparty is more accurate.

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