Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe: FBI, DOJ now ‘enforcement arm of the Democratic Party’

By Harold Hutchison

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe tore into the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) over the Aug. 8 Mar-a-Lago raid during a Sunday Fox News appearance, claiming the agencies were partisan.

“The American people, unfortunately, see when it comes to Republicans, in particular Donald Trump that for the past six years, we have an FBI and Department of Justice that have literally become the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party,” Ratcliffe said.

Ratcliffe cited several incidents, notably the FBI’s handling of allegations that former President Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.


“Jim Comey, on his book tour admitted, I did things to Donald Trump that I’d never do on Barack Obama or would have tried,” Ratcliffe said.

“Think about that, an FBI director admitting, ‘I applied the law unevenly, I applied my authorities unevenly because it was Donald Trump and Republicans,’” Ratcliffe said. “To that point, that FBI director, having cleared Clinton before he talked to her, opened an investigation into Donald Trump’s after, after he had learned that the Russia collusion allegations were actually created by Hillary Clinton and then went so far as to lie on the FISA court and verify a dossier he knew to be fake to continue spying on the Trump campaign.”

FBI agents raided Mar-a-Lago on Aug. 8, executing a search warrant as part of a probe into allegations surrounding classified materials. The raid was criticized by Republicans and conservatives.

The Department of Justice did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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12 thoughts on “Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe: FBI, DOJ now ‘enforcement arm of the Democratic Party’

  1. We need to be careful when impuning the motives and the people who are in law enforcement.
    These are the men and women who risk thier lives to keep our lives and our nation safe.

    While there can be at times individual misdeeds which should be called out and appropriate steps taken, over the top rehtoric in which entire branches of our law enforcement community are recklessly condemned shuold be opposed. Calls by some to defund the police or defund the FBI are simply irresponsible.

    The long effort to get back the government documents illegally taken by President Trump after he left office to his private home have been, as more details come to light, a textbook example of following the law and proper procedure. When we broadly castigate entire law enforcement agencies to score political points or vent our own frustrations ( whether on the left or right) we do damage to the institutions and those who dedicate themselves to our behalf.

    • “The long effort to get back the government documents illegally taken by President Trump after he left office to his private home have been, as more details come to light, a textbook example of following the law and proper procedure”, John writes this after I provided the attached article for him to read. Instead of learning he refuses to read the series of events leading to the raid which was put off by weeks but was needed immediately to secure nuclear documents that were non-existent. The whole deal goes back to a never Trumper head of the National Achieves who planted the lie that Trump had taken nuclear documents. All of the documents had been reviewed by the DOJ in June and they asked Trump to place a better lock on the storage, which he did. Remember, the president’s home is protected 24/7 by the Secret Service. The attached article lays it all out. So John, there were no illegal documents at Trumps home. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see! Apparently, John refused to read the article prior to this post.

      • Dano,

        Facts are stubborn things. The ex-President had no legal right to take any government documents to his private home relating to the time he has in the White House. It is that simple. The fact that the FBI removed over 10 boxes of items, even after a Trump lawyerr wrote that all had been removed, is proof that that items that should not have been were stilll there.
        The only question that remains is exactly what they were and how sensitive to national securtiy some of those were. Time will tell. However at this point it does not look good.

        What is also certain is there is no justification for demonizing law enforcement and justice individuals for carrying out their duties.

        • Facts are stubborn things:

          “However, a close look at the search warrant reveals the ‘classification’ question is a red herring: None of the three criminal statutes relied upon by the DOJ to justify the search required the material sought to be classified.”


          “The only difference between the Hoffman Estates’ storage of the Obama presidential records that began in 2016 and the Mar-a-Lago storage of Trump’s presidential records was that the documents were technically within the possession of NARA. But even though the documents were legally the property of NARA, Obama still had the right to access the records, including the classified documents.”

          From Dano’s link.

          The proper way to handle this would’ve been to subpoena the documents, as was done on June 4 with Trump’s full cooperation. Instead, a search warrant was executed and the ex-president’s lawyer was refused permission to observe. If Trump had done this to Obama all the Democrats would be crying bloody murder, and rightly so.


    • I think you meant “impugning”, but “impuning” works…belittling them as tiny shrunken souls, nobodies but for government offices that make them look like Big Men.
      Donald Trump is a Big Man. He stood up against relentless, withering fire by liars, conmen, and the media (same thing), and he still stands. People like him are the Heros of Greek mythology. Anyone else would have folded. Trump is a Hero! The progressives are varmints; snakes, rats, viruses.
      Accusations are not the same as facts. You know that.
      The raid was just another punishment of Trump, for having the audacity to beat them, and show us all that we could be so much better off if we were not being bled to death, bankrupted, frozen and starved by so-called “progressives”.

      • Gordon,

        I was taught by my parents that a “Big Man” took responsibility for his own mistakes and did not blame others. A “Big Man” I was taught by coaches when playing sports was able to accept the fact that there are times when you lose a contest and to be gracious when this happens and not a whiner. Finally in Scouts, civic classes, and chruch, I was taught a “Big Man” put others, his country and his faith above his own individual interests.

        Donald Trump, to me, comes across as a spoiled rich kid who avoid serving his country, and always has his own personal interest front and center. He is not above playing on people’s grievances and stocking up anger and hate for his own advancement. Not a conservative, not a patriot, and certainly not a “Big Man” at all in my book.

        • So, this is why you continually badger people with you holier than thou reluctance to see anything except your created critique of President Trump. All you do is throw out empty statements about law and order, when I was taught by my parents, blah, blah. You have Trump derangement syndrome and cannot allow yourself to see the persecution he’s been under for 6 years. I now realize that you will not read anything that would destroy the image of Trump that you have created for yourself. You belong to the Scott, Benning and Brook wing of the RINO party. A joe Biden voter who calls himself a republican.

          • Dano,

            While the words one uses can be important, the true measure of a person and their charcter is their actions. This is especially the best way to judge a politician.

            It is also useful, if trying to be fair, that when judging a politiican’s actions to subsitute an opposing figure and examine how we would react if they took the same acitons.

            In this particular case, how would we feel if Obama illegally took government documents ( including highly classified documentts) to his private home after he left office and refused to return them?

            Every President is tempted to overreach and to try to inappropriately extend their authority. In every case it must be resisted by those who believe in our Constitution and its limit on executive power. Unfortunately, Donald Trump, by his actions here and elsewhere, has taken this tendancy towards attempting to have unilateral power to the extreme.

  2. The only answer is to vote en masse, in person, and supervise the process 24/7/365.

    The new voting machines likely have Near Field Communication, NFC, just like your iPhone.

    Any computer terminal within 75 feet of the voting machines, can count all the votes cast in that voting machine, and can alter those votes to achieve an outcome that is just sufficient to get their Dem/Prog candidate “elected”

    For that, the machines do not need to be connected to the internet.
    That statement was made by Condos, etc., and fed to Vermonters as a diversion; look there, but not here!

  3. Just wait until they get 86,000 new I.R.S. agents. Speake out in opposition to Socialist policies and you “WILL” be audited. The best part is when they take you to court on a specious violation of tax law, you are on the road to bankruptcy. The average citizen will have to bend to their will. It will take care of any parent who dares to speak out against radical leftist School Board policies. This will reduce the backlash against The D.O.J. and the F.B.I. and free up their agents to pursue other crimes against the people.

  4. The astounding thing that no one is seeing…is that Biden said he was NOT informed, and NOT notified of this FBI raid on Trump. Such a raid on an ex president has never happened since our countries founding. Biden should have been notified. But the fact that HE WAS NOT “in t loop”…confirms to anyone (with half a brain) that there is a “deep state” in DC…and they are running the country (along with puppets Pelosi and Schumer). They felt no need to inform Biden, because the deep state of DOJ, FBI, CIA & NSA know that Biden is a demtia’d out puppet idiot…so no reason to have anything to do with him. THEY are running the USA as they see fit…becaue Biden is unfit.

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