Flemming: Middlebury’s messy voter rolls suggest a bigger problem

By David Flemming

Vermont’s poorly maintained voter lists are placing the integrity of our 2022 election at risk, as newly uncovered evidence from the 2020 election shows.

For this investigation, the Ethan Allen Institute chose the years 2015-19 because there was a good chance that these students had registered to vote in the 2016 and 2018 elections, and upon graduating, we suspected that they may not have been removed from Middlebury’s voter roll.

David Flemming, policy analyst at the Ethan Allen Institute

We gathered Middlebury College’s list of graduating students from 2015-19 and a list of all Middlebury citizens who voted in the 2020 election. After cross-referencing these documents, we found eighteen individuals who graduated in this four-year time period who voted in the 2020 election.

Upon further examination, we discovered that eight of these individuals had voted legally because they had stayed in the Middlebury area after graduation, according to their LinkedIn profiles. But the other ten graduates had left the Middlebury area. Some of them moved across the country, while others returned home to Egypt and Singapore, according to their LinkedIn profiles. While one individual living in California since 2016 was recorded as voting in person in Middlebury, the other nine graduates had absentee ballots mailed in their names.

Five of the nine absentee voters still had their old Middlebury student addresses on file, suggesting that other individuals living near those addresses had mailed in these ballots. The other four absentee voters received ballots at mailing addresses in other states and countries, which could have been mailed in by these graduates or by other individuals at those addresses. Thankfully, these ten votes are not enough to call into question the legitimacy of Middlebury’s 2020 election. However, given the slim margins of some recent Vermont elections, this possibility remains for future elections.

It is important to note that is not a one-off incident. Eleven individuals from Connecticut were struck from Vermont voter rolls in 2018 after they voted in Victory’s 2017 Town Meeting, about 13% of all residents of Victory. And in December 2021, three individuals from the town of Peru tried to vote in a local school election for the town of Windham.

Due to Vermont’s hastily implemented absentee ballot measures in 2020, we will likely never know who cast those nine absentee ballots, or the extent to which mass distribution without signature verification of absentee ballots is problematic. Vermont’s Secretary of State decided our mass absentee balloting experiment (with fewer safeguards that any other state) was a success before the 2020 election concluded, leaving the office unwilling (so far) to look for evidence to the contrary.

The Ethan Allen Institute (EAI) has shared information about these ten individuals to Vermont’s Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Middlebury’s town clerks, while withholding their names from the public to protect their privacy.

We have urged them to be on the lookout for voter irregularities across the state.

Vermont’s electoral security lapses are fixable if steps are taken immediately. Voter rolls in Vermont have not been cleaned in decades. Will they be cleaned and updated in time for absentee ballots to be mailed in September? We encourage our fellow Vermonters to reach out to local and state officials to demand these critical changes. After all, a secure election process earns the confidence of all citizens and forms the bedrock of a stable democracy.

David Flemming is a policy analyst for the Ethan Allen Institute. Reprinted with permission from the Ethan Allen Institute Blog.

Image courtesy of Middlebury College

3 thoughts on “Flemming: Middlebury’s messy voter rolls suggest a bigger problem

  1. David,

    Nice job of Sleuthing, which proves OUT OF STATE students should NEVER vote in Vermont, but should vote in their OWN STATE

    The registered voter lists are just the tip of the iceberg.

    In France, population 70 million, and in Germany, population 85 million



    – ALL BALLOTS ARE ON THE SAME WEIGHT WATER-MARKED PAPER (Xerox copying is not allowed.)





    IN VERMONT, we have to:

    1) Turn out EN MASSE, to offset any and all election shenanigans, perpetrated by desperate Democrats, to hold on to power, plus

    2) Enough people must turn out to witness and record, on audio/video, any and all suspicious election events, AROUND THE CLOCK; give them no breathing space.

    We have to:

    1) Ban ballot drop boxes to reduce fraud opportunities, as was done in Wisconsin. See URL

    2) Ban universal mail-in voting to reduce fraud opportunities

    3) Sanitize the registered voter lists, to eliminate counting votes of people who: 1) are dead, 2) who never existed, 3) who moved out of state, 4) who are illegal, 5) who are underage, 6) who are convicted felons, 7) who are registered, but almost never vote. Just make up a whole lot of fictitious names. and vote them as well, as was done in Arizona. See URLs


    4) Ban universal ballot harvesting by shady Dem/Prog operatives, at a cost of $10/ballot, and deposit the harvested ballots in unsupervised ballot drop boxes.

    “Elected” Democrats would be seated, before any entity could find out what happened to have a proper court case, several months later

    5) In Democrat-controlled cities “vote counting” is done primarily in Democrat-dominated vote-counting centers, staffed by “trusted” Democrat operatives.

    6) Require official voter photo ID, and unique voter number ID, such as driver license, social security number, etc.

    7) All “vote counting centers” must be staffed with an equal number of Republican and Democrat vote counters and observers.

    These are the most egregious election system flaws, that enabled the Democrats to get “elected” in 2020, and likely in prior elections as well.

    This THIRD WORLD sordidness of US elections has to end, before it will totally ruin democracy in the US

  2. Bernie Sanders has ALWAYS done tehesame thing! It is HOW he won the Burlington mayoral race which launched him./And Berniw Sanders STILL vote frauds to this day, every time. what he does is get the Bernie kids at UVM to register to VOTE…and they do not care who. What he does is get kids who have any BTV apartment address and are over 18, to vote. BUT! Many of them are out of state students! They pay out of state tuition…..their cars are registered out of state…they file NO VERMONT INCOME TAXES….but they still register to VOTE as residents in VT…and NO one ever cross checks! Bernie is fine doing that, cheating, because he follows Saul Alinsky tactics….all is fair to achieve your end. The people that control elections in Burlington (socialists progressives) have NEVER cross refrenced the student voters to see if they are real residents and PAY VT taxes..or if they pay out of state tuition!

  3. This is the problem of the town clerks NOT doing their jobs……….and the reason why are elections results are unbelievable. It is time for students to get their absentee ballots from their home states instead of messing our state up. If the military personal and older folks can get absentee ballots, then so should students.

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