Video: Everything you missed from the radical 2nd Democratic debate

Thursday night’s Democratic debate in Miami brought a close to the two part debate series that showed America a lineup of Trump-hungry candidates not afraid to get personal with one another. Candidates pulled no punches when it came to pointing out age and race on top of bold policy critiques.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/DonkeyHotey

3 thoughts on “Video: Everything you missed from the radical 2nd Democratic debate

  1. Bottom line, it’s ALL FREE. I guess we’ll just have to print more money. These folks are scary. Glad I went to bed early.

  2. Just a bunch of brain dead Leftards on parade,trying ever so hard to out Bernie the Burnmeister,best thing about it was the chucle factor was high.
    It would appear that the Leftard party wants to see Donald Trump reelected,because the more they espouse their views the more any thinking reasoning person is going to vote for Trump.

  3. In case anybody did miss it – they didn’t miss much. Every single one of those on the stage were completely nuts. Free health care for illegals is a wonderful platform to run on.

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