European Union announces ban on gas cars in the middle of energy crisis

By Jack McEvoy

The European Union (EU) announced Thursday that it will be outlawing the sale of gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles by 2035 even though EU countries are already struggling to fight soaring electricity costs.

EU member states and the European Commission agreed to force all new cars and vans registered in the EU to be electric by 2035, according to an EU press release. Europe is currently embroiled in an energy crisis and is preparing for blackouts as electricity prices remain more than seven times higher than they were in 2020, according to The Wall Street Journal.

“The agreement sends a strong signal to industry and consumers: Europe is embracing the shift to zero-emission mobility,” Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal Frans Timmermans said in a statement. “The speed at which this change has happened over the past few years is remarkable.”

The new measure will also require the average emissions of new cars to come down by 55% by 2030, and new vans by 50% by 2030, according to the press release.

EU member-states are planning to place a price cap on natural gas to help households pay winter utility bills and have been debating for over a month on how to implement the measure without spiking demand, according to Reuters. The continent has been experiencing natural gas shortages for months as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted supplies.

The average price of a new electric car rose from €48,942 ($48,681) after tax in 2015 to €55,821 ($55,370) in the first half of 2022, according to Forbes. Charging a Tesla, a popular electric vehicle (EV), is also more expensive than fueling a comparable diesel-powered car, according to Seeking Alpha, a financial research site.

The EU’s decision to mandate EVs comes ahead of the November United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) which will be held in Egypt. The union aims to become “climate neutral” by 2050, meaning that it will ramp up efforts to both offset and totally remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere by proliferating green energy technologies and cracking down on fossil fuels, according to the European Commission.

The European Commission did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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3 thoughts on “European Union announces ban on gas cars in the middle of energy crisis

  1. The EU is on the verge of collapse as the citizens have had it with policy’s that have limited energy to unreliable glow/blow. Now with winter coming there’s not enough gas fuel for the people to keep warm. I see rioting on the horizon which we should embrace as we are next.

  2. The ultimate goal here is a societal collapse and depopulation. They are very open about this.
    It’s not about cars, it’s about having less humans!

    The death going on around the world now at the hand of governments is astounding..

  3. There are very few actual Liberals and/ or Democrats left in Vermont. In my opinion as well experience dealing with all levels of Vermont State Government and especially the heavily leftist Legislature every single on those people is full of Sh*&. Besides all the good talking and patting each other on the back have only helped themselves and have done zero to help The State of Vermont or its people, and they are very good at wasting resources creating problems making real problems worse and getting themselves Rich! No matter what Party, sadly this includes GOP at the Fed & State level, people claim they are all angry, greedy, power hungry, and extremely jealous who have the wilpower to call the leftists and fake conservatives out for their hypocrisy malfeasance, seditious Ideology, disgusting evil indoctrination of kids, and tell them they are the treasonous subversive authoritarian, racist, tyrannical Socialists, fascist Communists, Anti-American, anti GOD given rights, Freedom hating, haters of the US Federal as well as haters of all US State & Territory Constitutions! Hey also Lieberal P O S leftists I want you to know that I thank GOD everyday we as in these United States are a Constitutional Republic that has a Representative Democracy, unlike what supposedly are highly educated Govt employees, TV idiots, legislators, or some supreme govt Official from European Union Soviet style Communist dummy says. Maybe Universities nowadays produce sometimes very expensive highly indoctrinated morons, idiots, and dummies! If Vermont makes a right to commit murder Im moving this leftist garbage all of this stuff is just crazy..

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