Ericka Redic: Sarah George to blame for rising crime

Image courtesy of Department of State’s Attorneys and Sheriffs/Public Domain

8 thoughts on “Ericka Redic: Sarah George to blame for rising crime

  1. George’s views on Bail and Drug Injection sites alone should prevent her re-election. She continues to push for de-criminalization of dangerous narcotics, for some reason thinking this would be a benefit to Chittenden County. What could possibly go wrong with someone shooting up in one of George’s “safe spaces” and then wandering around Burlington? It takes just a quick review of google to find the effect of her no bail policy, creating more work for understaffed Chittenden County law enforcement.
    George’s lax and liberal views of the law have contributed to the mess you and I live with- and are forced to pay for, wherever you reside in Vermont. Equal justice under the law? Not when she’s the prosecutor.

  2. Is this not the infamous “lady of the lake” who wanted no one on “her” lake in Craftsbury whilst she was water skiing? Elite person or what? When are the voters in Chittenden County gonna learn?

    • Great Hosmer Pond. Her right to water-ski was more important than a rowing school’s rights to the pond. Or yours, for that matter

  3. This headline is misleading. Ericka Redic is correct. Yes, Sarah George is incompetent. But it’s the voters who are to blame. They elected her to office.

  4. Sarah George for Garbage collector!
    She deals with the garbage of humanity every day and feeds them whatever they need
    to thrive at their careers, Crime, drugs, terror, shootings, death,
    Ad Nauseum !!

    She has been a crime cheer-leader too long, ablely aided by the Courts and Judges

    Am I overreacting?

  5. If this person will not Dom her job why are we keeping her employed. She is accepting a salary for nothing. We need to start putting people in office who will do what we elected them to do and not wear their politics on their sleeve.

  6. Ericka, nice clip on this feckless prosecutor, I thought she was to follow laws on the books
    not her personal feeling, maybe she should be a social worker…….liberals !!

    I have always believed everyone needs a second chance, so they could redeem themselves,
    after that, well you get what the laws say…… You are correct ,” She Needs To GO ” …soon !!

    Sarah George, another stain on Vermont.

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