Environmentalists say imprisoned felons should be able to vote because of global warming

By Michael Bastasch

Environmentalists joined the far-left campaign to give voting rights to incarcerated felons, arguing felon voting is crucial to fighting global warming.

“Until each and every one of them have their voting rights restored, the movement for climate justice — and every progressive cause — will be severely disadvantaged,” Sabelo Narasimhan, digital campaign manager for 350.org, wrote in an email to supporters sent Monday.


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, left, with environmental activist Bill McKibben

The group is now part of the effort, championed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, to allow millions of incarcerated felons to vote. Currently, only Maine and Vermont allow imprisoned felons to vote.

350.org is a far-left environmental group founded by activist Bill McKibben, a staunch Sanders supporter who once called former President Barack Obama a “climate denier” for allowing an oil company to explore for Arctic oil.

“An assault on our democracy and the right to vote directly affects how we address the current climate crisis. When people can’t vote, fossil fuel billionaires win,” Narasimhan wrote in the email.

The email directs supporters to sign onto a letter to Congress, demanding felons be allowed to vote while incarcerated. The online letter is supported by 350.org and other groups, including Common Cause, the Hip Hop Caucus, Progress America and RootsAction.org.

Sanders is the main proponent of restoring voting rights to incarcerated felons among Democrats running for president in 2020. However, many other primary challengers aren’t sold on the idea.

Now, environmental activists want incarcerated felons to vote, and no longer be counted towards the population of where they’re imprisoned. 350.org’s support for felon voting, which is unrelated to climate change, mirrors environmentalists veering into other issues, like immigration.

Activists argue felon voting will somehow help “compel our elected officials to take real action on the climate crisis.”

“Under current laws, prisoners are counted as residents of the electoral district their prison is in— but they don’t get a vote,” 350.org’s Narasimhan wrote, arguing the current system “unfairly skews political representation towards rural white communities where prisons are often built.”

“It’s no surprise that elected officials and billionaires opposing bold action on climate are the same people upholding felony disenfranchisement and prison gerrymandering,” Narasimhan wrote. “After all, those who are disproportionately affected by pollution and climate impacts are also disproportionately incarcerated: low-income people of color, especially Black people.”

The U.S. Census Bureau recently announced it would continue its long-standing practice of counting incarcerated individuals as part of the population where they’re imprisoned. Critics lambasted the decision, but officials pushed back.

Federal law going back to 1790 requires the government to base population counts on people’s “usual place of abode,” which the Census Bureau defines as the place “a person lives and sleeps most of the time.”

“Counting prisoners anywhere other than the facility would be less consistent with the concept of usual residence, since the majority of people in prisons live and sleep most of the time at the prison,” the Bureau said in February in response to public comments.

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11 thoughts on “Environmentalists say imprisoned felons should be able to vote because of global warming

  1. It would seem if global warming was “settled science” these fools would not need prisoners to vote for it. The truth is the far left is terrified of the fact that rational people do not believe their nonsense and they are desperately looking for every vote possible for their nutty agenda.

  2. When did people like these become so stupid? I seems like no one has any common sense any more.

    • TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) has expedited the stupid in all leftarded
      life forms. The mere sight of a Red Hat now will invoke animistic grunts and poo flinging
      and arm flailing by the demontarded faction who were pretty stupid to begin with.

  3. Felons can’t vote because they are seriously bad criminals. Why should they be allowed to vote, unless it is for who they agree to vote for, for some cigarettes or other perks. Insane.

  4. You can’t make this stuff up. If he weren’t dead serious, one would think he’s the new stand up comic one the block. Unrea,l. What will he come upwith next????

  5. The climate fascist seem to have it all wrong. The reason your not getting action
    YOU want is because your not delivering a Truthful messages devoid of lies,
    missing data, adjusted data, and without empirical data to prove your claims
    are really doing what your claim. In other words it’s pretty far from Scientific…
    They also seem to leave out what this great cost on all us taxpayers is going
    to accomplish.
    I have yet to see a vote for climatetardism except in the Senate which failed without
    a SINGLE YEA VOTE…so we don’t need criminals voting for you commie burnee or

  6. What these liberals and socialist will do for a vote is astonishing. We need to bury these people at the polls. The nonsense has got to stop.

  7. Environmentalists say ” imprisoned felons” should be able to vote because of global warming,
    now here’s a real pack of geniuses !!

    I guess they don’t understand the term ” FELON “…… break the law and there are consequent
    and not being able to vote is one of them……and just how many Felons do you think are really
    interested in ” global warming” this is just another DemocRATs way of getting votes pure and
    simple BS……do they have any shame.

    The sky is falling, The sky is falling and felons want to help maybe, Al Gore can jet them to the
    voting sites……………

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