Employers may mandate vaccination after FDA approval

By Guy Page

Once the Federal Drug Administration has given final approval to a Covid-19 vaccine, an employer may mandate vaccination for employees, Health Commissioner Mark Levine said at Friday’s press conference.

Last month, a Vermont Department of Health said there has been no discussion of mandatory Covid vaccination “by the state.” That qualifier, and similar statements by Health Commissioner Mark Levine, suggest a state-imposed vaccination mandate is unlikely anytime soon. But employer and other institutional mandates- that’s another story.

Guy Page

At today’s press conference, Calvin Cutler of WCAX asked about the possibility of employer mandates. “Institutions may mandate vaccination” once a vaccine is approved by the Federal Drug Administration, Levine answered. However the vaccines to be administered soon have only “emergency use authorization” and thus cannot be mandated, he said. It is unclear how long formal approval would take.

Some industries – notably airlines – are developing digital Covid-19 “passports” that would allow its immune holder more freedom to travel, attending public gatherings, and otherwise circulate more freely than those without. These digital documents are still in the development stages, according to Health.com. “The idea is that once the vaccine is widely available, the passport would be issued to people who have been vaccinated to let them move more freely, both locally and globally, by allowing access to indoor restaurants, movie theaters, and international travel.”

The first batch of vaccine delivered to Vermont, totaling 5850 doses, will be split between at-risk health care providers and recipients, especially residents of senior care facilities.

“Mass” gatherings at Christmastime – Christmas Eve worshippers are encouraged to be “creative” in promoting safety at the traditional gathering this year, Gov. Scott said at the press conference.

Christmas eve is traditionally among the best-attended services of the year. Donna Casullo of Fox 44 asked Gov. Scott if he had any concerns about “Christmas mass.”

“Anytime you you have a mass gathering — I don’t mean that in a religious sense — it’s a concern to us,” Scott said. “We have asked churches to limit gatherings [50% of occupancy] and use the protocols in place.” Twice he urged churches to “be creative” but did not specify.

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16 thoughts on “Employers may mandate vaccination after FDA approval

  1. Employers would be fools to mandate the vaccine, not least because it wasn’t even trialed to stop transmission of the virus, only to minimize symptoms. In a recent interview with Dateline NBC, Pfizer chairman Albert Bourla stated he did not know if the vaccine could stop transmission and that “this is something that needs to be examined.” Excuse me?

  2. Any elected officials commenting on this one?


    Sometimes what isn’t said is far more important than what is printed.

  3. We are just another “Tibet” for China. All the signs are in plain sight. Odd that people think it is about the virus and the vaccine.

  4. Interesting material hitting the airwaves. Truth or Fiction?

    There will be a card (that tracks you) as reported by major networks when you get the vaccination(s). Without you can’t travel commercially or perhaps be hired or enter a business / store.

    A vaccine news source titled: Did You Know They’re Adding “Luciferase” To The C-19 Vaccine?
    It’s an illuminating material injected to signify that you had the vaccination
    Two words you better know. Hydrogel Luciferase. Look them up. The key ingredients in the vaccine. You’ll have to google it, I have one link posted, not allowed more.

    Australia Scraps Billion Dollar Coronavirus Vaccine After Participants Test HIV Positive

    Have many articles good and bad about the virus.

  5. Word on the street is that a lot of people plan on quitting jobs that plan on trying to force medical experimentation upon Free People that refuse it.

    • Bingo! And there you have it. This is what makes the American free enterprise system the greatest philosophical concept in human history. Take a moment to consider this. Freedom is a two-edged sword.

      Yes. As an employer, I reserve the right to require employees to be vaccinated. I also require drug testing to be sure employees aren’t alcoholic, heroine addicted, or cranked up on crystal meth. I require training. I require certain social behaviors. Why? Because, in my opinion, as a business owner, who’s responsibility it is to ‘be responsible’ to my employees and my customers, I reserve the right to set certain limits to assure my success.

      And guess what. For the time being, at least, I do business in an ‘at will’ business environment. Not only do I have the right to regulate my business, those who might consider working for me, or buying my products, have the right to NOT do business with me, based on their sense of personal responsibility. In fact, they can actually compete with me, work for my competition, or start their own businesses.

      The problem arises when ‘Government’ regulates what I do, whether as a business owner, an employee, or a customer. It’s not that ‘Government’ regulation isn’t ‘well meaning’. Let’s assume, for a moment that it is ‘well meaning’. The problem is that ‘Government’ isn’t doing my business. I am. Not only does ‘Government’ NOT understand the complexities of my business as well as I do, with its typical one-size-fits-all methodology, ‘Government’ accepts no responsibility for its regulation.

      That’s right. If the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), for example, requires that a machine I use has certain guarding mechanisms, ostensibly to protect the machine operator, and the mechanism turns out to actually cause an injury, OSHA and ‘the Government’ accept no responsibility for the offending outcome. No, the ‘Government’ doesn’t accept responsibility for providing the Worker’s Compensation coverage that pays for the required healthcare. The ‘Government’ doesn’t accept responsibility for the Disability Coverage, re-training, or unemployment payments. No. As the employer, I accept that responsibility… and I pay for it. The ‘Government’ doesn’t.

      I’m not here to tell anyone whether or not they should take any vaccine. I am here to tell you that doing so is your business. And, unfortunately, not only do you have to decide for yourselves that the benefits of a vaccine outweigh its risks. Today, with our over regulated and totally irresponsible Government officials, we have to weigh the risk of breaking the Government’s regulations, whether or not they prove to be effective.

      • Jay, also being self-employed and having employees (26 years engineering) I totally agree with you. Government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem. One conversation (friendly) with an IRS agent told me outright “we are out to put small business out of business”. At least a gov official being truthful. Guess small business is a pain to them.

        Yet small business is the largest employers. Without such businesses, IRS agents and gov bureaucrats couldn’t live. They should have a tag on their necks so you know who to serve or kick out.

        The taxes one way or another gets collected by the Governments from businesses, growers, producers, manufacturers, transportation and consumer.

        • I think that one huge issue is that the nature of government work is such that our best and brightest don’t want to work in that kind of a field. It’s too stifling and controlling for any sort of a creative mind to deal with.
          It attracts certain people.. and then we get into this hive- bubblelike mentality.
          If you think of it as any healthy eco-system, it needs a little bit of everything to thrive and be a good thing to then do good things.

          It’s not like this at all today.. and we are suffering the wrath of what is something that is now highly toxic and rotting that has been weaponized.

          How on earth can people that work for us outwardly say that they want to put the very lifeblood of this nation, the end products of them having exercised their constitutional rights to pursue their happiness, out of business? If that is not a weaponized government agency I don’t know what is.
          There is nothing at all good that is going to come out of a place like this.

          I have been saying for quite a while now that if people don’t look around now at this mess and see the need for smaller government, then they must be dumb and blind.

          The Left is going to be quite surprised when the Right also decides to take part in The Cancel Culture.

          • Yes, we’re all looking at ‘this mess’, Ms. Stone. The problem is that the majority of people out there haven’t a clue as to what to do about it.

            And yes, you have ‘constitutional rights’. But what does that mean to you and the average person? The ‘need for smaller government’ is one thing. How to get there is another. I’ve talked the talk and walked the walk for 50 years as a Vermont employer. I’ve served on Planning Commissions, Bank Boards, School Boards and participated in more community roundtable discussions than I care to reiterate. Apparently, I’ve failed in my community endeavors because minds not only remain unchanged, they’ve become more irresponsible. It’s a cycle, I suppose. My task now is simply to survive the inevitable, call out the poison honey when I see and hear it, in order to, hopefully, rise phoenix-like from the rubble.

            As George Bernard Shaw said, ‘Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.’ And, if I may reference another axiom – ‘You can lead a horse to water. But you can’t make it drink.’

      • This is why it always comes down to the economy if you want free, happy and successful people.

        We need to have plenty of decent jobs around us so that they can decide if they want to work at your place or something down the road. Ideally, it would be good for you to only have a crew of people that actually want to be there and are not there because that is all there is for them.
        If people have choice, and they can all get into what makes them happy, then the work life is better and hopefully happy content people are producing a lot of good work.

        So when you understand this, you can see why the Left works against this because they want dependent failed people because those are big money makers for their line of work-Government.
        The way they get raises and grow more jobs is by destroying what we are trying to do which then creates more need for them.
        .. I suppose this pretty much outlines the battle.

      • All well and good BUT not so when you or any other entity prohibits me from buying food, gas, medicine, etc. or selling same because I chose not to be vaccinated.

        • This could get interesting if any business attempts to turn away someone without a vaccine card. I wouldn’t recommend it.

    • Actually do not believe it can be forced – a dogwhistle to the maskwearing cult members and other controlfreaks. Advertising that a business will not force Nazi experimentation would certainly separate the sheep from the goats and give safe harbor for the still-free in our country.

  6. Once again – many thanks for reliable respectful and faithful reports Mr.Page – as soberin and depressing as it may be…and very frikkin funny that “mass gatherings” be monitored…unlike mass protests as well as the “encampment” at Battery Park lol which were in fact encouraged by the commissars and state funded apparatchicks. So – iow could have shut it down for “health violations” lol

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