Elizabeth Warren defends the release of her DNA test

By Molly Prince

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren defended sharing the results from her DNA test on Tuesday despite facing backlash for misrepresenting her American Indian heritage.

The Massachusetts senator wanted to release the results of the test as soon as possible, despite the timing occurring right before the midterm elections. In doing so, Warren’s intention was to curb the frequent mocking she receives from both President Donald Trump and her Senate challengers.

“I have an election,” Warren told The Boston Globe’s editorial board. “Donald Trump goes in front of crowds multiple times a week to attack me. Both of my opponents have made the same attack. I got this analysis back, and I made it public.”

The Globe released Warren’s genetic data report on Monday, which showed she is likely between 1/32 and 1/1024 American Indian, putting her in line with the average European-American, who has 0.18 percent American Indian DNA.

Warren has frequently touted her Indian heritage, which she contends is both Cherokee and Delaware. Harvard Law School, her former employer, also referred to her as a Native American professor because she identified as a minority in an Association of American Law Schools directory, according to reporting by The Daily Caller.

Trump has repeatedly taunted Warren’s claim that she has American Indian heritage with the moniker “Pocahontas.”

Warren leads her challenger Republican state Sen. Geoff Diehl in the polls by over 20 points. She is often considered a contender for the 2020 Democratic nomination for the presidential race, and announced in September that she would take a “hard look at running for president” after the midterm elections in November.

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  1. EW’s DNA makeup of American Indian is actually less than the average American yet she claimed to be American Indian for financial gain? This info alone should get her fired. The libs can’t even see a smoking gun if one of their operatives are holding it,?

    • She’s a highly educated Idiot, she’ll let you know she is highly educated !!

      Liberal DemocRATs, pretty sad …..and she’s is a contender in 2020 …Wow.

      • However not as highly as the Cherokee Nation tribal council,if she though they were going to buy her Ma Ma, Paw Paw high cheek bones fairy tale but then such is Fauxahontas story book life.

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