Economy collapsing under Gov. Scott, weekly jobless claims soar 286 percent

The number of Vermonters out of work and scrambling to provide for their families has skyrocketed two weeks in a row due to the Scott administration’s response to fears about the coronavirus.

Initial jobless claims rose to 14,633 for the week of March 28, up from 3,784 in the prior week, according to the Vermont Department of Labor’s unemployment insurance report released Thursday. The number represents a 286% single-week increase, and is an alarming 3,586% rise above the 397 unemployment claims filed the week of March 30, 2019.

The report includes 11,000 claims that were backlogged in the system last week and not included in the report for the week of March 21. Prior to the recent spike in unemployment, Vermont had 659 individuals file claims for the week of March 14.

The DOL estimates an additional 45,000 claims were filed but have yet to be processed.

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Nationwide, weekly unemployment insurance claims doubled to 6.6 million, up from 3.3 million in the prior week. The collapse in jobs comes as governors across the country shut down their economies in an unprecedented experiment to limit the spread of the virus.

State of emergency

Since declaring a state of emergency on March 13, Gov. Phil Scott has taken drastic measures to halt economic activity.

Republican Gov. Phil Scott gives a message by Facebook.

On March 16, Scott closed schools and ordered restaurants and bars to limit their activity to takeout and delivery. Scott also limited public gatherings to 10 or fewer people, and later closed most child care facilities.

Five days later, the governor ordered “close-contact businesses” such as gyms, barbershops, fitness centers and spas to close by March 23. Such businesses, Scott said, can’t comply with health guidelines for “social distancing.”

Last week, all businesses and not-for-profit entities were ordered to put into place telecommuting or work-from-home procedures, and all Vermonters were told to stay home and minimize outside activities. Scott also directed all non-essential businesses and non-profits to cease in-person operations.

The combined restrictions have caused companies to lay off workers, forcing thousands of Vermonters to seek government assistance. The spread of the coronavirus has sparked worldwide panic, resulting in extreme responses from governments across the globe.

Number of deaths

As of April 1, the state of Vermont reports 16 people have died from the coronavirus. Another 321 have tested positive, and 645 have recovered and completed monitoring. The vast concentration of COVID-19 cases — 164 — have occurred in Chittenden County. The state has conducted 4,495 tests.

Nationwide, the U.S. has seen 3,603 coronavirus deaths and 186,101 cases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Approximately 1,375 of those deaths, or about 38%, have occurred in New York City.

Flu season

Over the three-week period ending March 14, Vermont had 23 people die of pneumonia and five die from seasonal flu. During the same time frame, about 8,785 Americans nationwide died of pneumonia and 1,374 from the flu. The weekly statistics are tracked by the National Center for Health Statistics Mortality Surveillance System.

No end in sight

Scott has stated that the economic shutdown may be imposed for months. President Donald Trump has a goal to relax federal social distancing guidelines as soon as April 30.

However, during Wednesday’s White House COVID-19 briefing, Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, said social distancing should not be relaxed until “when it goes down to essentially no new cases, no deaths at a period of time.”

He added that the ultimate “game-changer” would be a vaccine, estimated to be available in 12 to 18 months.

42 thoughts on “Economy collapsing under Gov. Scott, weekly jobless claims soar 286 percent

  1. Heard Prez Trump at his press conference today 4/3 as he closed his talk, he said “This (virus) has been artificially introduced”. It was a fast last sentence. People know more as to what is going on, hence as I said, virus patents, ready vaccines, Bill Gates money. He spent $100 million to get the Europe patent. The payback: all kids in the world need to be vaccinated before returning to school. $100 million would be pocket change for the investment return. The facts are there, and now stated publicly. Can’t get another interpretation for “artificially introduced”. I’m sure a video will exist to view his talk. Slip of the tongue?

  2. If you want to see some info about the money people behind this this is a good article that ties a lot together. Some commentators also have similar info. The facts are out there. Refer to my comment about the virus being patented.

    We’re being manipulated. The web page and comments: Here’s a known name and a company.

    • That’s pretty sad to read. Very convenient huh? This would also explain why every one is saying wait until this fall. I’ve been wondering why are so many people suggesting a certain time line? Why is that we should hold out until the fall?

      For those of us who have read the play book, who knew there was going to be some triggering event to bring about the NWO utopia, the pieces are staring to fit and come into place all too quickly.

      It also expains why my comments to offer aid to those whom are ill, never see the light of day in digger, as they carry water, are a “non-profit” (which really means you don’t know who pays them), just like this virus is going to be done via a “non-profit” structure. This non-profit system is so abused, particularly in Vermont for cover. The NFL was non profit for decades, non profit doesn’t mean people,aren’t making boat loads of money and charging too much money, chances are thatS what they are doing!

      They don’t want to talk about vitamin c helping people recover, the medical mix that keeps people out of intensive care, the platelet treatment, nope we all must wait…

      Needless deaths will occur, but it won’t be on the part of our president.

      • Very true, share same. See that Dr Fauci, has had death threats. Shows just how sick this country really is.

      • TNR also white washes their site. I gave good informational sources, but got sanitized. Believe it gets automatically eliminated without comprehending. I had copied the comments, and later noticed several removed. Some were quite good. Difficult to get beyond the Liberalism.

  3. Shame on all who are criticizing TNR and those of us who refuse to be brainwashed. When our enemy shows us who they are we need to be paying attention – thanks for the heads up. No I in herd much? Some of us are not cattle so to the brownshirted control freaks pls stop trying your hand @ herding and you the panicstricken fearmongerers can *suck it up*. Comrade Phil commissars of flying monkeys are alive and well – attempting to silence the sane normal ppl who – just guessing – are not listening to your ridiculous rantings and dumb dimwitted diatribes – you and

    And personally not wetting the bed over bioweapon Wuhan Flu which here in VT is not a problem outside of Chittenden County so quarantine the communists and leave the rest of us alone. And may I suggest yall go back to your weak-kneed and cowardly-lion dictator who is destroying what’s left of our state and tell him it’s not working – and only the braindead automatons are listening?

    Many thanks and good on TNR for being the single and lone VT voice of reason in a world gone mad standing for truth, justice and those who promote it. And most of all our president Donald J Trump who is currently riding the tiger.

    Interestingly – not one of these nuts and squirrels have shown any knowledge of the situation beyond listening to and parroting career bureaucrats all of whom have agendas of their own or found to be fearmongering frauds maquerading as “experts”.

    And more shame on all who are aligned with globalist goons who are trying to bring down our nation and our president – traitors all.

    • Stardust, I really appreciate you comeback comments regarding those that are mindless sleeple. I was going to mention they just criticize and NEVER offer informational links, research anything to divulge to others. With so much info out there, it’s appreciated that some others provide substance like yourself, Neil Johnson, Willem Post to name only a few. I do research and post info for others to take or leave, research. Relative to my comments herein, the virus is patented, vaccines exist, and Bill Gates has his fingers in it (this is from many sources). The info should spark a firecracker so people see the light and start being tired ove being run over and now under Martial Law. It’s by design.

      I had criticism on a post I did. I had the info, the criticizer obviously had nothing. This is what’s the truth is up against. Wonder how many of them sailed into the VT lands.

      Anyhow, thanks many times for your placement of these people. The world is crazy enough already. My head spins and not from the virus. Life isn’t simple anymore. Keep up the good work. Being out of state currently and expect a difficult time getting back. It’s stupid and politicians are in control and money dictates.

  4. How serious is this virus to those not already compromised by heath issues? This is not the first time in our world history that a whole population has been manipulated by fear! My question is what is the motive behind this chaos!

    • United Nations control, aka NWO….

      Notice how they immediately needed 10% of the worlds money to “save us”? While their WHO director has been orchestrating this on a global level?

      It’s all in the handbook. So many people have been expecting “this” event for well over 6 years, more so in the last 4 years. Those who carry water for the UN, and Vermont is one of the biggest water boys, will follow their orders from up high.

      There’s a ton of “lying” going on, many people recognize it for what it is, controlled propaganda. You can tell a tree by it’s fruit. Why aren’t we getting the medicine in line immediately?….$20 and it keeps people off ventilators and out of the morgue……

      Why are we focused on helping the elderly who are locked up and we want to free prisoners? How were these 888 page bills drawn up in less than 7 days? Were passed unanimously, except for one man with a brain in our entire government. A bill that nobody wrote or read before voting on? Interesting turn of events no? Did you see any response like this in any other country so fast? Nope….most of them are already carrying water and controlled…but not the United States, not yet anyway.

      We’ll soon find out who the true enemies and who love our country in the coming weeks.

      “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
      ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

      From the sages of Chinese military, which has been adopted by Russian Intelligence, Those in charge of subverting countries and organizers across the united states. All in the handbook.

  5. It is time to loosen the reins not pull back. The shut downs we did in the beginning of this pandemic were clearly warranted. The “Rosie the Riveter” stories are awesome. PPE’s and medical supplies are now being produced and sent to those that need them in this fight. However, we are now prioritizing on sect of society over another. Americans can now use their knowledge of hygiene to protect themselves and the immuno compromised in their families, and safely get back to work. The Governors shut down is the nail in the coffin for many.

  6. What a stupid headline indeed. I’d like to know who wrote this article. The entire US Economy is collapsing under the President and every Governor in the US.

    The real question is how is the Governor and legislature planning to deal with the huge deficit that will result. The two decades of liberal control of the VT. Legislature has put us in the position of being maxed out on Vermont’s taxing capacity. So where will the legislature go from here.

    • Headline is apropos because – guess what – “Economy collapsing under Gov. Scott, weekly jobless claims soar 286 percent”. And just why would you like to know who wrote the article – VT Antifa to the rescue?

      And you are *wrong* DJT eyes are wide open – and he’s masterfully riding the tiger and will steer our economy out of the global attempt to destroy him and US prosperity. There are at least 12 other states who are less restrictive and whose economies *are not* collapsing sir.

      And – breathtakingly numb-skull Comrade Scott already was and now is continuing to destroy our state.

  7. Anyone care to know the US Patent Number and the European Patent Number for this Covid-19 virus and the Pharmaceutical Company. Covid-19 is in a family of Covid viruses is a low grade virus and attacks the lungs (respiratory) not the stomach. Therefore people with lung situations, diabetes and elderly are more prone. Note the low deaths rates for the very young and middle age. The facts are there. This media coverage (constant) states these facts. The US patent was awarded about 5 years ago. Simple research can verify.

  8. As governor, Ponytail LT would merely advertise his home grown pot as a cure all for everything that ails you, like Granny Clappets rumatis medicine, and use his federal share of rescue money to buy a new tractor and new house next to Crazy Bernie.

  9. We really need to get the medicine that cures people, from a Doctor interviewed by Laura..

    Grace says the data shows the drugs work.

    “And the results of those tests that show that hydroxyl chloroquine alone and the synergism between the drugs hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, the results of that testing was only one chance in ten thousand that that could have happened by chance alone,” Grace said. “That’s highly significant data.”

    Many countries are using this, some with Zinc…..getting fabulous results too.

    • Neil, I rarely get the Cold or the Flu (never). Whenever I had the Cold, I would take a Zinc product named COLD-EEZE and the symptoms great reduced. Not promoting anything they are a shelf item at Wally World, about $4.50 for 18 Lozenges. Can also take the supplements. COLD-EEZE comes in many flavors, I like the cherry flavor, and they are sugar free. Also are better bought in tax free NH; you’re not paying VT for trying to get better. (have to apply some humor in all this).

  10. I’m not sure why everyone is focusing on an obvious statistic, when you tell people they can’t work unemployment is up!

    What they should be covering is that Chittenden county is a serious hot spot when population is considered. It’s one of the bigger ones on the national map!

    Of course it is seriously affecting our senior citizens, is our policy lock up the seniors and set the criminals free? Governor Scott is in a no win situation. Perhaps it would be good to the pill that should be headline news and bring it to our state for those who would like to take it.

    What are we doing about that? Even if Scott were saying the right things we’d never see any of it in any publications across our state. This is a serious problem.

    • The medicine that seems to be working should be headline news…that’s what we should be getting for our seniors. $20 and they don’t die and don’t get on Ventilators, seems win win to me….

  11. “Economy collapsing under Scott.” How blatantly biased can one get. If Scott were Dem/Lib/Prog the head line most probably would have read Governor working day and night to save job inspite of the national slowdown. Republicans can never get a break in Vermont.

    • May I suggest you remove the blinders for just a few minutes and at least move beyond the headline and actually read the story. And try to pay attention to facts before you trash all who are not listening to the fearmongering fools or accepting a panicmode mindset.

      TNR is conservative and Comrade Phil is not? He along with many VT Republicans are in actuality TrumpHating RINOs who court the Democrat vote and are ruining our state. May I suggest you do a little research instead of placing head firmly in the sand only coming up to hurl insults at those who are not brainwashed bobbleheads.

      Fact: More Democrats support TrumpHater Benedict Scott than Republicans by 2-1?

      Chittenden County is the problem not the rest of the state – proving that the ‘officials’ aka ‘the experts’ are saying things which are true not telling us the truth? VT has a very low incidence and the DOH dummy should be run out of the state on a rail.

  12. Sununu is looking into big budget cuts in New Hampshire

    Everyone knows, the state will have a shortfall in revenue collection of at least $400 million.

    That is how large the Vermont state budget cut will have to be.

    Is it not completely ridiculous to have extremely high private sector unemployment, and no layoffs of state employees?

    Immediately close down subsidized Efficiency Vermont and immediately stop all subsidized energy programs. Energy use is way down, and so is CO2.

    The last thing Vermont needs is a boondoggle Global Warming Solutions/Spending Act, that would commit Vermont to $15 billion of spending during 2020 – 2025, just to meet the Paris goal in 2025.

    Closing down energy programs would save at least $200 million per year.

    • Addition to comment:

      Energy Action Network, an umbrella organization supported by RE entities, claims there would be $800 million in energy cost savings/y, if its recommendations to reduce CO2 by 2.281 million metric ton to meet the Paris Agreement were implemented by 2025. See page 4 of EAN URL

      The measures are a multi-billion-dollar wish list of EAN members with a cost well over $15.489 billion during 2020 – 2025, about $3.098 billion/y. EAN members want these heavily subsidized measures, because it is good for RE businesses.

      It took about 20 years (2000 – 2020) to achieve the existing conditions by spending about $210 million/y, including Efficiency Vermont. The level of annual spending to achieve Paris would be at least 10 times greater.

      Amortizing the cost of the short-life assets, at 3.5% over 15 years, would require annual payments of $1.329 billion, or $1.078 billion over 20 years, more than offsetting the $800 million/y energy cost savings.

      The Global Warming Solutions (Spending) Act requires $1.2 billion (a down-payment for 2020 – 2025) for the FORTRESS VERMONT fantasy.
      Perchlik is shepherding the bill through the legislature, making sure it contains all the goodies.
      He is one of TEN VT-DPS employees who are members of EAN, including Tierney, head if VT-DPS.
      Collusion in Vermont?

      These measures would be major burdens on the Vermont people, businesses, ratepayers, taxpayers, etc., in addition to Vermont being in the middle of a major recession, with decreasing tax collections by state government (room & meals, sales, income, gasoline, etc.), due to the coronavirus.

  13. Folks,
    Give the Governor a break, for heavens sake. Putting all politics aside, he’s doing all he can to try to limit the spread of the virus, his most foremost responsibility at this very difficult time. Yes, it’s tough, it’s real difficult and there are no guarantees under existing circumstances, but how would YOU do anything different if facing the same threat while attempting to keep the virus spread under control and keeping the death numbers as low as possible? It’s easy to criticize from the side lines, but if you were in the hot seat, how would you handle it? He needs your support, not your irresponsible pot shots.

    • Yes things are tough especially for those who have no savings. If the government can do all this ordering and suspending of civil rights why can’t they suspend mortgage and rent payments and utility bills? How about exorbitantly high interest rates from credit cards? They have been ripping people off for years, they could give some back. And why aren’t nonessential state employees laid off? And the legislature should wrap it up for the year saving thousands in pay and expenses to legislators. That would save even more from all the crazy taxing they wouldn’t be able to do. This does show how unprepared our government is for an emergency of this nature. Since we have to suffer through this, everyone should suffer except those who are doing the work trying to save and protect all of us from this nightmare.

          • My comment was more sarcasm to prove that the governor is only protecting his government. The legislature is protecting their power too. Ashe and Johnson wrote a tear jerker commentary in digger for those in their choir. The media is pathetic in Vermont. No numbers on seasonal flu deaths which probably surpass the virus numbers easily. Also 2009/2010 H1N1 swine flu, 60 million Americans infected with 12,000 deaths. No shut down of economy. 1,000 dead before national government declaration of a pandemic. The media protected the administration at the time. Guess who was president?

    • I think the title of this article is a low blow.. it would not matter who Was governor
      The outcome would most likely be the same.. I am just hoping when it’s time to get back to everyday living, the Legislature tries to think like a frugal Vermonter and not a rich spoiled brat!

      • Sorry Jeanne, We have enough evidence that the legislature could care less what we think. They are operating and implementing a national progressive agenda. There are two things that can stop it, the first is a total bankruptcy of the state and the second is voters who at this point should be ready for leadership change from liberal to rational. If you think your representative is great, you are wrong because that’s what keeps getting them all reelected to reek more havoc on the taxpayers by infringing on our rights, changing our constitution and enslaving workers to never improve their lives due to never ending restrictions on the freedom to prosper.

    • Wrong! He’s making arrogant and foolhardy decisions which are destroying VT economy bc he is an avowed Trump Delusional Syndromed hater who are attempting to ruin our economy to destroy the presidency. Only the fat and happy Benedict Scott supporters and financially comfortable are attempting to silence everyone else.

  14. Climate was never a real Crisis, it was just a tool used to gain advantage and control over Vermonters.

    This is a real Crisis!

    What will legislators do now that the sky is really falling?

    They better get real quick!

  15. When one considers that mr. gov. is a leftist, claiming to be conservative, aka a RINO, is it surprising that he would go overboard to attempt to please the leftist’s run amok in Montpelier?

    What he has instigated across Vermont is a soft martial law, violating Vermonters rights, and there is such a thing as reasonable caution, and then there is the gov. and his overreach.

  16. I posted this on another story as well…. we must chill out and smarten up.

    This diatribe comes to the inevitable conclusion that nobody on the planet has a full understanding of this little mystery. So…. we should not second guess the experts. Do what you need to do to protect yourself and NOT contaminate others. Suck it up. Be happy we have the smartest and best resources in the world in America, including our government. We also have too many renegades who need to leave the saloon and go home.

    • With due disrespect you are the TNR community-bashing diatriber here. Authoritarian edicts show abject ignorance and despising of anyone who does not accept your brownshirted teachers-pet know-it-all stupidity which got ols a long time agao. And suggest *you* chill out…and to all of the fearmongering fools – stock up on Depends.

  17. Let all who support the unconstitutional power grab by state government take note and consideer how they will survive in the ruins that are about to become our environment.

    • You have boiled it down exactly to one sickening sentence that cannot be argued. To one sentence that should copied and pasted to every media outlet. This will be my clear and constant response to any excuse someone throws at me for the continuation of this shut down. Can I be the first to put your response on my face book page?

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