Doctors, lawyers deconstruct COVID narratives, warn against falling into fear

Michael Bielawski/TNR

ALTERNATE VOICES SPEAK OUT: A panel of doctors, lawyers and pastors met at Ignite Church in Williston on Saturday to discuss the problems with mainstream COVID narratives and the downsides of government lockdowns and mandates.

WILLISTON, Vt. — About a dozen speakers including doctors, lawyers and pastors shared a stage Saturday at Ignite Church to discuss the populist pushback against COVID-related mandates, such as forced vaccination and continued public masking in some communities.

Looking out at about 200 hundred attendees who came to the “Global COVID Summit,” Dr. Bryan Ardis of Texas shared how his decision to question COVID policies started with the death of his father-in-law at a hospital while undergoing “well-tested and safe protocols.”

After some investigation, Ardis, a doctor concluded that a newly approved antiviral medicine called remdesivir may have caused a dangerous reaction.

“I was watching interviews with doctors from around New York, and they were all saying the same thing, that they’ve never seen a respiratory virus do this when we’ve started treating it,” Ardis said. “We’ve never seen a respiratory virus that’s affecting the lungs, and when we start treating it, [it causes] severe kidney failure on days three, four, and five of treatment.”

He explained that the medicine has been associated in safety studies with kidney failures.

“For three months all I thought about was this damn third day where the doctors called my wife and I to tell us that her dad was going into acute kidney failure, only to find out on day six that it was actually being driven by a drug they were pumping into his veins.

“And when I read the two studies that Anthony Fauci [cited] in his memo on’s website, when I read the studies, all I knew was Anthony Fauci was lying to the entire American public about that drug.”

The NIH website currently has information acknowledging concerns about “acute renal [kidney] failure” in the remdesivir abstract data.

Another featured speaker at the event, Dr. Vicki Wooll, a board member of Independent Doctors of Idaho, focused on what happens historically when nations socialize their medicine. She offered examples from her time studying the failed communist state of Venezuela.

“So they controlled and regulated food, drugs and medicine,” she said. “We are starting to regulate drugs because of the prices already.”

Wooll said Venezuelan officials gained control of the media to control the information people would get.

“They regulated the banks, the telephones, they censored all media,” she said. “For example, they limited the newspapers, and there was a Radio Caracas and it was open almost 60 years, and [former Venezuelan president Hugo] Chavez closed it. Radio was occupied only by Chavez, the internet was semi-censored, social media was totally censored.”

Another doctor, Dr. Peter Breggin, of Ithaca, New York, spoke remotely via a screen on the stage. He told the audience about a concerted effort by those promoting COVID lockdowns and mandates to obtain new government controls over the citizenry. He suggested that patriotic, liberty-minded citizens are the top target of those who promote such policies.

“It’s very clear, they’ve discussed [their political opponents] openly,” he said, adding that those being demonized in society include “people who believe in God, who believe in patriotism, individual and political liberty.”

One lawyer who spoke at the event, Julia Haller, who formerly served as a senior policy advisor to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Homeland Security, said she is seeing a political backlash starting to occur in response to heavy-handed government.

“We can’t forget God gave us love, faith and hope,” she said. “And in Virginia, we just won a very big race, we have a lot of hope. We have [Jason Stuart Miyares] a person with a Cuban background who is also familiar with this playbook — and he’s our attorney general.”

Since being elected in 2021, Miyares has said he will fight new lockdowns from the federal government concerning COVID-19.

Other speakers at the summit included a variety of doctors, lawyers, pastors, and business owners.

The entire event can be viewed online courtesy of Rebirth The Media.

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Image courtesy of Michael Bielawski/TNR

14 thoughts on “Doctors, lawyers deconstruct COVID narratives, warn against falling into fear

  1. I had to watch the Saturday presentation from home as I cannot get near EMF-city, I mean Williston/Burlington, anymore.
    I was inspired that so many speakers found Vermont, and that 200 people plus the 30 watching online, showed up to listen.
    Imagining what the future would like we want for Vermont – and I fervently suggest that our so called leaders are blovating hypocrites in the pay of Mammon and Marduk (seeing Wetiko) – is how we start undermining THEIR evil plot to enslave Vermonters into a global market we never wanted a part of. Or at least until the flat landers brought their corrupt culture to Vermont, telling us it was better for us than our simple, close to the earth, softer footprints still extant 60 years ago – so within living memory.
    60 Years ago – you could have closed all the borders of Vermont forever, and Vermont would have not just survived, but thrived, and the entrpreneurial spirit, sharing, gift and barter economies that had grown up would’ve bridged any gaps, lacks or absences of need.
    We could STILL do this.
    But we’d need to throw every single legislator out of office, take our People’s House back, and start fresh – with incorruptible people of the soil, the salt of the earth, to lead us back to the slower way of living that everyone who lives in Vermont came here for.
    City slickers now dominate the landscape and create their urban dystopias on arable farmland that could be feeding Vermonters WITHOUT GMOs or pesticides.
    I COULD happen.
    But if cannot imagine it… what living like that would be like…take it to the nth degree and try it on… we will never achieve it.
    We need to get rid of the imaginationless engineers and big tech/pharma mafia sycophants – from the top down to our local school boards – and return common sense to our landscape.
    Each of us bears the responsibility of turning us into IOT model state where cow farts are measured, and breeding is monitored by RFD chips, and weather is controlled by HAARP, or NOT.
    We can just do what Vermonters have always done: our own thing, simple, close to the earth, not fancy, and do it ourselves.
    How could we forget so fast, and how could we so easily give this Vermont up?
    Giving power to visionless, corrupt zombie globalist sycophants is how.
    Vermont has NO PLACE in a globalist economy. The people who are trying to force Vermont into that form are destroying what was always the best thing about Vermont: live and let live.
    Humility, people. Humility.
    Edward Bernays would always have a hard time with Vermonters.
    That may be why the Eugenics movement was centered here – all these independent thinkers – can’t have that. Eugenics being the tool of the elite to siphon out the noncompliars with their dystopian plans.
    Now, those same Vermonters, are going after our children – destroying their immune systems – forever.
    As was said over and over during this conference, what hill are you willing to die on?
    Are you children not precious enough?

  2. 2020 & 2021, not a good time to be in positions of authority. Which is worse promoting the narrative of safe and effective or knowing it is wrong and saying nothing to stop it?

    Failed responsibility has consequence!

  3. The presentation of Dr. Ardis, beginning at about the six-hour, 12-minute mark, was especially illuminating to me as it demonstrated how completely compromised our medical community is, and how far it has fallen in its lack of adherence to science and ethics.

    It’s amazing that the medical community has been one of the first to jettison what should be a pillar of medical ethics: informed consent to medication.

    This has all happened before, but it goes largely unrecognized. During the Third Reich, the entire medical community was turned toward a uniform practice and was “harmonized” to agree with the eugenics ideals of the Reich. This turning was called “Gleichschaltung.” This is exactly what’s happening today as the entire medical profession is being harmonized to reject safe, early treatment for Covid-19 and instead treat patients with an extremely toxic drug, Remdesivir, which doesn’t belong in the pharmacological arsenal for any disease. Dr. Ardis presents what I view as irrefutable evidence for this.

    Gleichschaltung was how the medical profession was first turned toward forced sterilization and then toward the killing (“euthanasia”) of deformed persons, and more.

    All physicians in the Reich had to be members of the Reich’s Physician’s Chamber, which was how this turning was instituted. The equivalent to this today might be the influence of the NIH, or at least of the CDC/FDA/Fauci. What’s today’s harmonizing aiming toward? We have the answer in Klaus Schwab’s book, “Covid-19: The Great Reset.” Proposed is a huge makeover of our society, our economy, and our relationship to technology (Schwab is a major proponent of human-digital merging that he calls “transhumanism.”) It is, in essence, a biomedical vision that sees our greatest good in the transformation of humans to harmonize with biotechnology and with a digital realm that will allow stakeholder capitalism to flourish and supposedly usher in a better world for all of us. But, you and I will not be “stakeholders,” of that we can be sure. Only the richest and more powerful companies are in partnership with Schwab’s WEF.

    This is the bizarre dream that they wish to impose on us. It has its exact analogy in what was then perceived as the “spiritual” momentum of fascism, towards a master race that would be the fulfillment of historical forces. This is EXACTLY what Schwab proposes; the “master race” will be those who have fused most successfully with technology and achieve the apotheosis of the transhumanist ideal.

    The dreams of the Third Reich couldn’t have been set into motion without the complicity of the medical profession. Likewise, Schwab’s nightmare requires the compliance and the obedience of the medical profession, and this is why dissenters are being purged from the medical community.

    The medical profession must be freed from this stranglehold that will eventually extend even more to all of us, if we let it. If physicians are simply allowed to treat patients as they see fit– imagine that!– and to speak freely without retribution, then this would be a huge step in the right direction, and the only ethical path open to us. The other way, the way that wishes to enfold us and embrace us in its turning, is darkness.

    It has all happened before.

    • I’d like to make an amendment to my post.

      It’s not so much the CDC and FDA that are driving the turning toward what might be called medicine driven by drug company profits and control (and all of the major drug companies are partners with the WEF.) Overall, the CDC, FDA, and NIH are neutral towards drugs such as ivermectin (the FDA’s campaign has been against non-prescription ivermectin, although the way it’s worded makes it sound like it’s against all ivermectin for Covid.)

      But, the American Medical Association and the American Pharmacists Association decidedly recommend against the use of ivermectin.

      What does the Infectious Disease Society of America recommend? Here is what it says: “Among ambulatory patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 at high risk for progression to severe disease, the IDSA guideline panel suggests remdesivir initiated within seven days of symptom onset rather than no remdesivir.” The IDSA recommends against ivermectin.

      Let’s think about that: high-risk patients (elderly, obese, with underlying conditions, etc.) are recommended to be put on a highly-toxic drug whose efficacy, according to a summary of studies, is on par with aspirin.

      The IDSA is recommending against safe drugs with sound studies supporting their use and for a drug with a glaring history of serious side effects. As Dr. Ardis’ presentation demonstrated, remdesivir can lead to what are considered effects of Covid infection, such as kidney failure (but which Dr. Ardis argues isn’t a real complication of Covid at all, but of remdesivir.) This is similar to AZT used to treat AIDS (Fauci again!) that led to AIDS-like symptoms.

      As many of us know, hospital administrators are also prohibiting the use of drugs such as ivermectin and fluvoxamine for Covid-19.

      So this “turning” towards an anti-science medical system is indeed happening, but how exactly this is being orchestrated isn’t clear, except that Tony Fauci is the front man for it.

      • My beautiful daughter (27) is a traveling nurse @ Boston; cum laude Norwich U graduate. She is working hard/being responsible in paying off her student loan debt…she wants to buy a house someday.

        • To say that the medical profession as a whole is corrupt isn’t to say that individuals working in that field are corrupt, or that they aren’t decent and kind people. But it is to say that those at the top who make decisions are either corrupted or too afraid to go against what they, themselves, are ordered to do. This is especially true today.

          I’m sure there are hospitals out there bucking the general trend, just as we know there are doctors out there fighting back against medical tyranny. But, these doctors are being hunted down and silenced by larger forces. We know this is true.

  4. Vermonters, please take a minute to read this article that just came up here in NH about the dangers of the kids wearing masks.
    There is an increase in brain infections that are being caused by toothaches in kids. This is SO BAD!!
    We’ve got to take these masks off the kids.
    There are also staph infections.. this stuff is all getting so bad.
    These masks have been on the kiddos for *years* now.
    It’s an emergency that we take the masks off the kids!!
    Please pass this around.
    “A 60-fold spike in intracranial infections”

    • Another example of why the medical profession should be ashamed of itself, instead of strutting around like authoritarian masters.

      Maybe they just can’t bear to see what they’ve done.

    • We are going to need many gallows…..much crime against humanity was done for profit and power, they will try and wash it under the carpet, just like they are doing with the EB-5 scandal in Vermont.

      We need to change our focus and direction, this wide path is not a good one. And they say the 10 Commandments shouldn’t be taught….perhaps they are wrong.

    • As long as there are so many mindless drones who keep believing the lies from the left and its media positive change will be hard to come by. These people have no ability to use critical thinking to see the circular illogic of the vaccines and masks. One needs the vaccine to keep one safe but one is still at risk from the unvaccinated? Huh? Masks don’t protect from the virus but they are required to protect people?
      Then there is the whole January 6th coverup that the liberal media is doing. I read’s story about Ray Epps and others and I’m convinced that the democrats have told their media to hide the facts with regard to the instigators of the riot including Epps, the man on the scaffolding telling people to go in the building, and the man who removed the fence and the signs warning people the area was restricted. All three have plenty of videos recording them yet the media is still focused only on Donald Trump.

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