Disaffected podcast: Transactional wokeness in Vermont

The woman who gay-bashed Stonewell original Fred Sargeant at Burlington’s 2022 Pride Parade gets let off with community service and charges dismissed. Historic first gay woman congressional rep from Vermont Becca Balint’s election efforts got a $1 million ad buy boost from the disgraced FTX crypto company being investigated for theft and fraud. This and more on the Disaffected Podcast.

Image courtesy of Disaffected Podcast

4 thoughts on “Disaffected podcast: Transactional wokeness in Vermont

    • Joy,
      Since it’s all an attack upon real women, it makes sense that the Feminists are really stepping up.. (all real women need to embrace some inner Feminism right now to fight this and protect our children).

      This is an article written by Jennifer Bilek that you may like. It’s somewhat of the text of your video. But there is more here in the article.
      It’s packed full of interesting information (a lot of Links) -and note that this was written in 2019- and look at where we are today. You may read this and consider that this was really the ‘groundwork’ they were setting up back at that time.


      • Thanks. I’ll watch it.

        It’s very strange and I don’t understand it but, feminists are NOT challenging transgenderism. I’ve spoken with more gays that reject trans ideology than feminists. And even men.

  1. The problem with transpersons is that they all have a mental defect and their minds are playing tricks on them. When this is recognized, their mental health should be corrected not their bodies. The science of biology states that there are two genders and you are what you are born as. Follow the science.

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