Dialogues with Meg Hansen: Toxic trolls and social media mobs in Vermont

This week, Zachary Hampl — a Castleton University alumnus, EMT and author — joins us to discuss the state of the First Amendment, toxic online trolls and the “get-‘em-fired” social media culture in Vermont.

Meg Hansen is the creator and host of “Dialogues with Meg Hansen” on the YCN network.

2 thoughts on “Dialogues with Meg Hansen: Toxic trolls and social media mobs in Vermont

  1. “Your 1st Amendment rights shouldn’t be inhibited under any circumstances whatsoever….except for [a couple situations that I define].”

  2. Some organizations and those who follow a similar rule book do not want peace and harmony, the intent is to bring chaos and division to derive their power and control.

    We used to be trained to address a disagreement with the person directly, then with a supervisor, then the community.

    Those who unkowingly follow Alinsky rules for radical, the game plan is to first bring in the press and request the person lose their job. This is mob rule, trial by public opinion. This is purposely used to intimidate and control the public, such that people will be afraid to speak freely, for fear of losing a job, or public intimidation, it’s the opposite intent of our founding fathers.

    This is written out in the play book, called,Rules for Radicals. It is a soviet game plan used to subvert a country.

    Our state has so much censored commentary on top of that, solutions are very difficult to,reach as only one opinion is promoted.magain, part of the plan.

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