Dialogues with Meg Hansen: The kids are not alright

The rise of cancel culture in recent years parallels the institutionalization of catastrophic thinking (e.g. “The world is going to end in 12 years”). These toxic thought patterns and behaviors wreak havoc on our psyche and all the more on that of young people.

Then came COVID-19. Indiscriminate pandemic policies including lockdowns, school closures, and mask mandates have exacted a heavy price on the youngest Americans.

Suffice to say, the kids are not alright.

In this episode of “Dialogues with Meg Hansen,” Ethan Allen Institute President Meg Hansen explores why so many truths about early trauma are considered taboo by the public health establishment.

Guest Anna Runkle is the creator of the popular YouTube channel “Crappy Childhood Fairy.” A living proof expert in trauma, Runkle reaches a global community of 300,000 people with her teachings on how to recognize and heal Complex PTSD. She holds a master’s degree in Public Policy from UC Berkeley and spent 30 years in the field of public health.

Image courtesy of Ethan Allen Institute

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  1. A drop of sanity gets a big voice… perhaps the sap of Freedom is running again in Vermont veins?

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