Dialogues with Meg Hansen: Opioid carnage: A Vermonter’s story

Megan West, a 32-year old Sheldon native, became addicted to oxycodone at age 15. Since then, prescription opioids, heroin and crack cocaine have consumed her life. She was federally indicted in 2018 for participating in a mass straw purchase scheme in which she and four other Vermonters bought at least 30 firearms for Boston drug dealers in exchange for heroin and crack cocaine.

Currently seven months sober, she joins us in the first of a thee-part interview to share her personal story of addiction.

Meg Hansen is the creator and host of “Dialogues with Meg Hansen” on the YCN network.

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One thought on “Dialogues with Meg Hansen: Opioid carnage: A Vermonter’s story

  1. I was given oxycodone after surgery. One dose was enough for me. Spent a wild night, NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!! Why people rob banks to acquire this stuff is beyond me.

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