Dialogues with Meg Hansen: Does farming have a future in Vermont?

Mark and Kate Bowen, owners of Meadowdale Farm in Putney, discuss how heavy regulations, high financial losses and creeping anti-farming attitudes have made life in Vermont challenging for farmers.

Meg Hansen is the creator and host of “Dialogues with Meg Hansen” on the YCN network.

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8 thoughts on “Dialogues with Meg Hansen: Does farming have a future in Vermont?

  1. Not with AOCrazio’s war on Cow Farts.
    It’s not the farts its the burps stupedo.. Farming and hamburgers 3 times a day is
    over..NO SOUP for YOU…The bronx meat Nazi has spoken. Seriously the fascist
    Leftards of this state have no desire to keep stinky farms around except they keep large
    tracks of land open and pay for it. Once they figure out how to get someone else to
    pay to keep land open farms will disappear faster then tax money out of your wallet…

  2. Listening to the video, there certainly a disconnect between the people and legislators. The Bowens tried to talk with their legislators ((perhaps the Windham County ones) and were generally brushed off and seemingly wasn’t to be heard. Also is the underlining concern is that the legislators in office needs overturning to a government representative of the people.

    I have a suggestion, knowing that most of the legislators are out to ruin the state, businesses and lives, why not make their lives miserable and boycott them? If they go to commercial places to get goods (food, clothing, etc), fuel, activities, their property requirements and systems etc, don’t sell or service them. This is what they are doing to the people.

    Also make sure and observe what they are paying for property taxes, do they get favorite assessments because of who they are? I’ve seen favorite property value deductions by Listers in a town to another government employee, the “good ole boy network”. This is a hidden aspect people don’t know about. Get the town’s Itemized Property Costs sheets on properties in question. You’d be surprised. Demand Fair Market Value assessments, not bogus values and compare assessments.

    This is just a starter recommendation. Cause equal grief, it can be done. Groups like #802VTALLIANCE and concerned citizens can spearhead the “new” movement to organize and inform. I’m not passing the buck here, just mentioning starters.

    Maybe if these Flatland-Socialists can’t buy food, maybe they might become farmers and burn wood for heat.

    • The legislators who are being voted in do not listen to the wishes of the voters. They vote for what THEY want. Too many clueless liberals to eager to pass their senseless “feel good” legislation while ignoring the real problems that are going to cripple VT

  3. My son Josh is 29 he has been raising beef, pig and some chicken, for meat but with the fuel going up and up and now the carbon tax. The state won’t give the farmer a break hes is telling me it’s just not profitable anymore. What started out as a hobby turned in to a passion. He would love to do it for a living but he knows it will never happen.

  4. Does farming have a future in Vermont, I say NO !! As long as you let Flatlanders rule the roost
    in Montpelier, they leave the city life ( NY, CT, MA, PA ) for a slower pace and then try to turn our
    state into the ” Quagmire ” they left !!

    Just log on to the following, https://legislature.vermont.gov/ and check your local Legislator profile
    if you’re not already aware , Vote them out if you love this state !!

    All for an agenda, just take a ride around the state, our Majestic Mountains are getting cluttered
    with wind turbines, our open fields and pastures again cluttered with solar panels, yup an agenda.

    Then you have our useless politicians in DC, Senator Leahy the only thing he’s interested in is
    to follow the rest of the DemocRATs trying to bring Trump Down, then our Jr. Senator Socialist
    Sanders, flying around the Nation hoping to become President ” God Help Us”. Then we have
    Rep Welch, he has his own problems with the onslaught of new ” Socialist DemocRATs ” taking
    control of DNC……….

    So if Vermont wants farming to be a viable Family Business, wake up and vote these toxic fools
    out of office and our State.

    Mark and Kate Bowen, good luck with your endeavors, you still have real Vermonter’s on your side
    even some in Burlington!!

    • Good comment I’m sure shared by many. Have to make VT hostile to these Flatlanders and force their hand to “get to hell out of here”.

      Conservative friendly government has been replaced by power, greed, control, outside influence, corruption, money, stupidity, sheeple legislators that follow the elite power players of Chittenden County, high taxation, controlling private property and gun grab, in Montpelier and local governments.

      A once very friendly industrious farming, industrious friendly people, easy way of life, little crime and respect, the envy of other states that tried to copy is now a Socialist State of artists, welfare, no work, people leaving, anger, lands and mountains looking like junk, posted lands, drugs, abortion, high cost of living and vehicle ownership, and on and on and on. The Chittenden way.

      Attitude example: I visited the City Market in Burlington (the one and only time). There wasn’t a whole bunch of customers,but those that were there, they shopped liked zombies. Running around, never look at others, had to move for them or you get run over, like a mad house seemingly the attitude was like a survival attitude, grab before someone else does. Complete zombies, robots. Driving there is a similar experience.

      That’s Burlington and Chittenden Country. This is the mindset of people like Baruth, LaLonde, Pugh, M. Johnson, Cina, Ashe, Sirotkin, Townsend, just to name a few, the power brokers, the headline grabbers.

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