Democrats encourage kids to ditch school and join the ‘climate strike’

By Michael Bastasch

Democratic politicians are encouraging thousands of children to skip school to demand politicians do something about global warming, including passing the Green New Deal.

“[S]tudents are fighting like their world depends on it,” former Vice President Al Gore said in a tweet extolling Haven Coleman, a 12-year-old listed as the U.S. climate strike’s co-founder and co-director.

“I stand with all students striking here in Atlanta and across world today,” Gore tweeted Friday as thousands of students skipped school to protest climate change.

Student strikes were inspired by 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who began ditching school in August to sit in protest outside the Swedish parliament. Thunberg told the United Nations in December that “civilization is being sacrificed” by adults who were “stealing” their children’s futures by not immediately shedding fossil fuels.

Tens of thousands of students have since skipped school to demand politicians immediately address global warming. U.S. strikers are demanding Congress pass the Green New Deal resolution introduced by New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Backed by well-funded environmental groups, youth strikers are protesting “for the Green New Deal, for a fair and just transition to a 100% renewable economy, and for ending the creation of additional fossil fuel infrastructure,” according to the Youth Climate Strike website.

The kids say “inaction has left us with just 11 years to change the trajectory of the worst effects of climate change.” That deadline is based on the misleading media hype surrounding a U.N. report released in October.

Ocasio-Cortez, activists and politicians have claimed humanity has less than 12 years to cut emissions and avert catastrophic global warming — a message they only amplified as students took to the streets Friday.

California Rep. Ro Khanna said lawmakers should listen to the teenagers and children striking. Khanna, a supporter of the Green New Deal resolution, called on Congress to immediately address global warming.

“I am so energized to see young people across this country taking action on climate change,” Khanna tweeted Thursday night. “Our job as lawmakers is to listen to them.”

“If we don’t act, they will have to deal with the fallout from climate disaster,” the Democrat tweeted.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also extolled Coleman and the other leaders of the “You Climate Strike” movement in the U.S., which includes Isra Hirsi, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s 16-year-old daughter.

Omar, a Democrat, will march with climate strikers in Washington, D.C., Friday. Omar is also a Green New Deal supporter.

However, Democratic leadership and party moderates have tried to distance themselves from the Green New Deal, which calls for a massive expansion of government control over the economy.

Republicans, on the other hand, want the resolution debated publicly and are confident it can be used against Democrats in the 2020 elections. Some Republicans have called the Green New Deal a grab bag of “socialist” policy demands.

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9 thoughts on “Democrats encourage kids to ditch school and join the ‘climate strike’

  1. These children are motivated to strike by fear: they literally fear their world is ending and if there’s any chance at all for survival, it’s now up to them!

    Child abuse!

    Yes, climate changes, that’s why we have daily, and varying weather reports. The science is clear, convincing and incontrovertible, man has nothing to do with elevated CO2 levels. Nor do we want to reduce them. Here’s why…

    We do NOT want to reduce carbon emissions intentionally. We want to reduce pollution of our environment, air, water, ground. CO2 is NOT a pollutant, it is a minuscule component of the atmosphere, 0.04%. CO2 is required by the plant world to live. We require the plant world for the animal world to live. Plants take CO2 from the air, water, and with sunlight power make carbohydrate for their own food. They release oxygen as their by product. The more CO2 on the atmosphere, the better plants do.

    If CO2 were to drop below the minimal threshold of 150 ppm, plant life becomes extinct! We’re now a drop under 400 ppm. The Earth has seen levels below 190 during the last 4 ice ages, the lowest being 182 at the end of the last ice age, thought to be the lowest in Earth’s history. That’s only 32 ppm away from 150 ppm the “line of death” at which all life on Earth goes extinct. For perspective, for most of the Earth’s history, CO2 concentrations have been much higher than today. The average CO2 concentration over the last 600 million years is 2,600 ppm! Almost all of those high CO2 levels occurred before humans used fossil fuels, before the industrial revolution. High CO2 was not man made.

    We’re due for another ice age.
    Civilization suffers when CO2 is low.
    We want to stay away from the CO2 “line of death”. That means higher CO2 levels, not lower.

    CO2 helps warm the Earth. We like it warm, there’s more food production and less disease. Don’t buy in to the insanity. Keep Earth clean. Leave our CO2 (and our children) alone!!

  2. While ManBearPig was coercing the mush minds to join in lockstep with
    the leftarded faction to the climate drumbeat did he tell them that his personal wealth has risen from 2million in 2002 to over 100million now???

    Did he also inform them that skipping a day of school to bargain for more profits in his pocket and other greentards pockets is not because of a 97% consensus. 31,000 American Scientist have signed a statement declaring the hoax for what it is (1/3 have PhD’s in their field). Two Germans exposed the fraud in which surveyed scientist highly doubted the ability to predict sea level, temp, ect changes a couple years down the road much less 10years. Reporting on UN docs have been proven falsified to show increase that wasn’t there.

    Do the little 12 and up year old’s have any comprehension of what this is
    going to cost them during their lives?? Sheep to Slaughter comes to mind..

    Kids should have stayed in school and did a little research into both sides of the coin..

  3. Stupid listening to stupid and stupid backing stupid, all stupidity is so concerned, the “feel good movement”. They should point to their heads and abbreviate Mountain.

  4. Rather than skipping schools to protest legislators, why don’t they ask their schools to dedicate part of Friday to an environmental math and science program to create pragmatic solutions for the future of green energy. That is taking responsibility for their perceived grievance. Or is that too logical?

  5. I’d think the Sweedish chick should be more worried about the mooselum invasion being perpetrated on her country by her politicians which WILL Rape and Murder her before the climate gets a chance to do her any harm.. I think this proves the voting age should be raised to 27 unless your in military or Veteran.

  6. Want a laugh. On the front page of this week’s Vermont Standard published in Woodstock, there was a bold headline quoting a Village Trustee as aplauding the dedicated high school students for standing up for their convictions in opposition to the causes of global warming by skipping classes and willing to suffer the. Consequences. One problem, there will be NO consequences!!! Big deal.

    • The little mush minds visited the state house as well with professionally made
      signs claiming they hart wind. I wonder if they would still hart the windmill when
      they see a picture of the base of said windmill covered in chopped up bird parts….if you hart the whirrlygig you must hate the birds they kill..stupid ignorant adults propagandizing little mush mind lemmings..

  7. DemocRATs, that have No shame, telling kids to skip school for there foolish agenda,
    maybe those three little darlings that want to ban fossil fuel can ask Al ” BS” Gore when
    he’s parking his Jet. Oh, wait he’s saving the world just ask him, so that’s Ok !!

    Not sure why these three little darlings are worried, according to Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
    they are only going to be around until there mid-twenties as she’s only giving us twelve years
    before we explode

    So Girls enjoy your life while you can !!

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