Democrats continue to back extreme coronavirus shutdown measures except when it comes to immigration

By Jason Hopkins

From accusations of xenophobia, to claims that it’s a means to distract the public, Democrats and progressive organizations across the country are fuming over President Donald Trump’s anticipated ban on immigration.

In a late Monday night tweet, Trump announced that he would be signing an executive order to temporary limit all immigration into the United States, citing the economic concerns brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. The move, he said, would protect the jobs of U.S. citizens.

The move comes as many aspect of U.S. immigration has already been siphoned off.

Currently, all non-essential travel traffic along the country’s northern and southern borders is banned, and all illegal entrants are being quickly turned back. The Trump administration has also suspended a plan to release thousands of H-2B visas in response to millions of Americans losing their jobs.

It’s not entirely clear what the president’s executive order will do, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has not commented publicly on the matter. The administration said an executive will be created in the coming days for the president to sign.

However, this has not stopped Democratic lawmakers from blasting the announcement.

“Trump will ban immigration but allow some Southern states to loosen restrictions,” tweeted Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar. “This has nothing to do with our safety and everything to do with his blatant xenophobia.”

Other Democrats claimed that the move was a way of scapegoating migrants during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“President Trump now seeks to distract us from his fumbled COVID-19 response by trying to put the blame on immigrants,” said New York Rep. Jerry Nadler. “This is a disgrace — demonizing so many of those who are serving on the front lines against COVID while the President shows himself as small and ineffective.”

The American Civil Liberties Union, one of the most prolific opponents of the Trump administration’s immigration agenda in the courtroom, took to Twitter and likened the order to “xenophobia and racism.”

Julian Castro appears to be the first former 2020 Democratic presidential candidate to speak publicly about the impending order. The Texas Democrat said that cutting off immigration will “crater our nation’s already weakened economy,” and suggested he was announcing the order to make the public forget that he “failed miserably” with the coronavirus response.

“Immigrants are on the frontlines of leading and helping our country,” said Illinois Rep. Chuy Garcia. “Trump and the GOP are using the pandemic to distract from his failures. We are better than Trump’s attacks on immigrants and we stand in solidarity with everyone in our communities.”

Garcia is widely known as the sponsor of the New Way Forward Act, legislation that would decriminalize illegal immigration, make deportation of criminals more difficult, and allow criminal illegal aliens back into the U.S.

DHS did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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Image courtesy of The Daily Signal/Nolan Peterson

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  1. The best thing about President Trump’s decisions is that they are almost always right. The second best thing about them is that they almost always infuriate Democrats.

  2. So what else is new??? The Dems have always wanted to have it both ways especially if their desires run counter to President Trump’s position on any issue you care to name.

  3. Liberal Democrats, what a joke !! All there rhetoric is only fueled by hatred
    and it’s going to bite them, the American people see their shenanigans and
    there so-called leadership………..

    The Citizens are out of work, out of food and ” Queen Nancy” shows off her
    stash of ” Icecream ” …….. how pathetic !!

    Wake up, people.

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