Deb Billado: Vermont Republicans are resolute to reverse Democrat control

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP.

As we draw to the end of the year and decade, our economy is the envy of the world, the stock market is hitting all time highs, wages are up, and unemployment is down. This should provide for even greater hope for 2020 and beyond. And yet there are dark clouds of danger on the horizon that we cannot ignore. While we will always have foreign powers who oppose our republic, the major storms look as if they will come from within.

Deborah Billado, chair of the Vermont GOP

Our duly elected president has just been impeached by a Democrat House without having been charged with a crime, and his good-for-America programs are opposed solely because Democrats cannot accept his 2016 election. Democrat/Progressives are committed to leading us down an anti-American, socialist path. While capitalism is still favored, knowing the many failures of socialism, it is hard to understand how “positive views of socialism are up 8 points among Democrats and now stand at 51 percent.” And yet it is so, and the numbers are trending upward. Many of these same Democrats are teaching and indoctrinating our children in public schools, and that dictates a clear need for universal school choice for our future leaders.

We have a rich legacy left to us by our founders, but the journey cannot safely be continued if left on autopilot. Our Republican principles must be inculcated into our youth so they know what it was that made America the great nation, for with that knowledge will come the will to fight back. We can only live so long leaning on the pillars our forefathers built for u — for when they are undermined and evidence of those are gone, and people do not share what they know to be the truth to our young, we will not be able to survive as a free nation.

Vermont is controlled by a Democrat/Progressive supermajority, but we must not accept that it will always be that way. We must undo this domination, and a new year is the perfect time to begin. But to do it we must resolve to:

1. Read, study and talk to our children, grandchildren and others about our Constitution.
2. Vote in every election and do it as if our vote will be the one that makes the difference.
3. Encourage people to register and vote.
4. Consider running for office or encourage others to do that.
5. Fight for school choice and local control of our communities.
6. Support the efforts of the VTGOP by donating money to help do that.
7. Get to know my elected Representatives and communicate regularly with them on what is expected from them.
8. Hold politicians and those in authority accountable for their wrongful acts.
9. Encourage and praise politicians when they do the proper things.
10. Never compromise on the principles that make us conservative Republicans while at the same time respecting those who do not agree with us.
11. Write a concise letter to the editor on conservative issues in a factual, well-constructed way.
12. Unapologetically challenge the negative culture on social media in a positive way.
13. Stand up against those who improperly speak ill of our president.
14. Remind people that Joe Biden and his son Hunter are guilty of the things that President Trump has been accused of regarding Ukraine.
15. Dedicate myself to making Vermont’s political landscape colored a “rosy Republican red.”
16. Remind myself daily that as important as politics are, the things that happen in our lives with our families, in our homes, our schools and churches are the most important things.

We must not accept those who would discourage us from doing what is right and true in order to preserve our republic. If we are faithful, the liberty and justice miracle that is America will survive, and once more our one nation, under God, indivisible, will be great again, and be that shining city upon the hill.

I wish a happy and prosperous New Year to you and your families. I would love to hear from you on the resolutions you have made to better our Vermont condition.

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12 thoughts on “Deb Billado: Vermont Republicans are resolute to reverse Democrat control

  1. The House of Representatives only has the power to investigate. It is the senate that has the duty and power to Conduct a trial for impeachment. Until Nancy Pelosi turns over the articles to The senate and the senate conducts the trial, President Trump has not as of yet been impeached.

  2. 51% of the “Democrats” are progressives, socialists hiding under the cover of Vermont Democrats. I know many Democrats, have good friends who are Democrats and love America.

    Socialists don’t love America, because they inherently don’t like people being in control, they want to be in control.

    Best thing to do would be for conservative republicans to open their arms and embrace those democrats who love America. We leave the others to their breadlines and cold, they’ll figure it out after awhile. It really is ok to love America.

    • “Socialists don’t love America, because they inherently don’t like people being in control, they want to be in control. ”
      Oh so true Neil,
      Socialist also end up being fascist just like the National Socialist of Germany, Or Italy’s Fasci which derived from Socialist. They all cannot have the People deciding the course which would be true socialism it must be derived from the Know’s better then you elite like our own flatlander
      legislature…it all leads to Communism in the end just like burnee hopes….

      • The collective knowledge of free people working together is so superior to a few government officials thinking they know everything. You can see some of ot in the comments of news articles, much of the truth gets deleted in 7 days, Vt digger and such,

        It proves they don’t want to solve problems, they only want money and control, this is the Achilles heel for the socialists. It’s how the VtGOP can expose them in this session and have the majority fighting amongst themselves. All we need to do is stop playing the game they want us too.

        We need to frame the conversation, we need to take the reins. It would be so much fun.

  3. I am a republican because I believe that the government that governs least, governs best. The democrats and the progressives want the government to control everything and take away all my choices. The media helps the democrats by perpetuating the big lie that the republican party is the party of the rich. Frank[in County has many republican representatives in the legislature and the people who vote them in are not terribly rich. They just have a lot of common sense and realize that somebody has to pay for all these free giveaways and it is usually themselves, The media has made conservative a dirty word. I’d rather vote for a conservative than somebody who thinks he/she is smarter than God.

  4. Deb, Right on. Hope springs eternal. We’ll keep up the good fight and bring back the Vermont I used to know.

  5. Deb, another great article, please get the word out on other platforms for those
    that are not involved in TNR or other web-based entities, Conservatives they are
    out there !!

    Conservatives in Vermont are like a sleeping bear, they don’t react unless you
    poke them, so start poking with a list of all the liberal nonsense, and watch the

    Vermont should not be controlled by the Chittenden County mindset in Montpelier.

  6. Deb Billado, May be the start of what saves us all from the Nanny State Vermont has become!
    I was worried, no one would speak up for those of us that work, pay too many taxes, and too much of our hard earned dollars to this state..for too many programs none of us benefit from!
    The Republican Party in Vermont is almost non existent! Glad Deb is bringing information out to the public..maybe we will see a rise in participation for the Republican Party in Vermont. There are too few voices for conservatives here, Rob Roper and a few others do try regularly, but every voice counts!! Please keep up the hard work!!

    • Noticeably absent from any of these points is even the mention of Phil Scott.
      This makes the work harder but it can be done, and we can unseat him in the process. Neighborhood committees in each town that are constantly at work to cover the landscape, door to door right up to election day in Nov is what it will take to get this done.. We should be organizing this structure shortly after the New Year and be `ready to hit the ground running when the candidate roster is solidified. Hard work, but necessary to accomplish the task before us. The state is in horrific shape and we need to correct the years of misguided, out-of-touch governing in the next election. Also, a plan for governing that is unified, and constantly referred to all over the state needs to be formulated; no splinters or division….. united we prevail; divided we lose.

      • Phil Scott may twist with the prevailing wind, but he has potential.

        If, If we become a conservative powerhouse in these elections,
        Phil will follow us and continue being a good administrator.

        • No. I have had enough of this guy. You are entitled to speak as you see fit, the only one I have control over is myself, and “myself” says NO.

  7. Excellent article! We must fight back on all fronts to maintain the freedoms of this country. Parents must closely scrutinize what their children are being taught in the public schools, and they should push back on the many questionable tactics and subjects liberals employ to taint young minds. Don’t allow them to make our children feel they are victims with no individual control of their future.
    Stop pushing hormone treatments for 7 year olds confused by their sexual identity and stop with the climate emergency fears!! These squeaky wheels must not get the grease!

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