Deb Billado: Trash talk in Burlington

This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP.

If there’s an opportunity to hurt private business and kill jobs in one move, the Burlington City Council is always eager to jump on it.

In the latest Burlington drama, the city is contemplating a government take-over of all trash recycling, and compost collecting.

Not only would this unnecessarily expand an already-bloated City government, but it would destroy local jobs and hurt private enterprise. The City loves it because it means more power and control for them. But smaller more competitive haulers get shut out from the system, and common consumers get deprived of their choice and their ability to CHANGE their choice when service or costs don’t match up.

Nine times out of 10, when there’s a choice between government doing something and the free market doing something, the market can do it with lower costs, more efficiency, and far less waste. That adage clearly applies in this situation.

Today, it’s only Burlington considering this. But tomorrow it could be Winooski. Then Montpelier. Then Brattleboro. Then Barre, Bennington, Middlebury, etc.

Resisting big government at the local level is critical — otherwise, it quickly spreads and grows like a weed. Let’s quickly pull out that weed in Burlington before it creeps into other communities.

One thought on “Deb Billado: Trash talk in Burlington

  1. Yes, Burlington’s City is working just like the Mafia, they probably won’t be breaking
    any arms but the process is the same…….force them out for one-stop shopping it’s
    our way………..

    So the City will force all small & medium trash haulers out, and then have one of the
    cities Friendly Haulers ” wink and a nod ” …… and then have them work within the
    control of the City’s plan and inflate the budgets to support this boondoggle of a plan.

    I have used the same family trash hauler in Burlington for over fifty ( 50 ) years and I
    have never had a problem with noise or traffic concerns on the same small street !!

    Yup, this kind of nonsense is what you get when you have liberal flatlanders involved
    in city politics, decision-making for an agenda with no common sense.

    Burlingtonions need to wake up, what used to be a vibrant city, low taxes, thriving
    businesses everywhere, now it has a dying marketplace and a big dirt pit, city debt
    that’s being thrown at Burlington homeowners with a reappraisal process……

    Along with a rise in crime and the city council ” Hates ” the police….. how pathetic,
    these clowns should be run out of town on a rail !!

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