Deb Billado: The heartaches and joys of nominating a president

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP.

I wish to thank all our elected Delegates and Alternates to the Republican National Convention for competing, winning, and being recognized as worthy of representing Vermont Republicans in Florida. Some have already paid for travel that in most cases is non-refundable and have made other sacrifices to attend the Jacksonville reunion that had to be canceled due to public safety concerns.

There will be six of us who are fortunate enough to be taking part in the business component of the convention that will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina with 330 others from around the nation. Those of our group going there are Laura Benner, Suzanne Butterfield, Anya Tynio, Jay Shepard, Janssen Willhoit and myself.

Deborah Billado, chair of the Vermont GOP

While the ceremonial part of the convention will not occur, this part of the process is particularly important for the nomination of President Trump and Vice President Pence and is our priority and duty to America. While it is business we are going there to attend to, we just might be blessed with a chance to meet our leaders in person, shake their hands and thank them.

Those who were so looking forward to their sunshine state adventure, I would like them to think about how sweet it will be for all of us to attend the inauguration after President Trump destroys Joe Biden and his Democrat puppet masters at the polls.

I want to share some words from our Delegates and Alternates as well as note that there has not been a disparaging word heard and they are all glad for the part they are playing in choosing our president.

Lawrence Zupan expressively voiced that “Speaking for myself, I will miss the privilege of being part of history in helping personally to nominate the most important crossroads President of my not-so-short lifetime. While every Presidential election holds great pith and moment, I believe that the very survival of the Republic bequeathed to us by The Founders is in great peril at this very moment. I truly believe that President Donald Trump’s continuation as our President is, besides the direct intervention of Almighty God, the only thing to prevent the destruction of our Nation.”

Laura Benner who will be in Charlotte shared, “Although saddened that we will not be holding a traditional, in person convention, I believe that President Trump’s team is working hard and will still make it special in some way. Looking forward to a WIN come November!”

Rachel Stringer echoed much the same thing as well as saying that her “…heart goes out to all people who have suffered loss during this pandemic. I respect President Trump’s decision to protect all those who would have traveled to Jacksonville. Our focus now is to work together to strengthen each other, build unity, and pray for the common good of our country and the world.”

Mark Candon hit it on the head with his feelings that “The real shame is the American public will not be able to note the easy contrast between free Republicans happily supporting an excellent team, versus the jaded press and cynical Dem party hiding their feeble excuse for reflooding the swamp.”

Anya Tynio wraps up those who shared with me by thankfully expressing that, “I am honored to serve as a delegate in Charlotte. To me, casting my vote for President Trump is equivalent to voting for a prosperous, secure, and bright future for America. I look forward to celebrating his victory in November.”

I too am honored and humbled by the opportunity you have given me to lead this group in Charlotte and to put into nomination the next president of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

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3 thoughts on “Deb Billado: The heartaches and joys of nominating a president

  1. Yes Deb personally heartbroken at not seeing our great party showcased and contrasted to Democrat Party and National Committee – it’s by design imho mas they have no message or accomplishments other than what all have seen for nearly four yhears are able to see on news day and night. Astonishingly epic-fail.

  2. Chairman Phil among others has done a deplorable job @ managing Wuhan Plandemic. Emergency powers are meant to enhance executive power by protecting against clear and present danger not those based upon junk science using flawed methodology incentivized by rewarding Covid deaths and Covid hospitalizations by advisement from CDC to state DOHs. Using criminally-inspired guidance from same actors avoided use of and even outlawing critical proven lifesaving treatments such as HCQ/ZPack-zinc. And HCQ is being taken by politicians, healthcare workers and celebrities as a preventative – to hell w/the rest of us, sick and dying who need it. All of the above wear the mantle of Grim-Reaper. *Shame*

    And stands shoulder to shoulder with Democrat-run states and cities – all attempting to destroy our economy to harm Trumps reelection by maintaining gross overreach of powers not belonging to him or any elected official which are not backed by state or US constitution.

    It will not work and in fact the so-called Covid voting remedy of globalist grossly-mismanaged mail-in plot to steal election will backfire imho as election results are held up in many states in a 2000-Redux until January 2021. It is my belief that based upon geopolitical forces at work we are on the cusp of WWIII which could begin any day now.

    In a Wisconsin election 75,000 ballots were tossed bc they were spoiled – that’s just one state out of 50? This could hurt both or either side but most likely Dems since mail-in assures more Democrats vote, and in person favors Rebublicans. Republicans can still turn in vote on election day or vote by mail using system in place. If contested legislature which has the power to decide ‘all’ elections – could very well decide the outcome which would likely be handed to DJT whether he wins or not. If so – Shakespearian poetic justice for the election-thieves and their mask-mandating minions. Karma bites!

    Each destructive Democrat Party-sanctioned plot has failed – *miserabley* and are now facing the very real expose that Mancurian Hussein and Biden plot was sedition to steal election from duly elected Potus – and still believe Michelle, possibly Jarret is veep and becomes Potus following Bidens inability to take office due to disabling dementia as he is in actuality mere placeholder.

    Another constitutional crisis in the offing?

    • Election doomsday 2020: Here’s how scholars fear the Trump-Biden race could go terribly wrong
      Published 3 months ago on May 8, 2020
      By Steven Rosenfeld — Independent Media Center

      “With six months to go until November’s 2020 election, dozens of America’s top legal minds convened to consider what would have been unthinkable before Donald Trump’s presidency. They gathered to brainstorm what could be done to prevent the country from descending into a “civil war-like scenario,” as one participant put it, if Trump and Joe Biden both claim that they won the presidency—and won’t back down.”

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