Deb Billado: Telling it like it is

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP.

Most of our younger generation has gone from child to adulthood without knowing much about Republicans and their history. It won’t be taught in school and there is little opportunity for it to be heard elsewhere unless we tell them. With the Democrats having held the reins of government through their young lives, it is not hard to understand that they would have no idea about what it means to be a conservative Republican and the role the Grand Old Party had in making America the envy of the world.

Deborah Billado

Deborah Billado

Somebody needs to tell it like it is. The Republican party became the prevailing political influence from its founding in 1854 with its profound anti-slavery posture. A color-coded historical perspective of relative party strength can be found here that is very revealing. It shows that for over a century from 1858 to 1958, no major statewide offices were held by Democrats. The same was so for the Vermont state legislature as well as our delegation to the US Senate and House. There were even periods when all thirty Vermont Senators had an (R) after their name. From and including the election of America’s first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, through 27 consecutive presidential races, Vermont voters gave their vote to the Republican running for that office. That string was interrupted in 1964 with the election of Democrat, Lyndon Johnson, but the nod was then given to Republicans in the next 6 presidential contests.

From 1992 to present, the Democrats running for president have received Vermont’s votes and by this time they were pretty much on their way to regularly controlling our state’s lawmaking Senate and House. We are aware of the over-taxation, over-regulation, over-spending government that has controlled most of that time to the present. Much has been written on Vermont’s stagnation, youth exodus and the poor showing in state surveys on affordability, business friendliness and other key indicators as Vermont has traveled down the road of a radical social agenda in many areas of life, the latest being their insistence on a statute and a Constitutional Amendment that would permit abortion of a full-term, completely healthy fetus up to seconds before delivery.

Most people believe that Democrats historically opposed slavery and were champions of civil rights. In my September 13, 2019 message, “Tell it to the Children” I pointed out how difficult it is considering our liberal press and questionably left directed search engines, to find the true history of Republicans and Democrats especially in the area of slavery and civil rights. Please click on this 5 minute 38 second video that will open the eyes of all who will take the time to watch and listen. You see, Democrats remember history as they want you to believe it was, even if it is not so.

The Republican Party grew out of the seeds of freedom planted in the fertile lands that God gave the people. When fertilized with high ideals and principles, all the people, regardless of their race, became strong and hopeful, understanding that the future was theirs for the taking and with hard work, determination, and more hard work, they could accomplish anything, and they did. For this Republican period of time, our state and the nation strengthened, garnered respect at home and abroad, and even in uncontrollable hard times, had the intestinal fortitude to face the future with hope, hard work, faith in God and this brought us out of even those troubled times. The only explanation for all that red is that Republicans from the beginning surely were doing something good as the people realized their government was theirs and dedicated to their best interests without infringing on their freedoms to innovate and create and they rewarded that with their vote.

In my September 13 message I used a verse from the Celtic song, “Your Daughters and your Sons” to make the point about the need to pass the matters of freedom to our daughters and sons. The Woods Tea Company, popular local singers, performed this song regularly at their performances in Vermont and you can hear it by clicking here. Here is another verse from that song that reminded me of what we are about as Republicans today and what we want for those we represent.

“I don’t know your religion
But one day I heard you pray
For a world where everyone can work
And children they can play”

Republicans want you to have a job, not a handout, and they want your children to be safe and not have their childhood stolen from them. Republicans understand their role is to clear the way for you to work and prosper and to provide the proper police powers to protect you and your family. That is my prayer for you!

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7 thoughts on “Deb Billado: Telling it like it is

  1. The Vt Repub party is between a rock and a hard place. There is near zero chance, a conservative firebrand will ever get elected Gov. There is a goiod chance a middle- road Repub can get elected Gov,……see: Jim Douglas and Phil Scot. If you put on the ticket a tough Repub conservative, they will lose….and then hand over the Gov”s seat to a surely progressive liberal. Phil Scot tried to show his veto pen….but a super majority will simpy over ride. I do not see any way out, for VT. Any R middle -road Gov in VT is neutered by the majority Legislature & disliked by many R’s. If you run a real conservative R, you won’t win!

  2. With all the educators, the press and the biased legislature preaching revisionist history, it is little wonder the youth of today have a totally misconception of the hughe difference between the origins of the two major political parties. As a dispicable young German corporal once touted words to the effect that, “if you tell a lie often enough and loud enough, it becomes the truth in the eyes of the multitude”. And that is what we have witnessed over time and helps to explain a great deal.

  3. Well said Deb. Keep writing, for it will sink in eventually. The current liberal establishment only believes what they are told. They fail to pursue the truths on their own.

  4. Thanks for an informative piece, Deb. Nice change from the usual Trump bashiing I’ve come to more and more expect.

    For any who troubled to view the videos, Dennis Prager’s Youtube channel is highly recommended.. I very much admire and respect the man and his wisdom.

    • Totally agree, they cover current topics too.

      Our playground and home called Vermont has been indoctrinated, of which we must be aware. If we truly love,our neighbor we must speak in a language that doesn’t immediately offend them. This is done out of courtesy, because the words spoken are not offense by any means but to people who seriously never been told how,wonderful and special our country truly is, they’ll ask, why can’t we be more like Norway?

      They have indoctrinated to the point that an ok symbol is being taught is white supremic symbol!

      The conservative path, NOT RINO, is the only way out.

      The following ARE trigger words, small government, lower taxation, tax cuts, no carbon tax, Soros, Ethan Allen institute, John birch Society, Republican, most definitely president Donald J. Trump, True North Reports, Vermont State Police, organized religion for the most part ( closer to biblical truth the more trigger worthy it becomes)…..of course there are so many more.

      Can we,have a conversation without triggering? We get somewhere when we do.

      It’s out of respect for others that we might consider this, Trolling can be epically fun, but does it convince people? Does it win their hearts? Our President may win this election in a landslide, but will even he win the District of Columbia? how about his home of New York City? Any heavily left leaning city? Cities that are bigger than Vermont? How about our state? Will president Trump win our state? How much money would you wager?

      I,say this not because the president is wrong, but because our terrain, the Vermont landscape is so different, it needs a different approach, President Trump would not use,the same approach, because he knows, he couldn’t win with it. He definitely would still be talking about fake news.

      The method to change Vermont is,the key to healing our nation. it is worthy of time, study, efforts and hard cash.

  5. “Most people believe that Democrats historically opposed slavery and were champions of civil rights.’

    Most uneducated people would be wrong. The democRat party are the original purveyors of racism,the KKK and Jim Crow,not much in their method of racism has changed ,as they still employe one form or another to further their goals.

  6. Deb Billado: Telling it like it is, one would think that with all hardworking Republicans we would
    ” finally “, stand up and recover the state from its ” decay ” due to progressive legislators.

    We are aware of the over-taxation, over-regulation and it’s getting worst year after year,
    but it appears to me, most ” republicans ” have given up, why ??

    Maybe because we voted in a Republican Governor, and look what we got, I’ve voted every
    year of my voting life, and as an old Republican Vermonter, It’s sad to think the state I grew
    up in will die before I do …………….pretty sad !!

    If Vermont is to be the Vermont I grew up in, then we need ” Strong ” leadership and strong
    candidates within the party, something I don’t see…….

    Hopefully, Deb and others will get us back on course, before it’s too late !!

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