Deb Billado: Imagine a world without police

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP.

Until recently, most of us have not thought much about police as we go about life. We take for granted our security in our homes, our business, on the street, at work or play. What would life be like if there were no police? What if there was no Emergency 911? Who would you call if your home were invaded or your child went missing?

Our founders recognized the importance of the police powers and as a nation of law and order, there must be those who insure it. The news daily reports on the malicious and unrelenting attack on law enforcement officers by thugs, anarchists, and left-wing radicals. Sadly, the Democrat party has allowed them to get away with it as evidenced by the massive murder and other crime increases in cities like Chicago and New York that they control.

Deborah Billado, chair of the Vermont GOP

Deterrence is essential for our safety and security that police presence brings. Reducing funding to police will mean more crime with less resources to deal with it. Each citizen will have to take a bigger role in their own protection. The Democrats have been trying for so long to take our 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms away, always saying we should rely on the police to protect us. Can you believe they are now saying defund or abolish the police but are ever increasing the call to take away our guns? How hypocritical and dangerous is that?

There is structural damage being done to our law enforcement organizations because of the assault on them. Fewer will want to become police officers and those that already are will want to get out as quickly as they can. That has proven to be true with recruiting down dramatically and early retirements for the force at a high level. We will never know but I so fear that so many bad things that would not have happened because the police were on the job, will now happen because for so many reasons they are no longer there as they were.

Take 10 minutes and listen to an incredible video about police and what is required of them from Justice William W. Bedsworth, Fourth District Court of Appeals. It will change your thoughts on policing forever.

We must start right now to show our support for our police officers. We should treat them with respect, teach that to our children, tell them we care about them, pray for them and back them up when and how we can, even if it is only from time to time to tell them “thank you for your service.” That is beginning to happen. In Burlington, people are turning out to support their police department and that is happening elsewhere as well.

Our VTGOP will be putting forth ways you can make your support known and you will become aware of them as time goes by. President Trump and Republicans are strong supporters of our police and we will never turn away from protecting you by ensuring the police will remain a strong and vital force for good.

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7 thoughts on “Deb Billado: Imagine a world without police

  1. I live in southern Vermont, nearest Police are 20 minutes away, and a 911 call may take up to 1 hour to get a respond-er, so I don’t have to imagine! What is weird is that constables can not perform any police activity unless they have outrageous certifications, even when elected by their citizens. which they would have to foot the bill for for a salary of $10,000/year… All dictated by the morons in Montpelier and Burlington!

  2. Deb,
    As one who served for years as our Selectboard liaison with law enforcement I have a great appreciation for those who serve in this capacity. Having the right staffing level and officers who work with a community in a positive way is crucial to a healthy community.
    Could you point out specifically which of the politicians we Vermonters will be voting for is in favor of
    abolishing the police.

  3. When I was a moronic 17-year-old with a lead foot, I always thought cops were “out to get me” for some inexplicable reason. While driving a rust bucket that was older than I was probably didn’t do me any favors, I’d wager all the speeding and underage drinking and pot smoking was what REALLY attracted police attention.

    And wouldn’t you know it, once I pulled my head out of my keyster and started NOT BREAKING THE LAW, my encounters with the local constabulary dropped off big time. Haven’t gotten so much as a parking ticket since I was 19.

    What a concept. Don’t break the law and don’t sass cops for simply enforcing said law and the folks in blue leave you alone. I should write a book. It’ll be one page including the footnotes. My working title is: “If You Don’t Want the Cops to Mess With You or Hand Out a Ton of Tickets, You Should Probably Just Not Break the Law”.

    It’s wordy but it really captures the essence of my ground-breaking thesis.

  4. Defund the police, what moron thought this up ?? Apparently they didn’t put any
    thought behind it, or if they did they want pure anarchy, yup that would be my guess
    and during an election year…….. what a coincidence

    Defund the police sure, lawlessness is already prevelent in big cities and this is just the
    tip of things to come welcome to the new social justice in America !!

    The real problems will begin when hard-working taxpaying Americans are fed up with the
    nonsense and the SHTF……. they will regret what they started.

    So we can have a country with a Constitution and rule of law or we can have socialist
    ” communism “nation …….. looks like we are headed that way !!!

    Wake up people……………

  5. Deb, the irony of all this shouting is the first ones to scream bloody murder, literally, will be folks clamoring for the defunding or eliminating the police.

  6. This Saturday from 11:00 to 2:00 pm on the State House lawn in Montpelier there’s a rally to support the police. We need as many as possible to show up. This is not a protest, it is a rally to support those who work in Law Enforcement. Like Deb said, imagine a country with no police. If we don’t remove the democrats from power we will all be living in their dystopian utopia. Vermont is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy now. Take a stand or forever hide under your bad!

  7. This seems pretty compelling to me. Just an aside though…wouldn’t it be more appropriate to de-fund the legislature? OKOKOK — the snarkyness just keeps jumping out. I’ll seek help – I.m sure there’s a conservatives anonymous chapter somewhere here in Chittenden Co.

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