Deb Billado: Biden, the crisis president

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President Joe Biden

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Deb Billado, chairwoman of the Vermont GOP. 

When Joe Biden assumed office, he said he would “build back better.” Let’s see how he’s done so far:

  • Inflation reaching its highest level in over a decade, with gas prices up 50 percent, lumber prices up 124 percent, and more;
  • More than 8.1 million open jobs as millions of Americans remain at home on unemployment;
  • The unemployment rate ticking up for the first time in a year;
  • A stark decline in the stock market, hurting millions of individuals and retirees;
  • Proposed massive tax hikes on millions of Americans;
  • A deteriorating situation in the Middle East with Israel under constant attack;
  • An unprecedented expansion of the federal budget deficit;
  • The extension of unemployment bonuses and other welfare benefits that pay better than work;
  • Hundreds of thousands of illegal crossings at the southern border, exacerbating a humanitarian crisis; and
  • A gas crisis, with the highest prices at the pump since the Obama administration.

Is this building back better? To modify a quote from President Reagan, are you better off than you were six months ago? Is life more affordable? Do you feel safer?

And yet all the media wants to talk about is Liz Cheney.

If you’re like me, you’re dismayed at the growing cost of living, a stagnant economy, a weak foreign policy, a border crisis, and a plummeting stock market.

First Lady Jill Biden recently said that they’re “just getting started.” While that was meant to invoke optimism, for many Americans it is a frightening reality of what the next few years of a Democrat-controlled White House, Senate, and House of Representatives have in store.

Now more than ever, we need to unify and stand together in opposition to policies that will hurt our country — not get distracted by what the mainstream media wants us to focus on.

Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore/Flickr

4 thoughts on “Deb Billado: Biden, the crisis president

  1. Perhaps 120 days may be too short of time, even in these days of quick analysis to completely determine a presidency.

    It appears the opposition has two choices. One to completely oppose everything and all President Biden proposes or two strategically work to shape needed legislation to best address the needs of our country. In this regard two items that past President Trump brought up but never succeeded in addressing might be considered. They are infrastructure and prescription drug prices.

    Given in particular the close divide in the Senate, the Republican party could play a crucial role in shaping legislation in these areas. While it would mean some compromise, constructive push back could result in taking the more impractical and left ideological ideas off what needs to be done. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is already to some extent playing this role in his party.

    For a Democracy and a Republic to work for its people there has to be a time for elections and a time for governance. While preparing for the next election it may be time now to focus on governance and accomplishments that would address some of the problems our country faces.

  2. One would think that after spending forty-eight years in politics, that it would take
    longer than ” 120 days ” to turn the whole country on its head and make the USA
    the laughing stock of the world with this senile fool, whoever is whispering in his ear
    really hates America !!

    The crisis is that ” Southern Border ” why are all these kids on their own, what kind
    of parent would ever let their children travel in these conditions, they don’t deserve
    to have any children and ” Biden & Harris ” have blood on their hands for not trying
    to stop it …….. stating it’s under control, how pathetic !!

    So for all of the 80 million that voted for him, now that’s funny, but what’s not funny are
    the trillions in spending that your ” kids ” and “grandkids” will be on the hook for nothings
    free……………..wake up !!

  3. Even the New York Times has a hard time finding anything positive to say about President Biden….See:

    In this article written a couple of days ago, the reporters tell us that Biden has a short fuse, which will prompt outbursts of frustration often laced with profanity.

    Biden is described as a person obsessed with details to such an extent that he is prone to lose sight of the big picture……Not a good trait for a Chief Executive, who has to deal with multiple critical issues at one time.

    The NYT article barely addresses the critical problems cited above by Deb Billado that are now facing the Biden administration, most of which are a product of Biden’s own doing.

    The NYT does tell us that President Biden has instructed the staff to keep the kitchen stocked with vanilla chocolate chip Haagen-Dazs ice cream….Now we can all sleep better tonight as the NYT is on top of keeping Biden in line.

  4. If policies and programs will produce predictable results it is not unreasonable to assume those are the intended results – words to the contrary be damned. Joe Biden’s results are, by his definition, “better.” Socioeconomic crises, insecurity, doubt about the future and the “lost” sense that the available information sources are unreliable is fertile ground for Marxist propaganda, for “reeducation” of the masses. The Progressives are pushing that in the schools right now. Just maybe Biden’s reemerging conflict in the Middle East, his sequential and overlapping disasters, his getting on good terms with Iran may not be the blunders we think them.

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