Dartmouth professor to write intro to Antifa comic book

By Rob Shimshock

A Dartmouth professor will write the introduction to an Antifa comic book due to be published in September.

Arsenal Pulp Press commissioned Dartmouth lecturer Mark Bray to write the intro for “The Antifa Comic Book: 100 Years of Fascism and Antifa Movements around the World” by Gord Hill. Bray previously authored “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” and donated half of the book’s profits to Antifa.

“Psyched to be writing the introduction to the Antifa comic book coming out soon,” Bray said on Twitter, posting what appears to be the book’s cover art.

Bray is a historian concentrating on terrorism, human rights, and political radicalism. He researches the impact of violent street resistance in postwar Western Europe on “conceptions of leftist masculinity,” according to Dartmouth’s gender research institute. Bray gave an interview to Truthout in which he described anti-fascism as “self-defense” but hesitated to “confine [fascism] to an abstract, analytical definition.”

“Emboldened by the American president, fascism is alive and well again, as witnessed by neo-Nazis marching in our streets again,” says the Antifa comic book’s Amazon description.

The description suggests that both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were fascist regimes.

“Antifa activists have proven, through history and again today, that the spirit of resistance is alive and well, and necessary.”

The author of the book, Hill, belongs to the Kwakwaka’wakw nation, concentrated in Canada, and is a participant in Indigenous anti-colonial and anti-capitalist resistance movements, often under the alias of Zig Zag.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Hill and a representative of Bray for comment but received none in time for press.

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3 thoughts on “Dartmouth professor to write intro to Antifa comic book

  1. Antifa started in Germany in the 30s as the Communist opposing the National Socialist party. Both were different branches of the same socialist tree fighting each other for total power. We see something similar today with the Sunni and Shiite Muslims killing each other.

  2. Oh goody. Send your kid to Dartmouth so he can become a fascist. Both my Dad and his father graduated from Dartmouth many years ago with excellent educations and both did extremely well in the real world. They would be spinning in their graves if they knew what has happened to this once great college. Nice to know we live close to these radical nutcases.

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