COVID-19 vaccine related deaths reported to CDC VAERS reach 15,386

The following article by Steve MacDonald has been republished with permission from GraniteGrok.

An update from Sept. 17, 2021, shows COVID-19 vaccine-related deaths reported to the VAERS system at 15,386. Additionally, we find over 66,000 hospitalizations and 20,789 who have been permanently disabled.

These are, of course, undercounted. We know from our previous reports that the VAERS reporting process takes up to 30 minutes per incident. Doctors were not reporting them all before health systems started firing nurses and staff, so even fewer of these are likely being completed and submitted as required by the FDA and CDC.

The undercounting can only get worse, not that these numbers are not shocking enough.

Here’s the latest update, dated 9-17-21.

VAERS COVID19 Vaccine Adverse Reaction 9-17-2021
VAERS COVID19 Vaccine Adverse Reaction 9-17-2021

On the flip side, we have the COVID Summary data provided to us here in New Hampshire data updated 9/27/2021. The threat of COVID continues to be a fraction of a percent for most while the rhetoric and policy continue to heat up with many demanding political intrusions that accomplish nothing.

Here is our reality check updated with the 9/27 data provided by the State.

And the two sections, enlarged.

As a reminder, hospitalizations and deaths are a percentage of positive cases.

NH Covid data chart 9-27-21 partial
NH Covid data chart 9-27-21 partial

And the demographics by population.

As a reminder, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in this view are a percentage of the statewide population for each age group.

NH Covid data chart 9-27-21 pt 2
NH Covid data chart 9-27-21 pt 2

If no one is doing this in your state or city (if you have data for a local area or municipality), I suggest you attempt to take that on yourself ad share it.

The facts from your government will probably contradict the policy prescriptions being proposed or mandated. Almost no one needs a vaccine for this, especially with several non-invasive treatments available for people who test positive and present symptoms.

One more point. There has been no unusual excess mortality in the US as a result of COVID19. The current rate is very similar to that in 2004 and lower than all years before that. Not the direction we’d want to go, but it’s not outrageous when the majority of those deaths are people near, at, or above the end of the average lifespan.

The losses are no less tragic but not indicative of the need to force people to take a questionable treatment that harms tens of thousands and kills nearly as many.

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3 thoughts on “COVID-19 vaccine related deaths reported to CDC VAERS reach 15,386

  1. …all based on a computer model based on what non-imagninative brains THOUGHT a virus should be and look like….that proves nothing but that the model works…and doesn’t prove viruses actually exist.
    The whole premise of virology is based on this…a MODEL of an IDEA of what a VIRUS acts like, looks like, does…and NO VIRUS HAS EVER BEEN ISOLATED …ever. Ten million dollars is still uncollected for anyone who can prove viruses exist.
    If you FOIA the CDC, as Dr. Robert Young did, you will get letters back that NO viruses have EVER been isolated or proven to exist. Only the MODEL exists. Not the viruses.
    ALL of this technofasicst medical tryanny, and I might add, climate change, is based on a MODEL created by the LIMITED IMAGINATIONS of those who are trained NOT to use their imaginations…and thus, can only create what they see, or are capable of seeing.
    This WHOLE plandemic is scam…and if you want to know the answers, start with:
    Qui bono?
    Who benefits.
    Follow the money…including schoolboards, businesses, state agencies… who’s getting the money and who’s round protuberances to they have to kiss to get it?
    Silence aids and abets these fascists.
    You get what you accept.

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