Constitutionalist Gregory Thayer of Rutland seeks GOP nomination for lieutenant governor

Michael Bielawski/TNR

READY TO RUN: Gregory Thayer (red scarf at center) of Rutland has toured the state to speak with Vermonters about critical race theory via his Vermonters for Vermont Initiative, and now he is running for lieutenant governor.

MONTPELIER, Vt. — A prominent voice in Vermont’s conservative circles, Gregory Thayer announced Thursday he is running for lieutenant governor.

“Today I’m here to announce my candidacy for the lieutenant governor position on the Republican ticket primary ballot,” Thayer, a liberty-minded resident of Rutland, said to supporters on the Statehouse steps amid zero-degree temperatures.

“The people who are occupying this building — Progressives and Democrats — are not our friends. They do not represent the best interest of you and your family,” he said, adding that many Vermont politicians work “for the agenda of special interests, big money and control.”

Thayer, an accountant, has never held office in state government — a fact that may be attractive to many voters. His experience in politics includes running the Vermonters for Vermont Initiative, which had him touring the state to speak with people about controversial subjects such as critical race theory in schools. He said if elected he will make similar public dialogues a weekly event.

Thayer’s resume also includes serving as an alderman on Rutland City Council, and as chair of the Rutland City Republican Party. In all, he’s been involved in politics for about 25 years.

One issue he is running on is standing with police to fight crime.

“Crime is out of control in Vermont,” Thayer said. “Government’s biggest responsibility is protecting its citizens, protecting its people. And the Progressives, the people in this building, they are not doing that. … I will fight for the police and stand up for law enforcement and give every tool and opportunity to do their job the most efficiently and effectively as they can.”

He also blasted the teaching of critical race theory in schools.

“As I touched on about critical race theory, indoctrination going on in the various schools around our state has got to stop. Parents did not sign their children over to the government schools. Parents have a responsibility and a right to be involved in the curricula of their schools and what their children are being taught and we need to honor that,” Thayer said.

He added that he stands for teaching about state and federal constitutions, and said schools should not politicize history courses.

“[The Vermont Constitution is] older than the federal Constitution, 1777,” he said. “And we need to honor our Constitution and protect it.”

On the Republican side, Thayer will be running against state Sen. Joe Benning, R-Caledonia, a moderate and the Senate’s former minority leader. Democrats who have announced candidacy for lieutenant governor include state Rep. Charlie Kimbell, D-Woodstock, and Vermont Council on Foreign Affairs Executive Director Patricia Preston.

According to VTDigger, former Lt. Govs. David Zuckerman and Doug Racine are also weighing a run for the office, which is opening following incumbent Lt. Gov. Molly Gray vacating the seat to run for U.S. House.

Thayer spoke out on Proposal 5, a controversial proposed constitutional amendment that would guarantee abortion rights up to the moment of birth.

“It’s a horrible and filthy piece of legislation,” he said. “It’s being pushed by special interests and we need to stop it. Vermont is not a state for abortion, pedophilia, prostitution. Or the biggest one that gets me is a 5-year-old boy could go into his doctors or his school and say ‘I want to be a female,’ and under this article, if it gets adopted by the people in November, he could do that and the parents have no rights.”

On the state’s COVID-19 policies, Thayer said while the coronavirus is a public health threat to be taken seriously, he does not support mandating people’s behaviors.

“I think it’s been blown up a lot, I really do,” he said. “It’s sad that we’ve lost so many great Americans and so many beautiful Vermonters, but I think some things will come out over the years — different ways that we could have treated and taken care of this.

“But I don’t support mandates. I led the charge in Rutland not to have mandates when the Legislature was doing that. I think it’s a personal responsibility.”

On running against Benning, he said, “You know I’m a brutal truth guy and I would set myself apart from Mr. Benning in that I would have worked harder for my principals, and the principals of the Republican Party.”

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

Image courtesy of Michael Bielawski/TNR

30 thoughts on “Constitutionalist Gregory Thayer of Rutland seeks GOP nomination for lieutenant governor

  1. Hi Gregory Thayer! You will be a breath of fresh air as LT Governor. We citizens of Vermont need as many American Constitutionalists as possible representing us in our State government and in Washington DC. It is time to elect candidates for office who will truly represent the citizens of Vermont instead of special interests and their money.

    • Linda; you certaining are correct in your post. We have seen Gregory at a Critical Race Theory meeting and he tells exactly how he feels. He had speakers that explained CRT and it was very informative. What Gregory stands for is what most Vermonters stand for. Also, I would like to say I object to non-citizens voting. They have not earned the right; until, they are naturalized as citizens of this Country, as other legal citizens have done. I will be happy to vote for Gregory Thayer. All we want is to obey the Constitution; the laws of this Country; without our Constitution we don’t have a Country. GO GREGORY, WE ARE WITH YOU!!!!!

  2. Hi Gregory Thayer! You will be a breath of fresh air as LT Governor. We citizens of Vermont need as many American Constitutionalists as possible representing us in our State government and in Washington DC. It is time to elect candidates for office who will truly represent the citizens of Vermont instead of special interests and their money.

  3. Watch out for Greeks bearing gifts is more like it lol, snake in the grass much Neil. The last person any Republican or anyone hoping for success needs to listen to is bitter loser and hater of all things Republican, Neil Johnson. The man who sits back tossing spitballs and rude retorts at each Republican just for drill and all that dare call out the evil Democrat Party, whilst bossing and barking orders @ everyone else yet does nothing constructive.

    Abject failure trying to start a political party using TNR to recruit which is why he is banned from mentioning Green Mountain Party. But still preaches same gospel of uniting the diametrically opposed Dems and Republicans which will never work bc its core is collectivism. Fun fact: never takes on Dem commenters here on TNR but Dems in general get the velvet glove. Once schooled each commenter with anything negative to say about the party or Dems in general to please stop – but still serving as running-dog for Dem Party.

    And Mr. Johnson isn’t even a Republican yet finds the time to bash Republicans routinely under the guise of Rino strawman. Slammed constitutionalist patriot Republicans such as Deb Billado – likely most conservative VTGop chair, Bob Frenier and Shannara Johnson for a few so there goes that steaming load.

    Ran for office and lost bc he didn’t know he had to reach out to voters on an individual level aka laziness but ungraciously blamed opponent for loss. If the dog don’t hunt advice is basically worthless. Continued drumbeat of same message that never works bc constitution is not at its core – making both sides get along is. Kumbaya doesn’t pass muster.

    • where have you been all these weeks?

      lol, yeah, who gets banned and for what reasons?

      Too funny. Yeah for the most part both parties are a complete failure. One’s totally marxist/communist and the other has 40-60% marxist/communists.

      Tell me again how much the Republicans will raise and who will they have bearing their flag?

      Oh that’s right Phil Scott and Joe Benning, and no money…huh.

      I ain’t selling snake oil, but somebody has clearly has to much they are unfit to drive/type.

      • Not banned here @TNR or any site bc of message but using red-flag troped veneer of religiousity…get a clue sir

        • Just “moderated” 2x in replying to you, not up yet. I can’t say certain words on this site. Call it what you will.

      • All you do is knock the VTGOP for drill – may I suggest ya find a better hobby – or for Gods sake do something yourself besides pointing out the flaws of others, as unlike you we are flawed and fallen humans and have not achieved perfection. And kindly blow the dust off your bible and read about what JC has to say about hypocrites. Spoiler – it ain’t pretty Neil – take heed lest ye fall. Bless your heart sir.

    • How many news articles would you like about our Governor publically voting for Biden???
      It was national news everywhere, here is one.

      Paul Dame

      “If it was just about being upset with the president (Biden), it would have faded out pretty quickly,”

      Dame said he did not support Trump,

      Sometimes reality is brutal. And no, I definitely do not consider myself a Republican, I’m an American. I don’t put party above my love of country. George Bush was the biggest American Traitor, he sold us out on Agenda 21, I did vote for him though. In hindsight it was a huge mistake. Vote for Ross Perot, Trump and Ron Paul too.

      Enjoy your political fantasy.

      • This comment made it through moderation, most of them do. True North Reports is the most free place to comment.

        The battle is not american fighting american aka D vs R, this is what the globalist wants, black man fighting white man, woman against man, child against parent, internal political strife, and most importantly turning from all love, wisdom and forgiveness, God and the Bible.

        No the battle lines are American vs globalist. The globalist know everything, just ask them, like Karl Marx they are so full of pride they hate God and the Bible They love power and money!

        The current leader of the VGOP, carry the water for our globalist. There could be not better example than Vermonts COvid policies.what are we doing for early treatment? How many needlessly died. How many lives ruined and economically devastated.

        This is a major leadership issue.

      • A bit rich sir – as someone who is batblind and filled with hate for a poilitical party your silly sermoinizing got old quick go find a mirror but sit down first lol.. Restating the obvious adds nothing to the conversation – yawn! 😀

  4. Excellent message Greg! Good luck and thank you for fighting for some sanity under the Golden Dome!

  5. Watch out for those within the party.

    Your competition is not a republican, but a water boy for the new world order, I speak of mr Benning. Why does the the party allow such a man to carry an R next to his name?

    Because of this he will likely dilute the vote and we will all suffer because of it. Who do you think our governor will endorse and campaign with? This is major, major, major….I can assure you our present governor will do everything possible to keep you from holding office from within the party and outside the party with the support of democrats.

    It is just a guess that you did not vote for Brandon, nor do you believe “let’s go Brandon” means you want to shopping in Brandon VERMONT.

    With this, you are public enemy #1 to the Governor and the Chair of the VTGOP, but thankfully those who love the constitution will have someone to vote for.

    For the above is why the VTGOP, has utterly failed for decades, they are divided. Can’t have Marxists in an American political party and not expect chaos and crappy results.

    God Speed.

  6. I will vote for him – it won’t be counted of course because Jim Condos, et al, have ensured his CCP loving party will never lose again. Thanks for trying Mr Thayer. Until we resolve and prosecute the corrupted cesspool which is Vermont, the crooks remain in power.

  7. You are exactly what we need… someone that is not infected with political hypocrisy. you are a good man.. you will have my vote.

    • Me too, make sure to bring out the dems dirty laundry. Our lefty media will not help. It is up to us, through sites like this, to keep the light shining brightly on the destruction of our state by mostly carpetbaggers from elsewhere. We don’t give up until the battle at the box is done. Joe Benning = Joe Biden, a true RINO. I’m all done voting for RINOs. While not really a republican, I identify as a constitutionalist also. A true republican is as close as we can come to stop the insanity in Montpelier.

      • Benning is reportedly a Dem from NJ that ran as a Dem in a very red area and lost…switched to R and voila

        • And VTGOP is ok with that. He’s running as LT> Gov now! He helped Molly Gray get elected! Didn’t want to rock boat.

          His comments…

          At this point the only remaining entity with any standing (at least that comes from a position of strength) is the VTGOP. I’m not sure of the party’s willingness to pursue it, and for that answer you’d have to speak with Deb Billado. My suspicion is that Ashe, Ingram and Milne decided to forgo pursuit of this issue because they had thoroughly vetted the question and decided it was not worth pursuing. I would have a hard time believing each of them did NOT do whatever homework was necessary to put the pieces together of where she factually resided and what the definition of that would be in court precedent.

          On the other hand, I was not party to those decisions. Whether any particular citizen of Vermont could convince a court that they had standing to bring a declaratory judgment I could not say. I’m only pointing out that the three candidates who opposed her, and likely the party that opposed her, would have the strongest position in that regard.

          Since I have to work with her in the event such a suit were lost, I’m not willing to try that myself. If you are interested in pursuing this further, I’d suggest a conversation with the party’s former lawyer, Brady Toensig. Hope that answers your question.

          and more

          I just had one other thought. If a court declared she was ineligible, the next question to ask is: who would replace her? I believe a court would have to order that she be replaced by someone in her own party. Phil Scott would have to do the appointing. Welcome to Tim Ashe as Lt. Gov.

          Personally, that leaves me with very mixed reactions to this issue. On the one hand, I’m rather rabid in my protecting the constitutional principles that I’m sworn to uphold. On the other, from a Republican strategy standpoint, I believe a newbie in the position (along with a new pro tempore and new majority leader) will better enable the Republican caucus to slow down stupid stuff while all three go through the learning curve. Just something else to think about.

          I’m not the traitor, nor am I suggesting we hangout with them

          • I’ll say it again see I”m not the traitor…why would Benning say Scott would appoint Ashe? Huh, answer me that one!

          • Prevarication and obfuscation reside in province of sophistry…per usual nothing said refutes my comments sir

          • If you’re not a traitor sir yalls are nothing lol. And mumbo-jumbo amounts to a pis*hole in the snow sir

        • Yesh have read mindnumbing off-topic dumb articles so whats your damn point sir…and may I suggest spellcheck and fave search engine are your friends lol

          • I will say, I do lose my self in worry at times. God is in control, so why should I worry?

            But I do. If my country becomes a Marxist hell hole, God will guide me with his wisdom and love. Look what he did with Joseph, sold as a slave by his family, yet becomes second in command of his captor. There is hope.

            He does love us. He loves all of us. He wants us to focus on him. He will provide. He will deliver us in a time of need. God does hate injustice, he hates pride. I should never think my thoughts have any meaning, they don’t.
            His ways are not our ways.

            God does bring down corrupt rulers, on his time schedule, on his ways. Just as he let pharaoh become proud following the Jews only to be engulfed by the sea.

            He takes them out, time and time again as written in Kings. He will do it again, as he can be trusted.

            So no I should not worry nor have a care, God is control

          • Can say anything you wish, as you recite religious rubbish, insult and condescend GOP members including constitutional patriots – know this – actions speak louder than words, one thing is clear Neil does nothing to move the ball forward or advance the constitutional patriot America First movement.

          • Wake and smell Folgers crystals much lol…Tho God loves everyone, doesn’t like everyone, only lovers of JC seek to be liked lol 😀

      • Same here,as moderate is a polite term for a RINO and I won’t cast a vote for Leftist of any stripe.

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