Conservative candidates could capitalize on overzealous coronavirus lockdown

Vermont GOP candidates for office may have an opportunity to promote their fiscally conservative messages as businesses and personal freedoms continue to be suppressed during the ongoing coronavirus shutdown.

The Republican Party in Vermont has recruited more candidates for office this year than in 2018, including about 112 candidates for House and Senate seats and more than 20 for federal, state and county offices.

Anya Tynio, of West Charleston, is making a second run for the U.S. House seat occupied by long-time incumbent Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt.

“As our state and nation are faced with unprecedented challenges, it is imperative to have a representative who will fight for our constitutional rights, be fiscally responsible, promote American business, support our agricultural community and use common-sense and flexibility to advance legislation that will provide for the health, safety, and security of our nation,” she said about her decision to run again.

Anya Tynio

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS: Republican Anya Tynio of West Charleston says conservatives could have a better voter turnout this election season because voters are more awake and paying attention. She is running for U.S. House against Rep. Peter Welch, a Democrat.

She added that the current extent of the economic lockdown may be excessive as the coronavirus death tolls remain low compared to early modeling. However, the economic shutdown imposed by Gov. Phil Scott over fears of the virus has caused Vermont’s unemployment rate to rise to 15.6% in April — a record high.

“It does appear to be a disproportionate amount of regulations compared to the actual threat that we are experiencing,” she said. “We are very happy that we did not get a very overwhelming caseload but it is important that Vermonters are able to live their lives and feed their families and get back to work.”

While states across the nation continue to open slowly, a poll from late April indicates that 72 percent of Americans will reach their breaking point if the lockdown continues into June.

Justin Tuthill, of Pomfret, is also a Republican running for U.S. Congress.  He has worked in education, airlines, and health care. On his campaign page, he says that the effects of the shutdown will have lasting impacts on the economy.

“We may be entering a new period, while life will return to normal for the majority of the country, the economic ramifications of our response may be felt for some time,” he said.

In the race for lieutenant governor, the GOP has two candidates running — Dana Colson, a business owner from Sharon, and Meg Hansen, a former executive director of Vermonters for Health Care Freedom.

Colson, who came into the public eye after the tragic murder of his teenage son, says he is focused on saving the rural economy. He warns that Vermont is facing dire economic consequences if the shutdown continues for too long.

“If this shutdown lasts months we will be in for a depression,” he wrote. “Vermont has already suffered from years of big government socialist spending, to the point of businesses and native Vermonters fleeing the state due to high taxes, high cost of living and lack of high paying jobs.”

Hansen has focused her critiques on the new “All-Payer” health care system, which changes paying for medical services from a traditional fee-for-service model to a new value-based reimbursement model.

“We begin this battle with two serious handicaps,” she wrote in a recent commentary. “First, Vermont administrators impose a slew of draconian regulations that have restricted the supply of health resources for years. Second, the rationing of various health care services has been taking place since the creation of Vermont’s All-Payer Accountable Care Organization (ACO) model in 2016.”

On the Democratic Party side, former secretary of education Rebecca Holcombe and Bennington lawyer Patrick Winburn are each running for the lieutenant governorship. Holcombe has posted on Twitter that she believes the coronavirus is dangerous enough that it warrants sending absentee ballots to all registered voters in the state. Winburn said back in April that he expects that traditional large-crowd campaigning may come back by mid-June.

In the race for governor, outdoor sportsman and activist Kevin Hoyt, of Bennington, says Vermont’s response to COVID-19 has been overblown.

“We locked down because we listened to the science and we were supposed to get 2 million deaths, but we found out they lied to us,” he said. “The numbers don’t match the response.”

He added that increased drug abuse, suicides, depression, and other economic and social consequences are going to have a more severe impact on Vermonters than the virus.

John Klar, another Republican candidate for governor, recently wrote in an op-ed that many of the governor’s lockdown measures are likely unconstitutional.

“[Gov. Phil Scott] has imposed the coronavirus restrictions via gubernatorial edict, not democratically-enacted statutes,” he wrote.

Incumbent Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman, a Progressive-Democrat, is also running for governor.

Michael Bielawski is a reporter for True North. Send him news tips at and follow him on Twitter @TrueNorthMikeB.

Images courtesy of Public domain and Anya Tynio

7 thoughts on “Conservative candidates could capitalize on overzealous coronavirus lockdown

  1. Great story Mr. Bielawski. Yes the past four years of routine trashing of our constitution and wholesale selling out of VT most specifically at the hands of NWO plant Comrade Scott allied with the other communists who have taken over the legislature have destroyed what little is left of our state. The number of those who have come forward to serve the good people of VT is exciting.

    Most exciting is the hope represented by John Klar whose eyeopening op-eds I have been reading for 5-6 years. His love of our state, experience working one-on-one with opiate addiction, connection to faith community, experience as a lawyer and most of all a farmer uniquely positions him to lead the state which once had more cows than ppl.

    His back-to-the-futuristic plan to prioritize agriculture is brilliant as at no other time in recent memory is food scarcity more of a reality as it is now. VT has a worldwide reputation for hard workers and food purity. Selling farming to newcomers much more worthwhile than paying ppl to park here and work from home – epic fail. How about park here and work from farm.

    Limiting and downsizing government and hopefully restoring education system to sanity will not be done by any other candidates that I can see.

    Returning VT back to constitutional foundation is crucial and there is no one running who is more positioned to take this on than John Klar.

  2. Someone send Chancellor Scott the memo he doesn’t need to skip debates until Crisis Plandemic is over!
    SORRY AMERICA – Those Catastrophic Mortality Rates Sold to Us by the WHO, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Were a Huge Scam
    By Joe Hoft Published June 3, 2020 at 8:08am 320 Comments
    Cowardly lion Comrade Scott rides again;
    After Announcing Reelection Bid, Scott Says Debates Contingent On Coronavirus
    By Peter Hirschfeld • May 29, 2020

  3. We as Vermonters are struggling to get a representation that mirrors the needs of our citizens. Solving the Vermont problem is solving the swamp problem in our country. Vermont is mired in cronyism. Vermont is overwrought with New World Order pimps hiding in the Democratic Party. Vermont as can be clearly seen by message boards is more divided, more divisive than the entire country except for perhaps Washington D.C.

    We have firmly established sides, that are combative, that are vitriolic and nasty beyond belief. Both sides are guilty, very much so.

    This division is being fostered and propagated by those currently in control. Those in control are the rinos and NWO pimps.

    These people are not Vermonters. They are not Americans. They do not support and defend our constitution, we are a constitutional republic. In a sense they are very polite domestic terrorists. Those who wish to tear down our constitution rather than defend are enemies of the country, some very good sophists, who have convinced many we are democracy, aka mob rule. Mob rule and why our founding fathers abhorred the thought is being displayed across our country with rioting and looting.

    This looting by mobs is clearly demonstrating why we have the second amendment. Towns people are gathering together and defending their towns, the looters pass by when people are armed at their store fronts and on roofs in numbers. Where laws are not enforced and chaos is allowed to run rampant, towns are completely destroyed. Criminals are not arrested in NYC….again these areas are not run by American loving Democrats, they are run by NWO pimps.

    Vermont has the beginnings of change.

    Cynthia Browning, John Rodgers and John Klar represent these changes.

    Make no mistake these two will be shunned, ostracized, unable to get any traction, defunded, assaulted on every scale. Are they perfect? No, no man or woman is.

    Are they leading and standing out against the status quo, MOST DEFINITELY.

    They represent a break from the strangled hold the Pimps and Rinos currently have. John Klar, while I may disagree with some things, has done more, has more people standing by him in unison and for the republic, solid conservatives than has ever happened in the VT GOP. While others will have you focus on a record of bad choices, the company he keeps, that I know is rock solid. Rock solid.

    Vermonters have a choice, to tear each other down, which is exactly what the rinos and pimps want.

    We need to foster these people and their efforts.

    The Pimps and the rinos have framed the conversation that Dems/Libs and Republicans are the two choice for Vermonters to make. At all costs they do not want to Vermonters to know who is in control

    The real division people should be thinking is Swamp vs. Vermont Citizen

    Swamp = NWO Pimps and Rino’s

    Vermont Citizens = American Loving Democrates and kind hearted conservative republicans.
    I would argue the Vermont citizens are best represented by the likes of Cynthia Browning, John Rodgers and John Klar with is merry group of kind hearted republicans.

    Fighting and division is key for swamp creature survival. We need to come together in peace and harmony.

  4. I’m happy that the Republican party has decided to get some candidates to run for office.

    We need proven conservative candidates to run for office in the state of Vermont and support our great president while protecting vermonters from the socialism that is trying so hard to take over our state.

    With that being said I am disappointed at those in our Republican party that have decided to stand beside a man who has voted for decades for socialist leaders for president the same leaders that want to take our constitutional rights and cram socialism down our throats.

    We have no room in the state of Vermont to err on the side of stupidity..

    please be sure to check the record of those running for office of governor and see whom they have supported in the past and then tell me how you will trust them to be governor of the state of Vermont…a little hint would be these are the people that refuse to call themselves Republicans..

    They are the hyphenated Republicans…

    after a lifetime of fighting to keep these battle out of government in the state of Vermont it is sad that some in our Republican party are supporting them..

    Please let’s not prove we are dumb vermonters

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