CNN senior political analyst: If midterms are about Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats are in deep trouble

By Nick Givas

There has been a major shift in midterm election polling, showing the GOP on the rise in several key races in battleground states across the country, said CNN politics writer Harry Enten.

“I think [a poll bounce] is there,” he said “New Day” Thursday.  “We’re not just seeing it in the private polls, it does seem in some of the public polls as well, that Republicans do in fact seem to be seeing some sort of bounce.”

“To me this isn’t really all that surprising given, yes, Brett Kavanaugh is not very popular but he is more popular than the president of the United States, so if these midterms are about how people feel about Brett Kavanaugh, it actually shrinks the Democratic margin,” he added.

Enten also said the North Dakota Senate race is slipping away from Democrats, as Republican Kevin Cramer holds a double digit lead over Incumbent Heidi Heitkamp.

“This is to me the biggest number of the week, “he declared. “We saw an earlier poll in North Dakota that showed something similar. If Democrats want to take back the United States Senate they need to hold North Dakota … That is very bad news for Democrats.”

Enten then commented on Democratic Incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill and said it’s unusual she is only polling at 43 percent, while being tied with her GOP challenger Josh Hawley.

“It’s a red state. Claire McCaskill has not been that popular over the past couple of years,” he added.

Enten closed with the Tennessee Senate race, which showed Republican incumbent Marsha Blackburn holding a five point lead over Democrat Phil Bredesen.

“This is a state Donald Trump won by 26 percentage points, so voters are going to vote about how they fell about the president, he concluded.

“The thing that should be pointed out in both Tennessee and the Missouri polls, both of those leads are within the margin of error. Those races could turn out differently.”

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4 thoughts on “CNN senior political analyst: If midterms are about Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats are in deep trouble

  1. DemocRats grossly overplayed the EMOTIONAL angle regarding Kavanaugh.
    In the process they lost all sense of reality and rationality.

    Senator Feinstein delayed their “fun and games” for about 60 days by hiding a letter from DOCTOR Ford, then released it at the last minute hoping there would be enough chaos to sink Kavanaugh.

    Something happened in 1982 between a 15 yo girl and a 17 yo boy.
    Ford remembered the decade of the party.
    Ford could not remember the year and the date of the party, or where it was.

    The only thing Ford is sure about is:
    She had one beer at the party.
    The bedroom was upstairs,
    There were two boys in the room
    One tried to undress her
    The boys, who had a few beers, were laughing

    She got away
    She hid in a locked bathroom.
    She left, apparently without telling anyone at the party.

    She does not remember who invited her to the party.
    How she got there
    How she got home

    Then she did not tell anyone until 2012, 30 YEARS LATER, during a couples counseling session.
    She said she did not mention Kavanaugh, but her husband said she did.
    She claimed fear of flying, but flew frequently.
    She claimed claustrophobia.

    Her boyfriend of 6 years said they flew from island to island in Hawaii
    She never told him about having been sexually attacked.
    She never told him she had a fear of flying
    She never told him she had claustrophobia

  2. Watching the Democrats go bat guano crazy for the last three months has been like a visit to the monkey house. They have wildly flaunted their madness, their presumed power to dominate the Conservatives by overt intimidation. Their hubristic confidence that this strategy could be expected to enhance their electoral chances is alone sufficient reason they should not hold the power of elected office. Could anyone wish to be under the self-serving laws they could be expected to create – and impose? And pay for?

  3. Wow “CNN ” senior political analyst: If midterms are about Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats are in deep trouble, one can only hope.

    All this has been is the DemocRATS Circus, trying to stop another conservative justice as they know this will shift the Court and their Liberal agenda will be hurt. As we have seen they will do and say anything, no matter who it hurts. This includes those who support there own party (Dr. King) was just a “stooge” they used for their agenda, shameful.

    Since day one of the Kavanaugh nomination, the DemocRATS stated they would not vote for him and as we have seen their delay, delay tactics. All this showed who the clowns really where in this Circus, his scam, didn’t work. Liberals will destroy this Country if you let them.

    Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed.

    • “Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed.”

      IF the publicity seeking clown gets back in time from the wedding to do his act in the circus.

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