Climate crusaders hammer big oil for pushing green energy, championing climate change

By Chris White

Environmental lawyers are hammering BP for engaging in an ad campaign that promotes green energy policies designed to lessen climate change.

Nonprofit ClientEarth wants to force the company to remove the ads unless it includes a label warning people that BP’s products contribute to climate change. The group argued that the ad violates international guidelines governing corporate conduct.

ClientEarth filed its complaint with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

“This is a smokescreen,” Sophie Marjanac, a lawyer for ClientEarth, told reporters. The complaint included a 100-page dossier examining BP’s advertisements and how activists say they are whitewashing the company’s production of oil and gas, she said.

BP’s campaign claims, among other things, that natural gas reduces carbon emissions and is a clean form of energy. It also champions solar power and wind turbines.

“While BP’s advertising focuses on clean energy, in reality, more than 96% of the company’s annual capital expenditure is on oil and gas. According to its own figures, BP is spending less than £4 in every £100 on low-carbon investments each year. The rest is fuelling the climate crisis,” she added.

BP pushed back against the complaint.

“We have not seen this complaint, but we strongly reject the suggestion that our advertising is misleading. BP has clearly said that the world is on an unsustainable path and must do more to reduce emissions. We support a rapid transition of the world’s energy system,” the company said in a statement.

Carbon dioxide emissions — one of the chief contributors to a warming climate — dipped in the United States in recent years due to an increase natural gas production. Such forms of energy have largely supplanted coal-fired generation in the country.

Carbon emissions dropped sharply in 47 states and Washington, D.C. The trend was especially pronounced in states that moved from coal to natural gas. Fracking for natural gas is responsible for almost 20% of the decline in carbon emissions, while solar power is responsible for a mere 1% of the decline, a Manhattan Institute study shows. For every ton of CO2 solar power reduced, fracking cut 13 tons. Prominent environmentalists continue to crusade against hydraulic fracturing, even as data suggests natural gas leads to reduced emissions contributing to climate change.

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2 thoughts on “Climate crusaders hammer big oil for pushing green energy, championing climate change

  1. Well, isn’t that special. “Climate Warriors” against a fossil fuel company who is actually trying to make a difference. I’m beginning to wonder what the true motivations are for those “Climate Warriors”? Are they worried that they cannot control the true facts? Are they concerned that BP might tarnish their “Al Gore Church of Climatology” image?
    Things that make you go: Hmmmm!

  2. Those significantly invested in heavily subsidized wind and solar generating systems, e.g. Al Gore, could be expected to react negatively to a much greater reduction in atmospheric carbon dioxide more economically achieved by a substantially more reliable means having vastly higher generating capacity. No trouble at all seeing the motivation behind those protests. If the goal was actually seeing less carbon dioxide, they’d be all for gas fueled generation.

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