Citizen journalists visit coronavirus hospitals, find no ill patients or crowds awaiting testing

Citizen journalists around the country have decided to survey coronavirus hospital centers supposedly overwhelmed by a surge of patients. What they found surprised them.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Banej

22 thoughts on “Citizen journalists visit coronavirus hospitals, find no ill patients or crowds awaiting testing

  1. I think the people being tested are actually being given the virus or other deadly virus. Remember they are sticking a swab up your nose and swabbing your mouth. Maybe the the protocol is infect 10 save 10. Who knows what the government is infecting us with! Population control people! They are trying to control the numbers just like China but blaming something else for it. However, because we are US citizens they need a cover up.

  2. Do they get 100% funding for all Corona Virus deaths?

    Makes for an overwhelming reason to test for corona virus?

    The press and the politicians want us to be fighting, arguing about who’s to blame while in reality we’re being robbed blind of life liberty, our country and money by both sides. The orchestration is seriously impressive.

    Where will we be in 6 months? You can tell what is in the heart of leaders and doctors by what they speak of today, forecasting our future. Will we have rationing like Cuba? Will we be free and prosperous? Their words reveal their heart.

  3. I read this article last night and thought I had posted a response. I don’t see my post today? Just hoping I made the mistake and that it wasn’t not published for a reason. I will reiterate:

    “April Fools!,…..Right?!

    • CBS admitted it and said it was an edit error. Was the commentary also an edit error? They’re causing undue panic and fear! We deserve better!

  4. I would love to see one of these people filming hold up that days news paper with the date on it. Show them getting that days news paper with the current headlines, then show what is really happening! Yes a bit old fashioned but it will give them a bit more credibility to their taping.
    I believe there is something much bigger then what we are being told and the true always comes out!
    Please keep making more videos about this and stay safe!

    • Yes Mary, I would like to see this as well. Government agencies and pharmaceutical companies have tons of power and with that comes corruption. But, I just can’t find it in myself to believe that they would go so far as to fake a pandemic. And that those in the medical fields would “go in on it”, so to speak.

  5. I don’t believe it’s the just the viruses I truly believe that they brought out the 5G Network and it is destructive for humans and animals alike… It’s also weakening our immune system to not be able to fight off a simple virus or a deadlier one.

  6. Footage of bodies stacked in bodybags in nyc is footage after the earthquake in ecuador.

    Lots of fakery. This is just another bank robbery. 911 style shock and awe.

  7. Soft Martial and gauging the peoples reaction to being the frog in the pot and the tempter of the water.

  8. So what’s the point of it all, then? If there’s no pandemic, no swarms, no fear… What’s the point of the lying? What are they covering up? What are they getting out of this? And who is the ominous THEY?

  9. If no one is getting tested and the hospitals are empty, where are the ever-increasing numbers of sick and dead coming from?

    • Not sure about every where else but 1 of the deaths in my state wasnt even from the virus or in my state so maybe made up

      • James you are so correct. Wish more people realize this and not believe all the media hype. My response to another article: Researched and personal experience.

        Below is copied info. Also a personal friend told me directly about a person that died of cancer. The hospital staff was instructed to put the cause of death as due to the virus. Interesting also there is non-stop “news about the virus on every “news program”. There’s something else to all this. There hasn’t been any news that X number died from other means, cancer, heart attack and you name it. There will be light beamed on all this. It takes time and is a slow trickle. Keep an open mind and question.

        Doctors are known to do this to “cook the books”. My father died of cancer. He was a smoker and addicted, couldn’t give them up. Many organs were heavily involved. On his Death Certificate the doctor(s) stated death was due to “HEART FAILURE”. Of course the heart failed. I was with him when he died. TOTAL FALSEHOOD The medical establishment didn’t want bad cancer figures “Because they are winning against cancer”. He died January 1984. There are parallels here. Sounds too common. Cancer is a money maker, so don’t cure cancer too fast.

        Therefore I don’t believe the death numbers being due to the virus only. Politicians also have an agenda. And of late, the media has been a total bunch of biased liars. Just listen to them and connect the dots.

        1. Is anyone double checking the REAL reason people are dying of something other than the Coronavirus? Too many health professionals, doctors and nurses, are saying they are told to write down the cause of death to be Coronavirus instead of the real reason, i.e. heart attack, stroke, etc.

        2. Dr. Pamela Egan March 28, 2020 at 8:05 pm
        The fact is that we have 24,000 – 62,000 flu deaths per year, but we don’t hear a peep about this any more. Every year we loose thousands to viral pneumonia, but we never know which virus because there hasn’t been testing.
        Wash your hands & Don’t touch your Face.
        Healthy Regards,
        Dr. Pamela Egan

        3. Dr. Pamela Egan March 28, 2020 at 8:13 pm
        According to CDC.
        Number of deaths per year from viral pneumonia: 49,157.
        We go through this every year.

        4. Jackie’s assertion that doctors are being told to put CoVid-19 as COD on patients’ reports would truly be earth shattering — that is if a handful of those same doctors are willing to step forward and tell that to legislators, the AMA and maybe even Trump’s task force. Otherwise it is just word-of-mouth rumor that the democrats are just dying to latch onto.

        • Tom, death certificates may vary some from state to state, but you generally find there is a Primary Cause of Death followed by secondary causes which may be listed. Cardiorespiratory Arrest is a frequently listed primary cause. As you said, a person died because their heart stopped and they stopped breathing. The secondary cause may then be “due to or as a result of “metastatic lung cancer, or “arteriosclerotic heart disease”, etc. Don’t let convention or proper procedure cause you to think doctors are “cooking the books”.

          Not saying that doesnt happen, but in those cases there might be a different “signature” than the one you were thinking of. Hope this may give some clarity on the documentation of the passing of your Dad.

          • You are so right there, my sister died of AIDS, in 97, no where on the death certificate did it say AIDS, it said enciphilitis. It was a complication of AIDS.

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