CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Trump could win Nobel Peace Prize for North Korea efforts, Obama got one for a lot less

By Nick Givas

Chris Cuomo, host of CNN’s “New Day,” thinks President Donald Trump may receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to broker peace between North and South Korea, and said he may deserve the award more than former President Barack Obama.

“Politics. We have to deal with the policy, obviously,” Cuomo said Friday. “There are so many what IFS and conditions and all that. But if you take it at its best possible result — President Obama got a Nobel peace award for a lot less than bringing actual peace, instead of armistice to the Korean peninsula.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in released a joint statement Friday promising “a new era of peace” in Korea. The announcement is seen as unprecedented, as Trump’s predecessors made little progress in dealing with the rogue nation.

Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize back in 2009 just over eight months after he became president, and while America was still embroiled in two wars in the Middle East. The Peace Prize committee chairman who gave him the award (and a cash prize of $1.4 million) has since been demoted.

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