Carlson: The truth about Jan. 6 ‘insurrection’ is on the videotapes

Fox News host Tucker Carlson fires back at critics who are outraged over his airing previously hidden footage of the January 6 Capitol breach on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”


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34 thoughts on “Carlson: The truth about Jan. 6 ‘insurrection’ is on the videotapes

  1. Videos don’t lie but, liars manipulate videos to tell whichever side of the story suits them best.

    Pick a side it really doesn’t matter. Anyone who doesn’t believe THEIR side lies is an idiot.

  2. Murdoch, from Australia, who owns FoxNews, among many other entities, likely took Carlson’s tapes, and put them in a vault.

    Murdoch is a $multi-billionaire, but his media empire can be squeezed by a thousand cuts, by the State/Defense/Intel complex, which rules all, even, to some extend, the US Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court

  3. The best way to find the truth and to expose “liars” is not by selective video tapes from a commentator and a network that promotes one thing on the air and ways another thing in private. And whose bottom line is the financial bottom line, not what is good for our country.

    The best way to find the truth and expose “liars is when they are under oath where lies have consequences when people commit perjury, and in judicial findings. Tucker Carlson is a showman and none of what he says is under oath. Court findings show in their own emails that he and other commentators and Fox News executives new the truth bu hid it in order to not lose followers.

    Those of us who believe in smaller fiscally responible government deserve better than this of those who pruport to hold similar values.

    • Yeah, tell that to the guys in the DC Gulag held without bond for basically trespassing. Their 4th Amendment Rights has been violated.

      Lies exposed: 1. The so called Q Anon Shaman committed no crime. 2. His defense attorney was not allowed to view the exculpatory film. 2. The judge did not see the exculpatory footage of film. Officer Sitnick was not killed by being hit with a fire extinguisher.

      You can’t handle the truth.

    • Re: “Tucker Carlson is a showman and none of what he says is under oath.”

      Carlson wasn’t at the Jan 6 riots. He simply reported what he saw on the video tapes and compared it to what the Jan 6 committee showed the public. The only reason Carlson’s references appear selective is because the Jan 6 committee footage he was referencing was selective too. At least Carlson didn’t dub the footage with exaggerated and unrelated sound recordings – like the Jan 6 committee did.

      But hey, let’s change the subject (as you often do) – What ‘truth’ did FOX executives hide? Oh, that’s right. They didn’t agree with Trump’s election claims. No, they didn’t ‘know better’. Some of those people, not all, simply expressed their opinion too. So, what does this tell us?

      Well, first of all, it exposes your hypocrisy, Mr. Freitag – a persistent habit on your part. Were the FOX executive emails given under oath? No. And yet you buy into them hook, line and sinker as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

      No, Mr. Freitag, Trump can’t prove the election was stolen. And neither you nor anyone else can prove that it wasn’t. With an election system as flawed as ours is these days, no one can verify who voted, let alone who they voted for.

      But I digress. The video tapes, selected or otherwise, expose as liars only those who used them to misrepresent the circumstances surrounding Jan 6. If you can show that the clips, put forth by Carlson, misrepresent anything, stop with your typical innuendo and ‘prove it’.

      • Tucker showed more video then the kangaroo court did when they were pressing charges. Withholding ALL the evidence just using snips that pushed their charge and not allowing the charged to counter their charges is illegal so Carlson is being more truthful then the dem/rino committee which was really another Russia hoax hearing. The liars are outed again and again but you continue to hold them on a pedestal when they should be in jail instead of the Vote protesters.

        • One way in our search for the truth, besides when people have to testify under oath and there are consequences for what they say, is to test our own assumptions and prejudices.

          The way to do this is switch the parties involved and think about whether we would view things differently. In this case, what if Biden had lost the election and called his supporters to Washington D.C. to “fight like hell” to prevent the certification of the election? What if those storming the Captiol and injurying over 100 police officers were Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists instead of Trump supporters? What would we think if an MSNBC commentator had been given exclusive access to the tapes and make their own selective rendering?

          • Re: “…what if Biden had lost the election and called his supporters to Washington D.C. to “fight like hell” to prevent the certification of the election?”

            For goodness sakes…. the best you can do is divert attention with ‘strawman’ logic… please.

            Readers should note that Mr. Freitag omitted Trump’s directive to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

            Mr. Freitag’s false premise is that everyone must be as dishonest as he is. In other words, he can’t refute what I’ve said. Instead, he fabricates a ‘strawman’ – the logical fallacy of distorting an opposing position into an extreme version of itself and then arguing against that extreme version.

            Ironically, the extreme version of Freitag’s opposing position actually occurred earlier in 2020 with the George Floyd riots in Oregon, Washington, Washington DC, Minnesota and elsewhere. Thousands were injured. Hundreds died. And there were Billions of dollars in damages.

            How many of the rioters were prosecuted and jailed without due process? None.

            What did the congressional committee investigating those riots do? Nothing. There were no congressional investigations.

            “…what if Biden had lost the election and called his supporters to Washington D.C. to “fight like hell” to prevent the certification of the election?”

            We’ll see for certain what happens in 2024. Can’t wait.

          • Mia Culpa – Re: “Hundreds died.”

            This is likely to be an overstatement. We know more than a dozen police officers died in the Floyd riots. It’s hard to determine how many civilians died.

            According to Forbes, the most recent accounting (Updated Apr 14, 2022, 02:05pm EDT), at least 19 people died in 14 days of protests. And we know that the riots went on for 50+ days in Portland, Oregon alone. And we know that there were almost 8 homicides for every 100,000 people in the United States in 2020 – or 26,000+- people for the year. How many of those deaths can be attributed to the Floyd riots is impossible to determine.

            Suffice it to say: I should have said dozens died, not hundreds.

          • What IF instead all the BLM and antifa gorillas who burned down the west coast got their a–es chucked in the slammer? You can cook them a nice breakfast every morning.

    • Just to continue the point for readers, note that Mr. Freitag’s hit-and-run tactics also continue. Not only is his remark impeachable, he rarely defends himself when his hypocrisy is exposed.

      Speaking of lies:
      “[W]hen [Attorney General, Merrick Garland] took to the microphone yesterday [3-9-23] to address Tucker Carlson’s release of the March 6th tapes that had been suppressed by the Democrats, his ability to lie to the American people reached a new level of absurdity. He claimed that five Capitol Police Officers died on January 6th while protecting the Capitol, members of Congress, and their staff from the violent protestors who had breached the Capitol’s line of security. This statement is a bald-faced lie, period.”

      • Jay,

        Just sharing my perspective, which people can take or leave. I believe that is that is the purpose of this commentary section. Hoperfully some readers might, at times, find some value in my thoughts. Whether they do or do not, that is fine.

        However, not interested in debates for which I do not have the time, especially after getting elected to serve another term on the Selectboard at Town Meeting.

        Stay well. Enjoy and appreciate reading TNR, especially for the insight in brings on issues in Montpelier.

    • Your first paragraph describes how the mainstream media reported the incident from the very beginning. As far as “judicial” fundings, there is such a thing as due process…there used to be anyway. In the ‘shaman’s’ case, the Federal prosecutor had evidence that was withheld from the judge and the defense (Brady v. Maryland.) The men and women sitting in the DC gulag (and other Federal prisons across the country) are denied due process under the law…what used to be the law anyway. Yet, Ray Epps and John Sullivan are walking free? The Truth is the government (federal, state and local officials) and the media have lied about this event from the very beginning. Those who don’t believe the facts are in denial because it is so grossly unjust and malevolent. Above all, it is not the only “event” they have lied about that turned citizens lives upside down. The Truth coming out cannot be stopped – but they certainly are doing everything, including murder, to stop it. By the way, her name is Roseann Boyland, and no one is talking about her or many others who have died because of these well planned and executed acts of war and treason.

    • I suppose the Jan 6 committee wasn’t selecting video and hiding exculpatory evidence. And all your networks chimed right in, like they did on the Russia hoax, And didn’t ya just love the testimony? Someone told me that someone else said something. Testimony that would NEVER see the inside of a real courtroom. That committee was full on bs and good for Tucker for PROVING they were full of it. I’ll take him any day before ABC NBC CBS NYT WP MSNBC 60 Min. etc. I would think them lying to you for two years would be enough to give them up. I just watch enough of our local news to get my “left side” fill. And I didn’t need Tucker to tell me the Jan 6 committee was lying, I knew because their lips were moving. Apparently the voters knew too, liar Liz Cheney’s loss is proof of that.

    • Try to keep up Mr.Freitag.
      Kevin McCarthy has agreed to a full public release of the of the J6 Tapes..

      What what difference does being under oath mean in today’s Godless society?
      We see these politicians lie every time their lips are moving.
      Being under oath means zero to these people.

      We’re over 30 trillion dollars in debt Mr.Frietag, banks are now crashing.
      I think that small, fiscally responsible government is quite a pipe dream.
      The government is now nothing but two sides of one mafia that we are robbed to support.
      Wake up.

  4. Whether it be controlled opposition or strategy to wake up the normies, one thing is clear – the American justice system is dead as a doornail. How many are locked in the DC gulag with no charges filed, no court dates, no ability to form a defense? How many committed suicide in that gulag? The Justice Department and the Congressional panel withheld evidence, on purpose. They all knew it existed, they all knew what was filmed, and above all, who is in jail and who isn’t? Ray Epps? John Sullivan? By the way, her name is Roseann Boyland and no one is talking about her.

  5. The truth shall set you free so why are so many still in jail without bail? The release of video has shown again how the leftist commie and rino’s circumvent the truth and law by holding a kangaroo court using snips of video and not allowing defendants to counter their evidence. Release the J5 vote protesters and put all the anti American political hack who participated in this illegal witch hunt in their place. That includes crying shumer and the turtle mconall

  6. The Reichstag Fire, (whoops cross that out) I mean the Jan 6th incident is nothing more than, like the Russian Hoax, the Democrats creating an event then pretending someone else did it. How many federal agents were imbedded in the crowd Mr. Wray? What was the purpose of them being there Mr. Wray?

    The Commiecrats sent their little Antifa friends to attack the Capital to make sure the vote certification could never be challenged. Mission Accomplished. How do we know? Because some people are watching what’s happening. Rogan O’Handley aka DC Draino tweeted: So, few people discussing this part of the Omnibus Bill (just passed by Mitch McConnell and friends) It (the Omnibus Bill) amended the Electoral Count Act to clarify the Vice President’s roll is only ‘ceremonial’ and that they can’t send fraudulent votes back to the states for review. Only proves Pence *could have* but chose not to like the historic coward he is.

    And more and more that footage is scrutinized the more information will come out.

    The masks don’t work unless everyone wears one.
    The vaccines won’t work unless everyone has one.

  7. The lie issues could be on both the right and the left. The biggest issue I see is we denied people a right to a fair trial. In fact many have been held without bail without a trial or hearing. The left has violated the Constitution by denying them a speedy trial. Held without bail and not given all the evidence from the videos. Why was the Government withholding the videos that show that many of the persons in jail had possibly been committed maybe a misdemeanor and held without bail. In VT you would get a piece of paper saying come to court in 6-8 weeks. Why doesn’t Senator Welch who is a lawyer not speaking out?

  8. The truth about Jan.6 ‘insurrection’, or so-called insurrection we all knew it was being
    pushed by the cabal in DC, instigators, and agitators all brought to you by the Government

    I want to see all the video footage, not the hand-picked by the left, there were fools there
    breaking the law, no worst than what Antifa or BLM does in our cities, and this is the people’s
    house !!

    Tragedy and Disgrace are all we have in DC, the left is in complete meltdown

  9. There is a lot going on behind the screen that many don’t know about. Fox news are trying their best to give out truthful info.
    The Democratic party is what they use to be. Look up New World order. I was traveling several years ago The hotel newspaper, front page said Henry Kissinger would nominate Barack Obama to be the leader of the New World order. I got home and started investigating what this met. Shocking.
    Democrats are doing it. Look up for yourself! Good news. Their being taken done. Their telling you lies! Wake up.

    • Excuse me but Fox News and Carlson has never been truthful in anything they do. The whole network is simply a shill for the far right and reinforcing the lies is part of the plan!

      • I am sorry, but video doesn’t lie. I generally do not watch any news outlets. But regardless of your or my personal feelings about news channels. The videos don’t lie, people lie and politicians are the worst liers of all.

        I remember CNN discussing taking all children away from Trump supporters, and putting them in a facility to reprogram them. I stopped watching the news on that very day.

      • I know your right CNN never told a lie.
        MSMBC never told a lie.
        ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS NPR never told a lie.
        I guess that’s why Fox’s are so high because they lie.

        Hunter’s laptop isn’t real.
        The virus didn’t come from a lab.
        The masks will help stop the virus.
        Take the vaccine and you won’t get Covid.
        And Joe Biden got more votes than Barrak Obama.

        • They counted more BALLOTS for Biden.
          Voting had nothing to do with it.
          They can make anyone win, including incoherent stroke victims for US Senator
          They told senile Biden to stay in the basement, so he would not screw up by revealing their game plan.
          When “victory” was “in the bag”, they told him to make some appearances

      • Don’t know what planet you’ve been living on, From what I’m seeing everything but a few shows on FOX, are shills for the DEM’s. One timely example how misleading and outright false information has been promoted by MSM. Consider these headlines”

        NBC headline: ‘QAnon Shaman,’ Capitol rioter who wore horns, pleads guilty
        (name omitted) 34, was among the most well-known rioters who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6.

        CBS headline:”QAnon Shaman” (name omitted) sentenced to 41 months in prison for role in January 6 attack.

        Wonder why the Jan 6th panel did not want surveillance video of the capital released for all to see? Maybe because it didn’t support their narrative. Footage released shows the guy branded :”QAnon Shaman” walking around peacefully, escorted by two Capital Police officers as if they’re giving him a private tour! Huh….did he “storm” the Capital? Was the:”QAnon Shaman” attacking anyone? Did he create any damage? The video evidence does not support his jail time in my opinion, not even close. We’re being played folks. When the FBI gets away with falsifying documents to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on a presidential candidate and continues after winning an election, something is horribly wrong!

      • And which lies about January 6 does the video footage “reinforce,” Gary? Or do you think all that footage of police officers OPENING DOORS for protestors was all just a massive CGI deepfake?

      • Gary: You’ve hit a nerve. Challenged their comfort zone.

        I’m with you but, I think all news outlets are partisan and therefore untrustworthy.

        I seriously doubt that anyone here is a Russell Brand fan but, if you want a laugh, check out his take on it on Bill Maher. It’s worth just watching Bill break up over it.

        It’s all over Youtube

        • Actually Joy, (I’ll ignore your condescension) I do quite enjoy Russell Brand and whoever picks out his shirts.
          Bill Maher’s wake up to Reality has been quite interesting to follow.
          And given that we’re all still surviving the Biden Regimes destruction day by day- I’d say we are quite adept at creating resilience within our comfort zones.

          Last, I’ll remind you that news outlets are first and foremost Businesses that do as directed to do by the people that own them. People tend to be loyal to whoever signs their paychecks. It’s not partisan per se, it’s business and it’s a job.
          This is why we’re now getting more accurate news from citizen journalists that are owned by no one and work for free purely in an attempt to inform us -because they understand the great need.

      • Keep drinking the Koolaid Gary..

        Even the Leftie’s darling Dr.Naomi Wolf has woken up and seen the light and she’s none too pleased with what she’s gathered about J6 and the utter lies the Democrats have poisoned this nation with– to the degree that she felt compelled to apologize.

        “Dear Conservatives, I apologize”

        I highly recommend you read it Gary.. it’s time to wake up and take the red pill.

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