Lynn Edmunds: Can Phil Scott run on his COVID response and win, at the expense of liberty?

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Lynn James Edmunds, of Wallingford.

Has Gov. Phil Scott created a model that will be used for controlling viruses in the future? Some think so, but at what cost to Vermonters?

Some might think a prolonged shutdown of our economy is necessary to contain the coronavirus. However, manipulating a crisis for political gain and power is nothing new. Our governor’s policies are establishing a precedent for future economic shutdowns based in fear, whether real or imagined. To compound these concerns, the governor is also flirting with the idea of allowing a blanket mail-in voting campaign for this years elections, which would weaken the integrity of our elections.

Elected officials from all political parties in Montpelier have become facilitators for lobbyists and nonprofit coalitions seeking control over our state. These groups set the narrative that establishes our legislative agendas each year, and these agendas are the priorities of global elitists, not the people of Vermont. They monopolize the direction of our governance and manipulate legislation to the point that it prevents Vermonters from controlling their own destiny.

There are no black helicopters; this conspiracy is simply a coalition of wealthy elites, perhaps bored with acquiring more wealth than they could ever spend. Now they dedicate their lives and recourses to transforming humanity into a utopia of their design. However, we must remember these are powerful people accustomed to controlling the world in which they live, as well as the people they employ.

The corporate structure they preside over is one that dictates what shareholders demand, and is contrary to the individual protections provided for each of us by our republic. We are considered an obstacle by these would-be gods aspiring to control and shape the world in their image. If we complain, our elected officials mutter “trust the experts, saving the world is complicated,” then go about the business of facilitating the global mandates that steal our prosperity and increase our dependency.

Notice how politicians scurried to take credit for getting $400 million in aid to alleviate damage incurred by the economic shutdown they facilitated. It is notable that this aid will be administered by the very same bureaucracy put in place to confiscate our liberties.

If Scott’s economic shutdown is a model for anyone, it is for those seeking to remove our republic. Indeed we are substituting the needs of Vermonters with the narrative of global elites, such as the World Health Organization, as well as other coalition partners.

Our governor has chosen to shut down most of our economy. Some businesses are allowed to remain open, while others are forced to close or go out of business because they have been deemed “non-essential.” What Scott has done is arbitrary; however, he took an oath to do equal rights and justice to all persons.

To be sure, this attack on our republic was not confined to Vermont, but it is big trouble when our government can shut down our entire economy overnight based only on fear, then keep it closed.

Liberty is precious, but paralysis rooted in fear will destroy it. If our leaders continue to ignore the principles upon which it was established, it will soon be lost.

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9 thoughts on “Lynn Edmunds: Can Phil Scott run on his COVID response and win, at the expense of liberty?

  1. There is absolutely no way the John Klar should get near the golden dome in Montpelier.

    the first issue is that they cannot call themselves Republicans because they do not support our great president.

    The second reason is John klar is a trojan horse.

    John voted for every socialist program most of his life.

    these are the same programs that are destroying Vermont and America today and now he comes out as a Republican, who does not support our great president, who is going to save Vermont..

    I don’t know how many of you are naive enough to believe in the falsehoods coming from this sweet talkin snake tongued man.

    We hung our hat on Phil Scott who was the Republican who exposed himself as a turncoat against those that supported him.

    I am not selling myself out again I will support a candidate who is willing to fight for vermonters and not have a list of candidates who do not believe in our president promoting them for office as Republicans in the state of Vermont.

    There are other options and one of them I am sincerely interested in is Kevin Hoyt from Bennington Vermont.

    what is very sad is that the people in the state of Vermont don’t get to make their own choices as the media only promotes those that they want to be elected not that the people could choose if they were aware they were running.

    It is time for every person running for office to be given equal time on every bit of media..

    Let vermonters choose their next Governor not the media.

    this election will be the most important election ever in the state of Vermont and I refuse to support the socialist John Klar and his band of anti Trumpers for Vermont.

    These are candidates supported by 802 Vermont alliance.

    John debruin has said disgusting things about the Republican party and some of the candidates that we hold dearly in our party..

    This is no time to put the final nail in the coffin by supporting candidates that do not support our views.

    Come on let’s give vermonters a true choice let’s have some transparency here..

    • There is no way anyone – namely Kevin Hoyt – who refuses to submit a campaign platform but instead conducts a cowardly shadow ‘campaign’ via Facebook, friends and family for governor -should be near the Golden Dome in Montpelier – real question should be – what is Mr Hoyt hiding

      Mr Klar is aligned wPresident Trump’s goals and is running as a Republican in the VT State primary for governor of VT on Republican ticket. His supporters appear to support DJT from what I can see

      No one knows how John Klar voted other than by statements made by himself

      I cannot trust someone who refuses to come out of the closet but hides from the public

      Not naive enough to vote for someone who doesn’t appear to be running a campaign but whose real purpose appears to be smear campaign of John Klar using emissaries making false and baseless claims

      Wonderful of Mr. Klar to lend support to a list of candidates who support the values of freedom-loving Vermonters so we know who they are and can easily recognize them

      Media exists for better or worse to report news on those qualified to run for office by submitting to the validating requirements necessary – a Facebook page is not a valid campaign

      All candidates have access to media by reaching out and notifying of intentions and/or writing to any editor for publication

      Unsure why 802Alliance has made it into your crosshairs

    • Agree. Spoke with him today for some time, he’s sane which is a huge improvement, and he’s moral and respects people, I really enjoyed his value of individual rights, law, and process.

    • I can see it now. Scott follows Mr. Edmund’s lead and opens Vermon then come fall with a second wave of Covid-19 proving to be more devastating than the first. Mr. Edmund will lead the parade of critics bashing Scott because he threw caution to the wind.

      • I do not believe Phil Scott should have had a second term, he should have been purged after the first term by the Vermont Republican party for violating principles provided by our Republic and designed to protect the peoples Liberty. We are supposed to be a Republic not a Democracy, many like governor Scott do not understand the difference or have the discipline required to maintain our freedom and Liberty, this is dangerous.

        To be sure, this attack on our Republic is not just confined to Vermont, but it is real when our government can shut down our entire economy overnight based only on fear, then keep it closed as if fear was all that matters!

        Liberty is precious, but paralysis rooted in fear will destroy it and if our leaders continue to ignore the principles upon which it was established, it will soon be lost!

        This crisis of economic shutdown was manufactured to take advantage of the virus and having a governor unprincipled in our founding, only facilitates those controlling us with fear!

        So yes I oppose Phil Scott no matter what happens with the COVID virus, because he is unprincipled and undisciplined!

  2. The reality is that it’s either Scott or Zuckerman in ’20. Both suck, but one WAY more than the other. Just like the last 2 elections. Democracy, like all government, never really “works.”

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