Camping World CEO says he’ll go to jail before he takes down his gigantic American flag

By Whitney Tipton

Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis won’t take down an oversized American flag he has flying over his RV dealership in Statesville, North Carolina, even if it means going to jail.

The city of Statesville is suing the dealership to remove the 40 by 80 foot flag, saying it violates a local ordinance that limits flags to 25 by 40 foot, according to NBC’s WCNC.

“If I don’t take it down, I will be in violation of the court order. Ultimately, their reaction is from the city that I will go to jail,” Lemonis told Fox News’s Martha MacCallum Monday.

“The flag’s not coming down,” he added.

The flag is flying over Camping World-Gander RV along to Interstate 77. The city is threatening to fine Lemonis $50 per day retroactive to October 2018.

Lemonis said he flies oversized flags at all Camping World locations across the country.

“I don’t advocate an ordinance being broken period. Let’s start with that,” Lemonis told WCNC in May. “In this particular case, I feel like the ordinance was flawed. We’ve been challenging this for years.”

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Image courtesy of Camping World Holdings

6 thoughts on “Camping World CEO says he’ll go to jail before he takes down his gigantic American flag

  1. Saw him on Fox last night. He’s a real winner with a sense of conviction unlike Nike which bent to the wishes of a real loser, Papernak (sp?). He came to America as a legitimate immigrant and has lived the American dream and is showing his love and appreciation of America. The leaders in his town are a bunch of PC sickies.

  2. So now Americans want to ban America?! In my hometown, Holiday Florida, Camping World flies one of these gigantic flags and it was a sense of pride in the town. It’s beautiful when it waves in the breeze. So patriotic. It can bring tears to your eyes. It’s outrageous to want to take down an American Flag in America! It’s insanity!!

  3. Looks like public outcry has worked in preserving his right
    to a American flag of any size he wishes. They are now talking
    of changing the ordinance. If they want to ban flags how about
    some that need to be banned, gender confusion flag, blacklies
    matter racist flag, pantifa facist flag, As their symbols of lies.

  4. This must be a Liberal controlled town, who in the hell would want someone in the
    US to take the American Flag down ??………. a Liberal – Social DemocRAT !!!

    Wake up, People……..

  5. It it was there before the ordinance then you have precedence and you can keep it there. Also, it is an expression of freedom of speech and as an American I have the right to enjoy it.

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