California sues DOJ over funding cuts to ‘sanctuary states’

By Anders Hagstrom

The state of California sued the Department of Justice (DOJ) Wednesday to force the release of records relating to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ order to withhold funding from so-called sanctuary states.

California is one of several sanctuary jurisdictions — but the first state — to file a lawsuit relating to Sessions’ order to tie federal grants to immigration compliance. The lawsuit demands that the DOJ provide all records relating to the new eligibility requirements. Once obtained, California hopes the records will prove the DOJ didn’t consider the damage the requirements may cause, Courthouse News reported Wednesday.

“The State is concerned that OJP did not consider the harm that compliance with these conditions may cause to some state and local jurisdictions that have determined such policies would undermine trust and cooperation between law enforcement and their residents, and therefore, public safety in their jurisdictions,” the lawsuit reads.

California was expecting $31 million in Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grants that would have helped fund state and local law enforcement. Sessions’ new stipulations require jurisdictions to give Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) full access to jails and 48 hours notice before releasing illegal immigrants. It also requires states to share immigration status information with federal authorities.

Chicago filed a lawsuit this fall directly challenging those requirements, claiming that Sessions had overstepped his authority. A U.S. district judge agreed in September, striking two of them down and triggering an appeal from the DOJ. In December, the National Sheriff’s Association backed the DOJ’s appeal, claiming the favorable ruling for Chicago should not have a national impact.

“The problem we have is not so much about sanctuary cities,” NSA Executive Director and CEO Jonathan Thompson told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “It’s that the political actions of one jurisdiction should never affect thousands of other counties. That’s what’s happening here and we find that objectionable.”

The DOJ has $385 million in grants, much of which remains locked up until the appeals process is complete.

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Image courtesy of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement/Public domain

4 thoughts on “California sues DOJ over funding cuts to ‘sanctuary states’

  1. CA has a couple of interesting matters at hand: 1) Residents want to divide the state into 2-3 separate states, mostly the conservatives. 2) Liberals want the state to separate from the US.

    Either way I think it’s a win-win for the rest of the country. CA won’t be a pig at the troth. as is now. Let the CA Libs find out they can’t live within their mental attitudes and life styles. They can’t be independent.

  2. As a tax payer I don’t want my money funding anything criminal , yes that includes any funding
    of illegals or so-called sanctuary states !!

    I hope the DOJ holds all funding and drags there feet while going through the legal system then ,
    Maybe these liberal fools will understand once the Federal TIT dries up …………………

  3. California can cry all it wants to. Immigration/protecting our borders is one of the very few actual legitimate functions of the Federal government. The Feds will win that battle, and they should.

  4. DOJ can tie up those funds until hell freezes over–or until SCOTUS decides the case, which is what must happen to end this judicial interference with the implementation of law in this country.

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