Biden campaign concerned Trump winning black voters

By Mary Margaret Olohan

NBC’s Chuck Todd said Tuesday that 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign is concerned that President Donald Trump could “over perform” with black men.

Todd discussed the 2020 presidential election during NBC’s coverage of the Republican National Convention Tuesday night.

“I would say there is less red meat so far,” Todd said of the convention. “Last night was more of that. Tonight you are seeing a similar theme.”

“There is another focus, showcasing what President Trump is done on criminal justice reform,” he continued. “You know, both campaigns, guys, tell me that there is a chance that Donald Trump could over perform with African-American men. It’s a concern of the Biden campaign and it’s a focus of the Trump campaign.”

“But a lot of this targeting here is something we talked about last night, trying to cut against this narrative that the president has been stoking racial tensions,” he added. “They have been trying to heal this, because they see this is a way back in with suburban voters.”

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6 thoughts on “Biden campaign concerned Trump winning black voters

  1. When you live on Free Handouts, you are a farm animal and no longer a free person.
    Don’t vote to be their Live Stock- because this is actually what you are doing.

  2. Not only are Democrats concerned (and understandably so), check out the current Danziger cartoon…published on VT Digger, of course. If the repugnant ‘Uncle Tim’s Cabin’ buyline (referring to South Carolina Senator Tim Scott) doesn’t convince you that Democrat racism and retribution is alive and well, I suspect nothing will. This is more than pathetic. It’s scary.

    • I also found that (so called cartoon) to be disgusting. Imagine VtDigger hires a political cartoonist to continually draw disrespectful and false narratives of the president seen almost every day on their site. Their 501C3 nonprofit status requires them by law to be nonpartisan. They wear their liberal colors out in the open for all to see, even for the IRS who should pull their legal framework as a nonprofit and fine them for the violations they commit daily. As for Danziger, he has shown his racist make up by depicting a black US Senator from South Carolina as an uncle Tom because he doesn’t belong to the party of the KKK and Jim Crow laws. VTDigger should be ashamed to display such a racist cartoon but the editor and the organization itself had to approve of it. What does that tell you about who they are?

  3. Before the virus, Blacks had a lowest unemployment rate IN HISTOR! Thanks to the booming Trump economy.

    BLM does not mean rioting and looting and burning and destroying of Democrat run cities by folks who take a knee.

    To Trump it means making opportunities available to blacks for having a job.

  4. I have faith in Black Americans that want a real-life in America and will make the
    right decision when voting, looking for a job, family and a house, the American
    dream…….. they can get it if they want it, and most do !!!

    Democrats are hoping that with all the handouts they’ll keep black americans
    on the government dole down and out, just look at all the large cities that are
    run by Democrats………… pretty pathetic.

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