Bernie Sanders won’t rule out questioning Hunter Biden’s past

By Chris White

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders did not rule out the idea of candidates questioning former Vice President Joe Biden’s son as the 2020 election season heats up.

Sanders did not confirm to reporters Tuesday whether he would use Hunter Biden’s past to win political points against Joe Biden, who is leading the Democratic presidential field. He also suggested a failed Trump impeachment might help the president.

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Hunter Biden with father Joe Biden

“I know I’m a little bit old-fashioned. I like to see the evidence before I talk about things. I read the papers and I read what I read,” Sanders told BuzzFeed News on Tuesday. “But I don’t know that I know enough at this point to make any definitive statement.”

Sanders famously suggested during a 2015 Democratic presidential debate that he would not use former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email scandal against her.

Sanders’s refusal to say yay or nay on the subject comes after President Donald Trump acknowledged Sunday that he brought up Joe Biden to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“The conversation I had was largely congratulatory, with largely corruption, all of the corruption taking place and largely the fact that we don’t want our people like Vice President Biden and his son creating to the corruption already in the Ukraine,” Trump said.

There is no evidence Biden had the prosecutor fired to help his son, nor is there proof that Trump offered a quid pro quo to Ukraine if they were to investigate Biden’s actions. Biden announced Tuesday he will call for impeachment if Trump fails to comply with investigations by House Democrats, according to a campaign aide.

Ousting the president might ultimately be a boon for Trump, Sanders told BuzzFeed. “I know and you know what [Trump] will do: ‘I am vindicated! … I am vindicated!’ And I think that is a fact that has to be taken into consideration,” he said, referring to what he believes will happen if the Senate refuses to impeach.

Sanders’s campaign has not responded to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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Image courtesy of Flickr/Ben Stanfield

12 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders won’t rule out questioning Hunter Biden’s past

  1. Bernie Sanders has a past as well.

    Bernie, the Socialist “champion of the working class” has a global warming fighting plan that costs $trillions and it is going to cost the working class a lot of money?
    What about airplane travel to and from lucrative political speech making?
    What about airplane travel to the Soviet Union to celebrate his honeymoon?
    Why does he have a $70,000 Audie and not an EV of a Prius Hybrid?
    Why does he have THREE houses?
    Bernie being a lying hypocrite to the nth degree.
    There is no place to hide.
    All is known.
    Here is a video of 1988 IN RUSSIA, BREAKFAST IN UNDERWEAR, WITH RUSSIANS, before the iron curtain came down.

    Dem/Prog/Socialist climate change fighting = MORE government programs for the undeserving, tax-consuming poor.
    Bernie, the SOCIALIST freeloader, wants to give freebees to his supporters, paid for by his non-supporters.
    He is “on the attack” to implement:

    Open borders.
    Let all illegals in.
    No questions asked.
    We will sort it out at the voting booth after all are enrolled as card-carrying members of the Democrat Party
    Give each such illegal all bennies, plus a green card, plus citizenship ASAP.
    Free electric vehicles
    Free deep energy retrofits of their housing
    Free heat pumps, solar systems and batteries
    Free highly insulated/highly sealed housing
    Free healthcare
    Free education, including college, university
    Free energy
    Guaranteed annual income, no work requirements.

  2. Gee, it looks like Obama and Biden started it all in Ukraine in 2013.
    Biden’s son was getting $50,000 a MONTH ($600,000 per year) for a number of years while working in Kiev for an energy company.
    This is in a country with a per capita income of less than $2637 in 2017, even less in 2014.
    Biden and son claim they did nothing wrong, but his son was enriching himself in an obscene way, with extreme poverty all around him.
    If his name had been Smith, he would not even be in Ukraine.
    Make sure to see this URL, which shows Biden bragging about shutting down a corruption investigation of a company his son was working for.

    NOTE: When Trump talks with a foreign leader a stenographer takes down the conversation, just as in a court of law, etc.

  3. Here is a video of Biden bragging about having a Ukraine prosecutor fired who was investigating the corrupt company his son was working for in Kiev.

    Biden told the Ukrainians the quid pro quo was, the Ukrainians would not get $1 billion dollars unless they fired the prosecutors. He gave them an ultimatum of 6 hours.

  4. Oh, by the way, I neglected to mention that at the time of Biden’s involvement with Ukrain, good ole Uncle Joe was the Vice President of the United States of America. I believe the $50,000 to Hunter just might be considered access money. Not sure. Fortunately, for Joe he’s a Dem and the focus is on getting President Trump and not bathering with Joe regardless of the facts.

  5. Does Bernie smell blood in the water? We’ll see soon enough. As for Biden, he has already stated that he pressured then President of Ukrain to fire a prosecutor investigating a firm, one of whose board members with little or no knowledge of the firm’s field of business was be in paid $50,000 yes $50,000 per MONTH, in EXCHANGE for releasing government funds already dedicated to that country. Prosecutor fired, Joe released funds and Hunter is in the clear. Let’s move on. Of course, the prosecutor’s investigating Hunter’s firm getting fired and Ukrain receiving fund has nothing to do with Joe looking out for Hunter??????

  6. After burnee get’s some guts and questions the criminal hunter biden and slow joe will he sign off on charges of COLLUSION with Ukraine to influence elections Against his stooge partner leaky leahy, and turban durban and pedo menendez for asking for Dirt on Donald Trumps?? The three super hyper corruptocrats sent a letter asking for the dirt may/18….. will they be impeached as traitors like pizlousi wants to do to the Pres.??

  7. “But I don’t know that I know enough at this point to make any definitive statement.”

    There ya have it, in the Bummster’s own words. Now just preface any of his statements with it and all becomes clear.

  8. The Burnmeister is toast as a presidential candidate,his poll numbers are falling and nobody with a thinking brain gives two _ _ _ _’s about the old communist clown.

  9. Socialist Sanders, the gloves are off,,,,,,, this buffoon will fold as soon as they question
    all his proposed fee agenda BS, the real clinker will be when they ask him about ” Jane”
    and her endeavors at Burlington College.

    If Bernie isn’t the Biggest Hypocrite, then he’s surely running a close second…….

    Vermont, you should hang your head in shame, supporting this fool !!

    • ‘he real clinker will be when they ask him about ” Jane”’

      That’s the one I’ve been waiting for. Why is this being avoided when it’s such a great zinger?

  10. Of course the corrupt Bernie will judge the Bidens, but when he and his family were caught up in bank fraud it was not their fault………..

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