Bernie Sanders says the majority of Americans support a $15 hourly minimum wage: He’s wrong

By Julia Cohen

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said that the majority of Americans support a $15 minimum wage, but an April poll by CreditLoan says otherwise.

“Just a few years ago many of the things we are fighting for were considered too radical, like…Fight For 15 – Now these ideas are supported by the majority of American people,” Sanders said at the Communication Workers of America Legislative-Political Conference on Wednesday.

It may no longer be radical, but it does not have the support of the majority of Americans.

The average ideal minimum wage was $11.56 per hour, according to a CreditLoan survey from April 2018. Democrats said that the ideal wage is $12.71 per hour, while those making less than $10,000 per year advocated for a $12.03 minimum wage.

No subgroup supported a $15 per hour minimum wage.

“How can you talk about more than doubling the federal minimum wage of seven and a quarter per hour…” Sanders said of the $15 minimum wage, “Well today that idea is no longer radical!”

The survey asked 2,669 what the ideal minimum wage should be via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

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Image courtesy of Office of Sen. Bernie Sanders/Public domain

10 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders says the majority of Americans support a $15 hourly minimum wage: He’s wrong

  1. No company wants to pay anyone minimum wage. Companies always have the hardest time finding good employees. Companies want big profits, to pay their great employees well, so they never lose them.

    The fly in this ointment is companies need to make healthy profits, the need good employees. Clearly Sanders has zero business experience, as he would know, some companies operate on razor thin profits and sadly not all employees are great. Some have yet to develop the basic skills to hold a job that pays minimum wage. If he ever, I mean ever worked in businesses that hire and train first time employees he would know this and not even question.

    Vermont does not educate, promote or even discuss what good work ethics, business attitudes are in education or politics, no so many promote the false promise of free money and your uncle socialist Bernie will have all the government entitlements for you, just like Chavez, Stalin and most importantly Aliinsky profess.

    He’s peddling old lies wrapped up in false promises and cute fantasies. It’s time to retire these false ideas and lies…’s just plain time to retire.

  2. We have seen what liberal ideas have done to the state to the point we have to bribe young people 10,000$ to stay here. So kill what entry level jobs are left and the part time for seniors and students. The ladder is hard to climb if you saw off all the bottom rungs and then no one ever reaches the top.

  3. For an excellent treatment of this topic (and many other failures of liberalism), I strongly recommend:

    Burgess Owens’ “Liberalism or How to Turn Good Men Into Whiners, Wheenies, and Wimps.

    A descendent of slaves brought to this country in the belly of a slave ship, Burgess Owens gives a refreshing and authoritative voice to the enterprising, self-sufficient, competitive and proud Christian black community. Owens believes a portion of that community, the conservative Black middle class, is positioned to pull our nation back from the abyss.

    Owens is a master of little known history, such as “the role of the 21 white, self-avowed socialist, atheist and Marxist founders of the NAACP and their impact on the Black community’s present status at the top of our nation’s misery index”.

  4. Maybe Bernie should donate one of his many homes, after all its greedy and unnecessary to keep more than one! Or better yet the Bern should start a business, gather his savings, risk capital, work 80 hours per week and hire lots of workers. Bern could then pay $50 per hour if he wanted to…

  5. These Liberals, Socialists, Democrats, Regressives, Green Party or whatever their party name happens to be all of them, at least to me, are pretty much the same doing nothing accept passing feel good pat each other on the back legislation. Thats all a $15 per hour minimum wage bill would be because we havent seen nothing yet in a tanking economy, because that would be the result. A very clear example of VT’s virtue signaling demagogue LIARS in power not thinking properly when debating this stuff would the series of anti-firearms related bills this spring. What was passed is based on the demands of out of State rich elites operating through their Illegal groups abusing the 501c3 designation, & individuals placed as residents to assist under the disguise of being Grass-roots to force on the people their un wanted anti-US & VT Constitutions, anti 2nd Amendment, hateful, divisive, race based ideological agenda. The bills were supposed to secure/harden our schools. VTers realized quickly we were hoodwinked again all the bills didn’t even attempt to harden schools only punish current/ future VTers wanting to uphold & make use of our actual written Right to bear arms. All of these leftists in power throughout history should be proud of their success bankrupting & destroying societies financially, morally, culturally, as well as actually forcing their unwanted disgusting beliefs on all people the only way they can through legislation, regardless of what the people say they want. Sometimes these leftists are successful stripping, ignoring, or illegally bypassing the rights of the people written in Constitutions of VT & USA. Creating a Govt sanctioned minimum wage is going destroy the free market, small business in favor of a Centralized Economy, & Big Government which is what our friendly VT regressive leftist Socialists, Communists, Liberals, Democrats love to hear & secretly want the Govt to have an Office in everyone’s home to “Educate & lecture” them 24/7 on proper ideology & beliefs. We should go back to entry level wages like with the trades the more you successfully, learn, comprehend, & do without supervision a rise in wage corresponds accordingly. I thought all these leftists are for “buy local, support local businesses”. Well leftists nobody will be able to do that if you destroy our Free Market, Capitalist system Socialist Bernie is so against, but has no problem reaping the benefits of said system only as an elected representative not as a smart businessman, entrepreneur, inventor, copyright/patent-holder, nor a VT Country Store owner.

  6. Say goodbye to small business. Which by the way hire 60%of all workers and pay the largest amount in taxes. Burnies ultimate game plan is to focus on large unionized labor which historically vote for Democrats or the likes like him that promise pie in the sky all off the backs of others. The message doesn’t change especially from the likes like him. The $15 per hour proposal is just the tool he needs for his overall game plan…

  7. Does any one pay attention to Bernie anymore?
    U of C Berkley 40 year study of the min wage show that it actually increased poverty and this from the “Little Red School House.” Wash U study of Seattle’s increase in min wage shows a loss of jobs and almost a net loss in income.( higher salary lower wages) go figure?

  8. Those who support $15 are the ones with an IQ in the low single digits. 1st graders know when you pay $15 to the guy to sit in the candy store, the price of the candy goes up. To get your lawn cut will cost you $100 instead of $50. Minimum brain power involved here.

    • For once I agree with you. These 20 something ‘kids’ these days arent worth $15 an hour. Most of them arent worth 5

    • The alluring deception operating here is that people who vote “Yes” believe the program is funded by other people’s money, dismissing that they themselves will actually be having to pay the $100 to have their own grass cut.

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