Bernie Sanders says Americans ‘overwhelmingly’ want ICE abolished, numbers say differently

By Julia Cohen

Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders called for the abolition of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), saying that Americans “overwhelmingly” want to abolish the agency in a Tuesday tweet, but a Monday poll from Huffington Post and YouGov says differently.

“Now, it is time to do what Americans overwhelmingly want: abolish the cruel, dysfunctional immigration system we have today and pass comprehensive immigration reform,” the senator said in his tweet.

Despite Sanders’s claim, only 10 percent of Americans surveyed said they “strongly favored” abolishing ICE, while 11 percent said they “somewhat favor” the measure, according to the HuffPost and YouGov poll released on Monday.

In contrast, 15 percent said they “somewhat oppose” abolishing ICE, and 29 percent said they “strongly oppose” abolishing it.

The numbers break down predictably across presidential votes, with 64 percent of those who voted for President Donald Trump saying they “strongly oppose” abolishing ICE and 20 percent of those who voted for former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton saying they “strongly favor” abolishing ICE, according to the poll.

A greater percentage of men than women support abolishing ICE, with 12 percent of men saying they “strongly favor” the measure and only 7 percent of women saying they “strongly favor” it, according to the poll.

“Congress must do what the American people want. Let us create a humane and rational immigration system,” Sanders tweeted on Tuesday.

Sanders joins several other lawmakers in the movement to abolish ICE, including New York Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who said the agency should be abolished in a Thursday interview with Chris Cuomo on CNN.

The poll surveyed 1,000 U.S. adults from June 20 to June 21 and was made “to match the demographics and other characteristics of the U.S. population,” according to HuffPost and YouGov.

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12 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders says Americans ‘overwhelmingly’ want ICE abolished, numbers say differently

  1. If the Sanders really want to practice what they preach, they should donate a couple of their houses to the people they claim to represent. Darn “millionaihs”

  2. Bernie’s “Olly Olly in Come Free”

    Sanders called on America to adopt the economic and societal model of his favorite Socialist paradise, Venezuela – until the inevitable happened and everything went to “hell in a handbasket” – now he disclaims his former cries for the US to adopt the model.

    Likewise today Sanders calls for America to let down its guard and let the economic refugees flood into our country by eliminating DHS and ICE – like the children’s game “Olly Olly in Come Free” where everyone comes out of hiding without penalty, the illegals will suddenly be relieved of their criminal violations and millions more will be encouraged to follow their unlawful example. Should Congress follow Bernie’s suggestion and it proves to create an even more disastrous immigration crisis, Bernie will claim he was misunderstood and will disavowal any responsibility for the devastation.

    Typical Sanders game plan – support the popular cause du jour until it proves untenable then move on without any accountability for the consequences !

  3. A poor guy from Brooklyn ends up in Burlinton, gets elected mayor making pittance, then becomes a Representative making more, on to the Senate making even a bit more and now he’s a millionaire? How can that be?? Unless, who knows? For those of my generation, the Shadow knows.


    What i want to know and YOU SHOULD TRY TO FIND OUT is WHAT, PRECISELY HAPPENED TO THE JANE SANDERS “MATTER” [ahem!] re bank fraud and Burlington College.]
    Time to earn your salaries, guys!

  5. Bernie ” SoapBox ” Sanders, of course, his numbers are bogus, just more socialist rhetoric to fire up his base of Idiots.

    The only ones wanting to abolish ICE are the whining liberal on the left as that’s their agenda “Pretty Shameful ” but again they have no shame.

    If you break the law and I think sneaking into a Country would be breaking the law ( Liberals ). You get what you get when you get caught.

    To all ” Legal ” Immigrants, Happy 4th.

  6. Bernie does what Bernie does. He is the best at running his mouth and stirring the pot. He screams against the rich but now he is one of them. If he thinks he can get the public shook up, he’ll do it whether it’s the truth or not and most of the time it isn’t.
    When are the people going to wake up and vote this loser out? He hasn’t accomplished a thing since he has been a Senator..

  7. Bernie lying? I can’t believe it. But Bernie is a Communist. And that is what Communists do. They lie.

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